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Sun Y.-F.,China Coal Research Institute | Sun Y.-F.,Luan Mining Industry Group Corporation Ltd.
Meitan Xuebao/Journal of the China Coal Society | Year: 2010

The relationships between roadway layout and in-situ stress fields were studied theoretically. The characteristics of stress and deformation distributions in roadway surrounding rock at different angle between the axial of roadway and maximum horizontal principal stress, were analyzed by means of numerical simulation. It is pointed out that the distribution of horizontal stress varies from symmetry to non-symmetry, and the stress decreasing and increasing zones also change with the angle increasing;the non-symmetry gradually decreases when the angle amounts to fixed value, and symmetry appears again when the angle equals to 90°; the roadway deformation changes obviously when the angle is between 20° and 70°. The in-situ stress measurements were carried out in Changcun Coal Mine in Lu'an coal mining district, and the affects of in-situ stresses to roadway deformation and damage were analyzed, and the results got from theoretical and numerical studies were verified.

Ding Y.-H.,China University of Mining and Technology | Chen H.,China University of Mining and Technology | Wang D.-F.,China University of Mining and Technology | Wang D.-F.,Luan Mining Industry Group Corporation Ltd. | And 4 more authors.
Ranliao Huaxue Xuebao/Journal of Fuel Chemistry and Technology | Year: 2010

The high-temperature coal tar sample was separated into 10 narrow oil fractions and one solid-phase pitch product by supercritical fluid extraction and fractionation using n-pentane as solvent at 220°C and pressure from 5MPa to 15MPa. Results show that the accumulative yields increase with the extract pressure especially at the lower pressures, and the yield increase rate decrease gradually. The total yield of the oil extract is 78.36%, and the raffinate pitch yield is 21.64% which is far below that of the conventional distillation. Elemental analysis and chromatograph-mass spectrometer analysis show that with the increase of the extraction pressure, the atomic ratio of carbon to hydrogen, the average ring numbers, as well as the average molecular weight of narrow oil fractions increase gradually.

Wang X.,Chongqing University | Peng C.-L.,Chongqing University | Liu T.,Chongqing University of Technology | Wang R.,Luan Mining Industry Group Corporation Ltd. | And 3 more authors.
Chongqing Daxue Xuebao/Journal of Chongqing University | Year: 2012

A scheme of inductive wireless receiver circuit is put forward, according to special requirement of inductive wireless power supply in artificial subretinal prosthesis circuit. The proposed receiver circuit can be divided into CMOS rectifier, regulator and self-biasing circuit. The CMOS rectifier is used to provide power supply for regulator and self-biasing circuit. The self-biasing circuit furnishes the regulator with bias voltage and bias current which is independent from power supply. The proposed receiver circuit is designed by Cadence tool and Chartered 0.35 μm CMOS device model, and oscillator in artificial subretinal chip is used as the proposed receiver circuit's load. The results show that the proposed receiver circuit can provide load capacity of 3.3 V and >1 mA, with a layout size of 62 μm×195 μm.

Li B.,Shanxi Institute of Coal CAS Chemistry | Li B.,University of Chinese Academy of Sciences | Wen X.,Shanxi Institute of Coal CAS Chemistry | Wen X.,University of Chinese Academy of Sciences | And 6 more authors.
Ranliao Huaxue Xuebao/Journal of Fuel Chemistry and Technology | Year: 2010

MgO-ZrO2 had been synthesized from cheap materials Zr(NO3)4 and Mg(NO3)2 using poly (ethylene oxide)-poly (propylene oxide)-poly (ethylene oxide) (P123) as template. The structure and surface properties of the as-prepared materials were characterized by XRD, N2 adsorption/desorption and CO2-TPD techniques. The results demonstrated that material contain typical mesoporous characteristics and can be recycled without considerable decrease of CO2 adsorption capacity. The material can be recycled in multicycle CO2 adsorption/desorption application. The material has a typical solid solution structure, special basic site form with Mg2+ entering into the lattice of tetragonal ZrO2 and replacing Zr4+. The basic site with a solid substrate is not easy to lose. The ability of working at CO2 temperature as high as 150°C, with the high adsorption velocity (0.084 mmol/(g·min))and capacity (1.01 mmol/g)makes MgO-ZrO2 solid base to be a very promising CO2 acceptor for effective applications.

Luan Mining Industry Group Co. | Date: 2009-09-22

Anthracite; coal; coke; kerosene; coal tar oil; lignite. Solar batteries; silicon chips; semi-conductors; silicon wafers.

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