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Roanoke, VA, United States

Luna Innovations, Inc. | Date: 2012-06-12

A twisted, multicore fiber communicates light input to each core to an output. The twisting mitigates relative time delays of the input light traveling through each of the cores in the multicore fiber to the output caused by bending of that multicore fiber. An example application is in an optical network that includes an optical input terminal and an optical sensor connected by a twisted multicore connecting fiber. One example of twisted multicore optical fiber is helically-wrapped, multicore fiber.

A multi-function optical tool may be used for example for built-in fault detection and transceiver source characterization in local optical communication networks. A single device provides swept-heterodyne optical spectrum analysis (SHOSA) and optical frequency-domain reflectometry (OFDR) in an efficient, low-cost package by utilizing a common interrogation laser source, common optical components, and common, low-bandwidth acquisition hardware. The technology provides significant cost, space, and labor savings for network maintainers and technicians.

Luna Innovations, Inc. | Date: 2012-06-29

Coating compositions which include a blend of a fluorochemical and a particulate additive comprising a bimodal size distribution of inorganic nanoparticles are provided. The bimodal distribution of inorganic nanoparticles may include a quantity of smaller nanoparticles having an average size distribution of between about 1 to about 15 nm, and a quantity of larger nanoparticles having an average size distribution of between about 40 to about 500 nm. The smaller and larger nanoparticles may be present in a ratio of the smaller sized particles to the larger sized particles of at least 1.2, with the total amount of nanoparticles being present in an amount of between about 0.1 to about 10 wt. % based on total composition weight.

Luna Innovations, Inc. | Date: 2012-11-05

An optical interrogation system, e.g., an OFDR-based system, measures local changes of index of refraction of a medium contained within a light guiding tube and includes an optical interferometric interrogator, optical detection circuitry, and a data processor. The data processor initiates a sweep of the light source and guide light from an interrogating light source into a medium contained by a tube which restricts movement of particles provided into the tube, where the medium is subjected to a driving force that overcomes resistance to movement of particles through the medium in the tube. The optical interferometric interrogator provides an optical interference pattern associated with a group of particles having moved in the tube as a result of the driving force. Based on the optical interference pattern, the data processor identifies a current location of the group of particles in the tube.

A sensing device includes a pair of contactless electrodes for placement on a coating on a surface of a structure or within or between one or more coatings on or over the surface of the structure. The electrodes function as sensors when activated to generate a current flow through the electrodes at multiple different frequencies. The sensing device also includes contactless control circuitry co-located with or separate from the electrodes that transmits impedance data generated from the activated electrodes. The impedance data is associated with corrosion condition information of the structure and/or the one or more coatings. A data collection system and display system useable with the sensing device are also described.

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