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Golden, CO, United States

Luca Technologies | Date: 2013-07-29

A high speed cooking apparatus employing a low voltage high current system for heating foods employing a novel wire mesh heating element. The system herein described providing the benefits of high speed cooking like that further described by U.S. Provisional Application 60/822,028 filed on Aug. 10, 2006, but yet providing significant cost benefit and simplicity over said system.

Luca Technologies | Date: 2014-08-14

There is provided a vapor generator including: a circuit to carry a DC current from an energy device; a wire mesh heating element to receive the DC current; and a sprayer to direct a fine spray of a liquid at the wire mesh heating element to vaporize the liquid, wherein a ratio of a resistance of the wire mesh heating element to a radiative black body area of the wire mesh heating element is less than 2 ohms/m

Methods of dispersing an activation agent, nutrient, or both to a carbonaceous material to stimulate production of a biogenic gas are described. The methods may include accessing a subterranean geologic formation containing the carbonaceous material, and supplying a mixture to the formation. The mixture may include an activation agent or nutrient mixed with a dispersed phase and a continuous phase. The method may also include contacting the carbonaceous material with the mixture, and distributing at least a portion of the activation agent or nutrient over and/or into the carbonaceous material from the dispersed phase. The production of biogenic gases is increased by microorganisms that are stimulated by the distributed activation agent or nutrient to convert a portion of the carbonaceous material into the biogenic gases.

Luca Technologies | Date: 2012-09-10

A method of increasing biogenic production of a combustible gas from a subterranean geologic formation is described. The method may include extracting formation water from the geologic formation, where the extracted formation water includes at least a first species and a second species of microorganism. The method may also include analyzing the extracted formation water to identify the first species of microorganism that promotes the biogenic production of the combustible gas. An amendment may be introduced to the formation water to promote the growth of the first species of microorganism, and the biological characteristics of the formation water may be altered to decrease a population of the second species in the geologic formation.

A system including a conveyance system and a stored energy cooking oven. The mobile system for heating a product including: an oven including wire mesh heating elements arranged in a parallel circuit and configured to reach 1400 Kelvin in less than about 30 seconds, wherein the heating elements are shaped to include a surface radiating heat; a stored energy device configured to provide direct current to energize the heating elements; and a conveyer configured to convey the product to a heating position facing the surface radiating heat, wherein a distance of an outer surface of the product is less than six inches from the surface radiating heat.

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