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Cincinnati, OH, United States

Logic Technology | Date: 2013-03-12

An optical touch device includes: two light beam scanning modules each scanning a touch region of a panel body with a scanning light beam, whose incident angle varies with time, and outputting a time index signal associated with the incident angle; two light sensor modules each sensing a corresponding reflected scanning light beam generated due to presence of a touch within the touch region so as to output a sensing signal; and a processing unit for locating the touch based on the time index signal from each light beam scanning module, the sensing signal from each light sensor module, and a look-up table having pieces of angle information corresponding to a series of time indexes and associated with the incident angle of each scanning light beam.

SUNREX TECHNOLOGY Corporation, Logic Technology and Gimbal Technology Co. | Date: 2011-08-24

A position indicator is for use with a wireless platform operable to wirelessly transmit an excitation signal and to determine position of the position indicator relative to the wireless platform according to an oscillation signal received by the wireless platform. The position indicator includes: a working unit disposed in a casing unit, and operable to receive the excitation signal via a receiver coil, to generate the oscillation signal from the excitation signal, and to wirelessly transmit the oscillation signal via a transmitter coil; and a trigger unit disposed in the receiving space, and including a core part having first and second sections that correspond respectively in position to the transmitter and receiver coils, the first section of the core part having a varying permeability value, the second section of the core part having a substantially non-varying permeability value.

Logic Technology | Date: 2011-11-03

A stylus input device includes a grip, a surface-contacting member, a pivot joint, and first and second sensor modules. The pivot joint is disposed to connect the grip to the surface-contacting member and permit tilting of the grip relative to a working surface when the surface-contacting member is in intimate contact with the working surface, and is configured to permit and guide axial displacement of the grip relative to the surface-contacting member. The first and second sensor modules are disposed respectively in the surface-contacting member and the grip for sensing two-dimensional movement of the surface-contacting member on the working surface and axial displacement of the grip so as to respectively generate a two-dimensional movement signal and an axial displacement signal that are to be converted into a positioning signal by a processing unit for subsequent transceiving by a transmitting module.

Logic Technology | Date: 2012-03-28

An electromagnetic inductive input apparatus includes a signal transmitting device including a signal transmitter, and a signal receiving device. The signal receiving device includes a transparent substrate, first and second sets of transparent conductors disposed on the transparent substrate, and formed as spacedly arranged straight non-loop lines, and a control device electrically coupled to the transparent conductors and operable to detect a detected signal from the transparent conductors, and to determine a position of the signal transmitting device relative to the transparent substrate.

Logic Technology | Date: 2012-08-16

A remote controlled interactive power switch includes a first coil for controlling a switch contact to be closed by suction, a self-locked device for locking the switch contact to keep conducting state by mechanical self-locking, a second coil for controlling the self-locked device to be disengaged and a power supply control circuit. The power supply control circuit is connected with an interactive control module which includes a remote controlled interactive connecting unit, an interactive monitoring unit, a switch-on signal producing unit and a turn-off signal producing unit. The present invention can simplify the complex control circuit and thoroughly resolve the technical requirements of the power switch with high make-break capacity. Additionally, the present invention produces consumption only when starting the on-off switch, and after starting and under normal operation, the pulse magnetic energy coil keeps an inactivity state, no consumption, no heat and no noise.

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