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News Article | August 7, 2017
Site: www.prweb.com

Dr. Shannon Simonelli, award-winning creator of The Luminous Life Maps™ System, a powerful Creative Arts Therapy experience based in Salt Lake City, Utah,  is the proud recipient of the  2017 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year award from the Salt Lake City Chamber of Commerce. This event is the most acclaimed event organized by the Business Women’s Forum of Salt Lake City. The organization has committed to empowering women entrepreneurs in Utah by providing a platform for business development, entrepreneurial counseling, and mentoring opportunities. “I and my team are honored to be recognized by The SLC Chamber & Women in Business Group as Entrepreneur of the Year,” said Dr. Simonelli “We have been dedicated for several decades to providing embodied empowerment, confidence and freedom to all individuals, especially women. This award highlights our mission of being a pivotal point in the lives of the women and people we guide, and our desire to make a genuine contribution to the fields we work in.” The Luminous Life Maps™ System is Dr. Simonelli’s innovative Creative Arts Therapy experience. The Luminous Life Maps™ program focuses on providing relief from self-doubt, anxiety, physical and emotional pain, and supports weight loss in as little as 12 weeks. Advocates of her program claim that the system has transformed their lives, and allowed them a freedom they had been unable to attain through any other form of therapy, traditional or otherwise. The Luminous Life Maps™ System is an integrative dance, imagination, brain shifting and art therapy based personal and professional development program. Dr. Shannon Simonelli guides “travelers” through her system, addressing each individual’s personal challenges. Dr. Simonelli’s work has earned her several awards, including Best in Honolulu, (Psychotherapy) Private Practice, Integrative Art Therapy.  In her 20 years in practice she has helped hundreds of people feel better in their daily lives and transform what they believe is possible for their future. For media inquiries, contact Lisbeth Spencer at (949) 463-5439 or Liz(at)LuminousLifeMaps(dot)com Luminous Life Maps™ is headquartered in Salt Lake City, UT. For more information, please visit http://www.LuminousLifeMaps.com . Connect with Dr. Simonelli on Facebook or Instagram. For more information on The SLC Chamber & Women in Business Group, please visit http://slchamber.com/wbcsummersocial/.

Luminous | Date: 2015-12-02

The panel is composed of a touch sensing structure and a touch pressure sensing structure, which separately include functional layers. The touch sensing structure can determine the location of a touch by a change in capacitance on the surface when touching the panel. The touch pressure sensing structure has a strain isolation layer with a property of elastic deformation between electrodes for detecting pressure applied onto the panel by a change in capacitance resulting from relative displacement between two electrodes.

Theriault B.,LUMINOUS
International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction | Year: 2012

This article explores the application of nondual psychology in transforming grief and loss into the experience of nondual consciousness. Nondual consciousness is the collapse of the dualistic notions of self and other through the direct realization of the stateless state of no-self. The experience of grief and loss serves as a catalyst to this radical experience because it invites the experience of death and non-being which can shatter one's conventional notions of self and open one up to the realm of transpersonal and nondual consciousness. The barrier to this experience is the fear of no-self. Nondual psychology is the facilitation towards the radical acceptance of no-self, whereby the contraction around grief dissolves revealing the open spaciousness of one's being. The author also includes a segment of his own transformational journey through grief and a client case study. © 2011 Springer Science+Business Media, LLC.

Luminous | Date: 2013-12-27

A warning light device includes a base with multiple lighting members connected thereon. A cover is mounted to the base and accommodates the lighting members. An optical part unit is located between the lighting members and the cover, and has at least one first optical part and two second optical parts between which the first optical part is located. The lighting members are accommodated in the respective recesses of the first and second optical parts. Each of the two second optical parts has an expanding wall from the underside toward the top thereof. A slot is defined in the top of each of two second optical parts and each slot has a light-guide face. The light guide faces of the two second optical parts guide the light beams outward to provide a lager illumination area.

