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Zhang H.,China Tobacco Fujian Industrial Co. | Shen J.,China Tobacco Fujian Industrial Co. | Lin Y.,Longyan Tobacco Industrial Co. | Lin Z.,China Tobacco Fujian Industrial Co. | And 2 more authors.
Tobacco Science and Technology | Year: 2013

To solve the problems, such as decentralized R&D data management, lack of effective R&D process control and management, insufficient coordination between R&D and manufacture, etc, a PDM-based cigarette product R&D management system was designed by introducing of PDM (Product Data Management) concept. With the architecture based on B/S system and adopting object-oriented technology, the designed system established a product data model by taking product composition as an object, and established a R&D process model by taking the key business unit, activity and role of R&D as objects. The system implemented close integration with MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) via the unified product data model. The results of application showed that the system consolidated the resource, process and data of R&D, realized the effective management and control of R&D data and process, and enhanced the collaboration between R&D and manufacture. Source

Li Y.,Xiamen Tobacco Industrial Co. | Wang Y.,Xiamen Tobacco Industrial Co. | Chen N.,Longyan Tobacco Industrial Co. | Zeng X.,Longyan Tobacco Industrial Co. | Ao S.,Beijing Comfort Environmental Control Co.
Tobacco Science and Technology | Year: 2014

For reducing the dust concentration in air and the maintenance work for air conditioning system in cigarette manufacturing department, an energy saving and self-cleaning air filtering system was designed on the basis of the distribution pattern of dust particle diameter, which was mainly composed of filter units, cleaning devices and a PLC control cabinet. The filter unit was of modular structure with stainless steel fiber felt as filter material and installed on a rectangular bracket of vertical slot type to increase filtering area. Online automatic cleaning mechanism used the tap water from the air conditioning room, and the both sides of filter unit were cleaned by the high-pressure water stream injected from nozzles. The test results showed that the system possessed a high dust holding capacity, filtration efficiency was higher than 70% with the initial filtering resistance between 32 and 166 Pa. Online automatic cleaning function was realized, the energy consumption of running was reduced, while air filtration efficiency was increased effectively. Source

Jiang J.,Longyan Tobacco Industrial Co.
Tobacco Science and Technology | Year: 2013

The label positioning detector in GDX6S packer was not able to identify a packet which was not squarely wrapped, therefore the detector was improved. A reflective optical fiber sensor was fixed on the arc plate of wheel No. 3, which could detect protrusive part of a label, and the packet wrapped in an obliquely folded label would be automatically rejected at the rejecting outlet of wheel No.3 by a control system. The results of application showed that: the improved detector ran stably and reliably, it automatically detected and rejected the packet which was not squarely wrapped, the rejection rate increased from 27.9% to over 95.4%. It took 0.5 min for treating a fault on an average contrasting with 3 min before, the package quality and the efficiency of equipment were improved. Source

Chen Q.,Longyan Tobacco Industrial Co. | Guo J.,Longyan Tobacco Industrial Co.
Tobacco Science and Technology | Year: 2015

As a solution to the interruption tobacco supply to the electronic belt weigher, caused by uneven slicing, the control system for slicing thickness in the vertical inclination slicer was redesigned based on a parallelogramic double-arm mechanism. An assisted positioning cylinder was installed on the back of the baffle plate to provide power for transmission mechanism and assist the existing positioning cylinder. The slicing thickness could be adjusted by regulating the adjustable bolt on the piston rod of the assisted positioning cylinder. A time delay control was added, the baffle plate worked together with an approach switch to ensure reliable bale positioning. The results showed that by improving the control method for tobacco bale positioning, the baffle plate swaying occurred in the process of positioning and the uncertainty in tobacco bale position detection were effectively solved, the tobacco block was evenly sliced, and the interrupted tobacco supply to conditioners reduced from 15 to 2 times/month. ©, 2015, Editorial Office of Tobacco Science and Technology. All right reserved. Source

Zhang X.H.,Longyan Tobacco Industrial Co. | Liao Y.P.,Guangdong Cigarette Factory of China Tobacco Meizhou Industrial | Lai D.B.,Longyan Tobacco Industrial Co. | Zhang Y.L.,Longyan Tobacco Industrial Co.
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2014

If the wear and the replace frequency of rubber platen rollers of PROTOS1-8 Cigarette Machine can be reduce, easily lead to the stable of the force of paper feed and reducing the time of maintenance and spare parts consumption. However, there is no a new device for adjusting pressure of platen rollers. To solve this problem, a new type of device for adjusting pressure of platen rollers is designed. The three movable reference wheels used to test and adjust the gap instead of the reference plane. Application results shows that using the new device can effectively solve the excessive wear of the rubber platen roller. The amount of rubber rollers for replacing is reduced to 6 compare of 22 before and the maintenance time is reduced to 19 hours compare of 115 hours before during the statistical time. It also improve the operating efficiency of this type of equipment. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland. Source

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