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Red Bank, NJ, United States

A stabilized composition is disclosed which contains at least two biocides, particularly at least two non-oxidizing biocides. In one embodiment, the composition contains a phosphonium sulfate compound combined with a dialkyl dimethyl quaternary amine compound. In order to stabilize the composition, an alkyl trimethyl ammonium compound is added to the composition. In one embodiment, the stabilizing agent produces a single phase composition. With the aid of the stabilizing agent, the single phase concentrated compositions can be produced that can later be diluted for use. In one embodiment, the composition may be used to treat aqueous systems in industrial applications.

The present invention is directed to an anticorrosion composition and a method for preventing or inhibiting the corrosion of a metal substrate utilizing an anticorrosion compound. The method utilizes an anticorrosion composition comprising at least one amine oxide and at least one N-containing compound. The invention relates to a method for inhibiting the corrosion of metal surfaces by applying the composition to a metal substrate. The composition of the present invention provides corrosion inhibition, cleaning capabilities, and conversion capabilities.

Lonza Inc. | Date: 2013-03-14

Disclosed is an antimicrobial composition containing an active halogen-containing component having a source of an active halogen and having an elevated pH, which is mixed with an acidic component. An acidic component is added in an amount to the active halogen-containing component to reduce the pH of the antimicrobial composition. When the pH of the active halogen-containing composition is reduced, the resulting composition has been discovered to be effective as a disinfectant and, particularly, as a sporicide. Application methods for applying the composition are also described.

A method for reducing muscle damage and/or oxidative stress in active mammals as disclosed. In one embodiment, the mammals are administered a carnitine supplement. The L-carnitine supplement may be administered without any other pharmaceutical or drug products. After physical activity the L-carnitine supplement can lower myoglobin, TBARS, and creatine kinase in the bloodstream.

Lonza Inc. | Date: 2015-04-08

The present invention relates to a disinfecting composition which requires a shorter contact time to be effective than similar compositions. Also, provided is a method of disinfecting a surface with the disinfecting composition where a shorter contact time is needed to disinfect the surface.

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