Luminous | Date: 2010-04-20

This invention relates to an alarm light device having lamps embedded in openings, in which a main lamp portion is coupled with two side lamp portions together at both sides thereof. The main lamp portion and the side light portions all have channel-openings for embedding a plurality of lamp modules. Each lamp module is covered by a corresponding outer-cover which is then fastened to the base plate of each lamp module. In this manner, as the lamps are directly embedded, they can be directly assembled or disassembled such that great convenience in conducting the replacement of lamp can be achieved.

Luminous | Date: 2010-12-10

This invention relates to a warning lamp structure in which a light emitting module and a lamp hood are arranged in order on a base plate. The lamp hood is molded to have a hollow chamber so as to cover the light emitting module. A light concentrating section is integrally formed on the wall surface of the hollow chamber of the lamp hood. Configured in this manner, the bulk volume of the warning lamp is significantly reduced by the integral molding design of the light concentrating section on the lamp hood, so that the warning lamp can be advantageously assembled together with member of various types or member subjected to space limitation so as to reach substantial effect of increasing competitiveness on market.

Luminous | Date: 2010-12-21

An ornamental frame of touch panel includes a first color frame layer provided at an outer periphery portion of a bottom surface of the upper panel of the touch panel, and a second color frame layer provided at an inner periphery portion of the first color frame layer and extended from the surface of the first color frame layer to overlap with the bottom surface of the upper panel, wherein the ornamental frame can just cover the signal leads extended along the edges of the touch sensor. The first color frame layer and the second color frame layer are non-transparent or nearly non-transparent film layers, wherein the first color frame layer is thicker than the second color frame layer.

Luminous | Date: 2016-12-01

Electric light fixtures; Electric lighting fixtures of various types, voltages and wattages; LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting fixtures; LED (light emitting diodes) lighting fixtures for use in agriculture, commercial, industrial, residential;LEC (Light Emitting Ceramic) lighting fixtures also know as CMH (Ceramic Metal Halide); LEC (light emitting ceramic) lighting fixtures for use in agriculture, commercial, industrial, and residential; DE HPS HF (Double Ended High Pressure Sodium High Frequency) lighting fixtures; DE HPS HF (Double Ended lamps High pressure Sodium High Frequency) lighting fixtures for use in agriculture, commercial, industrial, residential; DE MH HF (Double Ended Metal Halide High Frequency) lighting fixtures; DE MH HF (Double Ended lamps Metal Halide High Frequency) lighting fixtures for use in agriculture, commercial, industrial, residential; HPS Lamps (High Pressure Sodium) or bulbs; HPS Lamps (High Pressure Sodium) for use in agriculture, commercial, industrial, and residential; MH Lamps (Metal Halide) or Bulbs; MH Lamps (Metal Halide) lighting for use in agriculture, commercial, industrial, and residential; L EP or Plasma (Light Emitting Plasma) lighting fixtures; LEP or Plasma (Light emitting Plasma) lighting fixtures for use in agriculture, commercial, industrial, and residential; Florescent fixtures as a light source, florescent lamps or bulbs in various sizes voltages and wattages for use in agriculture, commercial, industrial, residential; LED, DE HPS HF, HPS, MH, LEC, CMH, Plasma and LEC light bulbs or lamps; LED, DE HPS HF, HPS, MH, LEC, CMH, Plasma and LEC lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

News Article | February 24, 2015
Site: thenextweb.com

Password leaks are horrible for users. For companies, they’re an embarrassment and sometimes they lead to legal action. LinkedIn was part of such a lawsuit and today Ars Technica reports that it settled that suit and the affected users will each get about $1. That’s right. For a company allowing hashed user passwords (the passwords were not salted, making it easier for hackers to decrypt the leaked login info) to be stolen by hackers, its users won’t get enough money to pay for a 16-ounce soda. LinkedIn agreed to pay $1.25 million into a fund and lawyers being lawyers will get one-third of that amount. There are some other expenses and at the end of it all, LinkedIn Premium users will each get a buck. A buck for not correctly protecting your data. Uh, ok. The good news is that LinkedIn will now hash and salt all your passwords going forward even thought the company “continues to deny that it committed, or threatened, or attempted to commit any wrongful act or violation of law or duty alleged in the Action.” ➤ LinkedIn premium users to get $1 each in password-leak settlement [Ars Technica]

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