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Forcier N.,LXI Consortium
EE: Evaluation Engineering | Year: 2013

LXI facilitates the adoption of cloud computing in the test and measurement industry. The LXI standard overcomes the challenges of distributed test systems by offering remote control of test instruments from anywhere in the world at any time via a consistent web interface. An LXI distributed system allows instruments to be located closer to the measurements, reducing cable lengths and signal distortion, while simplifying and reducing costs associated with setup, monitoring, and maintenance.

Bloennigen F.,LXI Consortium
EE: Evaluation Engineering | Year: 2013

The Missile Defense Agency of the U.S. Department of Defense created a compact missile launcher test system to test the four main components of the missile defense system including the interceptor, launcher, radar, and fire control system. The fire control system is the communications and data-management backbone that links the missile defense components together and connects them to the missile defense system. The LXI-based test system uses a total of 96 data acquisition channels to continually monitor the missile defense system's voltage and current to ensure that it is receiving power and operating properly. To achieve this, the aerospace manufacturer has implemented two of Bustec's ProDAQ 6100 LXI function card carriers that provide access to four ProDAQ 3416 ADC function cards with 16 simultaneous analog inputs each, for a total of 64 available channels in the missile power monitor. By using the small form factor of the ProDAQ 6100 LXI function card carrier, it is able to perform missile launcher testing for thousands of dollars less.

Fei X.,LXI Consortium
EE: Evaluation Engineering | Year: 2013

Summary An LXI-based FM receiver test system composed of an AWG to create RF test signals and a spectrum analyzer to capture and analyze the received signal provides an optimal test solution for both production testing and in-vehicle integration testing of car radios. LXI's remote-access capabilities enable test engineers to control the instrument from anywhere in the world and provide real-time access to captured data from a standardized web interface. LXI instruments respond to the test challenges faced by car radio manufacturers brought by the continuous advancement of new technologies.

Wolle J.,LXI Consortium
EE: Evaluation Engineering | Year: 2013

Satellite communications enable many of the services that we rely upon today. Since performance is highly dependent upon transmission quality, test engineers must find a reliable way to measure group delay where the transmitters and receivers are geographically separated by significant distances from one another as well as from their controller. The two-tone method integrated into network analyzers featuring LXI technology allows accurate measurement of the relative group delay of the converters and mixers used in the satellite systems and ensures that they are designed to meet the current and future needs placed upon such systems. Based upon widely used standards such as Ethernet and the web, the LXI standard enables the connection of intelligent instrumentation which supports distributed processing of measurement data and provides a high-bandwidth interconnect system for supporting applications with high data demands. © Agilent Technologies 2012.

Brorein E.,LXI Consortium
EE: Evaluation Engineering | Year: 2014

The N6705B DC power analyzer is a LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation (LXI) instrument enabling high-speed communications of measurement data over Ethernet to the PC and ensuring consistent interoperability and synchronization with other LXI-compliant instruments. In addition, by communicating to the PC via LAN utilizing the LXI standard, the test solution is ideally suited for distributed applications or remote testing and diagnostics where the DUT and PC are not co-located and often span different regions or countries. LXI provides the power and flexibility that other PC interconnectivity solutions such as USB or GPIB cannot. Taking advantage of the N6705B's LXI capabilities allows you to transfer acquired data from the battery-drain analysis test solution over high-speed Ethernet to the PC for further analysis using Agilent's 14585A control and analysis software.

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