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Gyeonggi, South Korea

LS Mtron Ltd. | Date: 2013-07-26

An internal antenna having a wideband characteristic includes a printed circuit board, a first antenna unit fed with electricity from a feeding unit of the printed circuit board, and a second antenna unit spaced apart from the first antenna unit by a predetermined distance and indirectly fed with electricity by means of coupling to the first antenna unit, wherein the second antenna unit is indirectly fed with electricity with a phase difference from the first antenna unit due to an electric distance from a feeding point of the first antenna unit.

LS Mtron Ltd. | Date: 2013-06-20

An energy storage device includes an electrode unit in which a cathode having a cathode lead, an anode having an anode lead, and a separator located between the cathode and the anode to separate the cathode and the anode from each other are rolled together; a housing receiving the electrode unit; an electrolyte filled in the housing; an inner terminal arranged in the housing to face the electrode unit; and an outer terminal connected to the inner terminal. A groove is formed in a side of the inner terminal, and a side protrusion is formed on an inner wall of the housing at a location corresponding to the groove.

A hydrostatic mechanical transmission according to the disclosure includes: a hydrostatic transmission which transmits power generated in an engine using a pump and a motor; a main transmission unit which transmits the engine power to a final driving unit through a driving shaft; a complex planetary gear which synthesizes and transmits the engine power transmitted from the hydrostatic transmission and the main transmission unit; and an automatic manual sub-gearshift which receives the synthesized engine power from the complex planetary gear so as to perform a transmission function and transmits the engine power to the final driving unit.

LS Mtron Ltd. | Date: 2015-02-10

A resonator for a vehicle, which reduces intake noise by using a resonance chamber for frequency tuning, includes an outer pipe having a first outer pipe with an inlet for introducing external air and a second outer pipe with an outlet for discharging the air introduced into the inlet to outside, an inner pipe disposed inside the outer pipe and having a plurality of slits for giving a passage of air, and an expansion pipe inserted between the outer pipe and the inner pipe to partition a space between the outer pipe and the inner pipe into a plurality of spaces and thus partition the resonance chamber into a plurality of regions.

A multi-type receptacle connector includes a receptacle insulator, main receptacle contacts arranged at the receptacle insulator to provide an electric contact point corresponding to a universal plug connector, sub receptacle contacts additionally installed at both sides of the main receptacle contacts to give an additional contact point, and a receptacle shell surrounding at least a part of the receptacle insulator, wherein the sub receptacle contacts are arranged at the same height as the main receptacle contacts and disposed at a relatively inner side in the insertion direction of a plug connector in comparison to the main receptacle contacts.

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