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Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Deutsche Lufthansa AG , commonly known as Lufthansa , is the flag carrier of Germany and also the largest airline in Europe, both in terms of overall passengers carried and fleet size when combined with its subsidiaries. It operates services to 18 domestic destinations and 197 international destinations in 78 countries across Africa, the Americas, Asia, and Europe, using a fleet of more than 280 aircraft.Besides the actual airline named Lufthansa, Deutsche Lufthansa AG is also the parent company for several other airlines and further aviation-related branches, including Swiss International Air Lines, Austrian Airlines, Germanwings and Lufthansa Technik. With over 620 aircraft, it has one of the largest passenger airline fleets in the world when combined with its subsidiaries. In 2012, the entire Lufthansa Group carried over 103 million passengers.Lufthansa's registered office and corporate headquarters are in Cologne. The main operations base, called Lufthansa Aviation Center , is located at Lufthansa's primary traffic hub at Frankfurt Airport. The majority of Lufthansa's pilots, ground staff, and flight attendants are based there. Lufthansa's secondary hub is Munich Airport with a third, considerably smaller one maintained at Düsseldorf Airport which transfers to Germanwings, so Lufthansa only operates just around 10 destinations which all have been transferred to Germanwings.Lufthansa is one of the five founding members of the Star Alliance, the world's largest airline alliance, formed in 1997.Having been a state-owned enterprise until 1994, the majority of Lufthansa's shares are nowadays held by private investors , as well as MGL Gesellschaft für Luftverkehrswerte , Deutsche Postbank , and Deutsche Bank . Since 1970, Lufthansa has involved its employees in profit sharing, giving them the opportunity to choose between cash and preference shares. When Lufthansa was privatised, employees received more than 3% of its shares.The name of the company is derived from Luft , and Hansa . Wikipedia.

Lufthansa AG | Date: 2013-02-13

The invention relates to a filter granulate for binding constituents of a gas flow, comprising filter particles which have the following components:

Lufthansa AG | Date: 2013-04-10

A simplified mobile data communication device (

Lufthansa AG | Date: 2012-07-24

A secure housing for a portable computer, which has a screen, operating keys and at least one connector, can be transferred from an open state to a closed state. In order to protect the computer and the data stored thereon, the secure housing can be locked in the closed state and conceals at least one operating key of the computer while the screen is exposed.

Lufthansa AG | Date: 2013-06-18

The present invention relates to a seat for a vehicle, particularly an aircraft, having a visual playback device integrated in a surface of the seat. A base firmly connected to the seat is arranged in the surface of the seat. Said visual playback device is releasably attached to the base by means of a holder adapted to the visual playback device and the base.

Agency: Cordis | Branch: H2020 | Program: RIA | Phase: ICT-07-2014 | Award Amount: 3.57M | Year: 2015

Cloud federation enables cloud providers to collaborate and share their resources to create a large virtual pool of resources at multiple network locations. Different types of federation architectures for clouds and datacenters have been proposed and implemented (e.g. cloud bursting, cloud brokering or cloud aggregation) with different level of resource coupling and interoperation among the cloud resources, from loosely coupled, typically involving different administrative and legal domains, to tightly coupled federation, usually spanning multiple datacenters within an organization. In both situations, an effective, agile and secure federation of cloud networking resources is key to impact the deployment of federated applications. The main goal of this project is two-fold: research and develop techniques to federate cloud network resources, and to derive the integrated management cloud layer that enables an efficient and secure deployment of federated cloud applications. Our proposal will deliver a homogeneous virtualization layer, on top of heterogeneous underlying physical networks, computing and storage infrastructures, providing enablement for automated federation of applications across different clouds and datacenters. The project is fully committed to open source software. Cloud networking aspects will be based on OpenDaylight, a collaborative project under The Linux Foundation, and specifically we will leverage and extend the OpenDOVE project with new rich inter-cloud APIs to provision cross-site virtual networks overlays. The new inter-cloud network capabilities will be leveraged by existing open source cloud platforms, OpenNebula and OpenStack, to deploy multi-cloud applications. In particular, different aspects of the platforms will be extended to accommodate the federated cloud networking features like multi-tenancy, federated orchestration of networking, compute and storage management or the placement and elasticity of the multi-cloud applications.

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