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Tan D.,Beihang University | Lv H.,Longdong University
Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering | Year: 2017

Impulsive noise usually has adverse effect on image processing. It has been proved that adaptive median filter is effective to impulsive noise removal. However, high percentage impulsive noise is still a challenge to adaptive median filter. Thus, a sequential median filter is proposed in this paper. Adaptive median filter and median filter are combined in sequence to handle high percentage impulsive noise. Moreover, variable window sizes are employed in the sequential median filter. Experimental results indicate that the sequential median filter is effective for high percentage impulsive noise removal. © 2017 SPIE.

Peng C.-N.,Longdong University | Zheng X.-R.,Longdong University
Key Engineering Materials | Year: 2017

Based on the First-principles and the method of quantum chemistry calculations, using the B3LYP method and 6-31G basis set of the density functional theory(DFT), the configurations and binding energy of Nen (n=2-36) clusters are calculated and studied theoretically after the calculation of geometry optimization. By changing the atomic number n of the Nen (n=2-36) clusters, it obtained that the stable structures, the binding energy and HOMO - LUMO energy gap of the Nen (n=2-36) clusters under the same ideal conditions, and summarizes the change rule of the stable configurations, the binding energy and the average bond length of the Nen (n=2-36) clusters. © 2017 Trans Tech Publications.

Peng C.-N.,Longdong University
Nuclear Science and Techniques | Year: 2016

As one candidate of tritium storage materials, palladium subjects to the damage from helium atoms introduced by the b-decay of tritium atoms. The mechanical properties of palladium will be greatly degraded deriving from the accumulation of helium atoms. A set of interatomic potentials has been fitted based on ab initio calculation according to the Morse formula. Molecular dynamic methods are utilized to investigate the existence of H atoms on the release of helium atoms from palladium with the present fitted potentials. It is found that hydrogen atoms play significant roles in the diffusion and release of helium atoms. The presence of hydrogen atoms tends to obstacle the diffusion and release of helium atoms in palladium.

Yue X.,Longdong University
2015 12th International Conference on Fuzzy Systems and Knowledge Discovery, FSKD 2015 | Year: 2015

Based on the definitions of pseudo-operations, the pseudo-Henstock integral is present in this article, some elementary properties and its transformation theorem are obtained. Finally, the properties of pseudo-bounded variation are discussed. © 2015 IEEE.

The purpose of this paper is to propose an efficient numerical method for solving Volterra-type integro-differential equation of the second kinds. This method based on Legendre-Gauss-Radau collocation, which is easy to be implemented especially for nonlinear and possesses high accuracy. Also, the method can be done by proceeding in time step by step. Illustrative examples have been discussed to demonstrate the validity and applicability of the technique, and the results have been compared with the exact solution. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Gong Z.,Northwest Normal University | Guo X.,Northwest Normal University | Liu K.,Longdong University
Information Sciences | Year: 2014

In this paper, we propose a simple and practical method to solve the dual fuzzy matrix equation Ax̃+B∼=Cx̃+D∼, in which A,C are m×n matrices and B∼,D∼ are m×p LR fuzzy numbers matrices. By means of the arithmetic operations on LR fuzzy numbers space, the dual fuzzy matrix equation could be converted into two classical matrix equations, and the LR minimal fuzzy solution and the strong (weak) LR minimal fuzzy solutions of the dual fuzzy matrix equation are derived by solving two classical matrix equations based on the generalized inverses of matrices. Meanwhile, as a special case of the dual fuzzy matrix equation, the fuzzy solutions of the dual fuzzy linear systems are investigated. Finally, some numerical examples are given to illustrate the effectiveness of the proposed method. © 2013 Published by Elsevier Inc.

Li Y.,Longdong University
Proceedings - 2015 7th International Conference on Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation, ICMTMA 2015 | Year: 2015

In the higher applied modern algebra structure, the ring structure takes a very important position. In the analysis of the ring structure, it can use the fuzzy set tool of the soft set to deal with the congruence question, and study the corresponding relationship between the ideal softening and soft congruence. Then, it can help us construct the thinking of soft congruence. The soft set collects the elements with compatibility relation together as a class. The parameters in each class can be intersected. Thus, it overcomes the shortcomings of lack of model parameter tools. © 2015 IEEE.

Chen W.,Longdong University
Proceedings - 2016 8th International Conference on Measuring Technology and Mechatronics Automation, ICMTMA 2016 | Year: 2016

The basic principle of Classic traditional information retrieval model is the machine matching of the key word, namely retrieval based on keywords. This paper proposes a pre-clustering-based latent semantic analysis algorithm for document retrieval. The algorithm can solve the problem of time consuming computation of the similarity between the query vector and each text vector in the traditional latent semantic algorithm for document retrieval. It first clusters the documents using k-means clustering based on the latent semantic analysis, finds out the central point of each cluster, and then calculates the similarity between the query vector and each cluster's central points for retrieval. In view of the characteristics of document retrieval, it proposes a new method for calculating the feature weights and adopts the method of pre-clustering to preprocess document collection. The results of the experiment show that the new algorithm can reduce the search time, and improve the retrieval efficiency. © 2016 IEEE.

Liu Y.-C.,Lanzhou University | Liu Y.-C.,Longdong University | Yang Z.-Y.,Lanzhou University
Journal of Biochemistry | Year: 2010

The Er(III) complexes are prepared from Er(NO3) 36H2O and Schiff-base ligands derived from 8-hydroxyquinoline-2-carboxaldehyde with four aroylhydrazines, including benzoylhydrazine, 2-hydroxybenzoylhydrazine, 4-hydroxybenzoylhydrazine and isonicotinylhydrazine, respectively. X-ray crystal and other structural analyses indicate that Er(III) and every ligand can form a binuclear Er(III) complex with nine-coordination and 1: 1 metal-to-ligand stoichiometry at the Er(III) centre. All the Er(III) complexes can bind to calf thymus DNA through intercalation with the binding constants at the order of magnitude 10 6 M-1, and they may be used as potential anticancer drugs. All the Er(III) complexes have strong scavenging effects for hydroxyl radicals and superoxide radicals; however, complex containing active phenolic hydroxyl group shows stronger scavenging effects for hydroxyl radicals and complex containing N-heteroaromatic substituent shows stronger scavenging effects for superoxide radicals.

Zhang Y.-Q.,Longdong University
Journal of Chemical Research | Year: 2013

Simple catalytic systems for the coupling of benzyl halides with phenylboronic acid under microwave conditions were tested. Microwave-promoted Suzuki reaction of arylboronic acid with benzyl halides catalysed by PdCl2(PPh3)2 in the mixed solvents DMF/H2O is reported to give diaryl methane derivatives in good to high yield.

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