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Saint-Jean-de-Braye, France

Lvmh Recherche, Institute Des Science Et Industries Du Vivant Et Of Lenvironnement and French National Institute for Agricultural Research | Date: 2014-10-10

The aim of the present invention is to improve the insight provided by conventional consumer studies. This question is particularly relevant in the case of selective products, where consumers rarely have the opportunity to fully compare and test a very wide assortment of products before eventually choosing one of them. The method of the invention provides an indication that a consumer is actually ready to purchase and use a particular product among numerous other products. In the method of the invention, the consumer tests the products one after another in a random order. After having trialed a product, he must indicate whether he is sufficiently satisfied with it, and must make a choice: either the product is sufficiently satisfactory, and the test is over, with the consumer not trying any other products, or else the product is not satisfactory at all, and he goes on to the next product. The method of the invention is original in that the consumer can never go back, even if, eventually, he decides, after having trialed the next product, that he prefers the previous product.

The invention relates to a cosmetic composition comprising at least one cosmetically acceptable excipient and from 0.01 to 1% by weight, preferably from 0.05 to 0.6%, and more preferably from 0.1 to 0.3% by weight of the combination of an extract of the brown alga The combination of active agents of the invention for which a synergistic effect with regard to the synthesis of the procollagen I has been shown also produces an advantageous effect with regard to other markers of aging.

The invention relates to a cosmetic composition comprising at least one extract from the orchid The invention relates to the use in a cosmetic composition of an extract from the orchid The invention in particular relates to an orchid extract inhibiting the expression and/or the activity of the mitochondrial protein Smac/DIABLO.

The invention relates to the use, in a cosmetic or dermatological composition, of a particular water having a pH of between 7.8 and 10 and a total dissolved solids (TDS) concentration of between 10 and 250 mg/l. The invention also relates to a cosmetic or dermatological composition containing this water. The invention relates in particular to a treatment method intended for preventing or delaying the appearance of the effects of intrinsic and/or extrinsic ageing of the skin, or for slowing down the effects thereof; for preventing or reducing pigmentary spots on the skin, or the coloration of hyperpigmented areas of skin; for reducing the pigmentation of the periphery of depigmented areas; for improving the uniformity of the skin coloration; or for lightening the complexion of the skin.

The invention relates to a method for preventing or slowing down the appearance of the effects of skin ageing, in particular for slowing down the formation of wrinkles on the face, and reducing or smoothing out the wrinkles already formed, using a tocopheryl phosphate in liposomes.

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