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Milpitas, CA, United States

LSI Inc | Date: 2015-07-07

A low cost IC solution is disclosed in accordance with an embodiment to provide Super CMOS microelectronics macros. Hereinafter, the Super CMOS or Schottky CMOS all refer to SCMOS. The SCMOS device solutions with a niche circuit element, the complementary low threshold Schottky barrier diode pairs (SBD) made by selected metal barrier contacts (Co/Ti) to P- and N-Si beds of the CMOS transistors. A DTL like new circuit topology and designed wide contents of broad product libraries, which used the integrated SBD and transistors (BJT, CMOS, and Flash versions) as basic components. The macros are composed of diodes that are selectively attached to the diffusion bed of the transistors, configuring them to form generic logic gates, memory cores, and analog functional blocks from simple to the complicated, from discrete components to all grades of VLSI chips. Solar photon voltaic electricity conversion and bio-lab-on-a-chip are two newly extended fields of the SCMOS IC applications.

LSI Inc | Date: 2014-06-03

A luminaire is disclosed having a lighting element mount which can have a base and one or more wings acting has heat dissipation fins. A lighting element (e.g. a PCB populated with LEDs) can be mounted (e.g. directly) to the base of the lighting element mount to conduct heat away from the lighting element. The lighting element mount can be incorporated into the luminaire so as to associate the lighting elements with apertures in the luminaire, thus allowing the lighting elements to be protrude to the bottom of the luminaire while the wings extend rearward of the luminaire and both the base and the wings of the lighting element mount are exposed to ambient air.

LSI Inc | Date: 2014-05-28

A luminaire and reflector module for the luminaire are disclosed wherein the reflector has a base plate defining a plurality of reflector light source apertures and a plurality of reflectors extending integrally and individually from the base plate adjacent to the light source apertures.

A self-articulating joint is disclosed for a minimally invasive surgical apparatus. The self-articulating joint has a first elbow component pivotably coupled to a second elbow component, wherein the first and second elbow components are biased to form a non-linear angle relative to each other. The self-articulating joint also has an elbow latch configured to releasably hold the first and second elbow components at a substantially fixed non-linear operating angle.

LSI Inc | Date: 2014-08-12

An apparatus for gastric bypass is disclosed. The apparatus for gastric bypass includes a primary passage having an input and an output. The apparatus also includes a bypass conduit, coupled to the primary passage, having an input and an output, wherein the passage input is interspersed with the conduit input. The apparatus further has a primary regulator coupled to the primary passage and adjustable to control a primary flow profile from the input to the output of the primary passage. The apparatus also has a bypass regulator coupled to the bypass conduit and adjustable to control a bypass flow profile from the input to the output of the bypass conduit.

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