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Dusseldorf, Germany

The invention relates to a method for processing steel slag to produce a hydraulic mineral binder with a high hardening potential and to recover iron. There is provision for this purpose to provide a feed product comprising steel slag with MnO. This feed product is further processed as a melt by introducing reducing agent into the melt. A lime saturation factor of between 90 and 110 is hereby to be achieved in the mineral melt portion. Subsequently the melt is cooled in a defined manner and elementary iron is mechanically separated from the solidified melt. The solidified melt is then supplied for use as hydraulic mineral binder. Furthermore the invention relates to a hydraulic mineral binder.

Loesche GmbH | Date: 2012-03-15

The invention relates to a roller mill, in particular a coal mill, with a feed system, which comprises an integrated screw feeder. The screw feeder is arranged virtually horizontally in the region of a grit cone and comprises a screw shaft guided through the roller mill and the longitudinal axis thereof, which screw shaft is arranged on both sides respectively outside of the roller mill and at one end with a drive means and at the other end in a bearing outside of the roller mill. The feed material is fed with the screw conveyer outside of the roller mill and forcibly conveyed therein to a tray side rejection opening above a cone opening of the grit cone and drops together with the coarse grain rejected in the classifier centrally onto the grinding pan. An even distribution of the feed material and improved smooth running of the roller mill and energy saving are achieved and also soiling of the screw shaft is avoided.

The invention relates to a method for operating a multi-gas burner having at least one burner lance with a first, second and third nozzle and having a first, second and a third feed chamber. It is provided according to the invention that for high-calorific operation air is fed via the first nozzle, O

Loesche GmbH | Date: 2013-04-19

The invention relates to a central burner for multi-fuel multiple lance burner systems having a central lance with an inner pipe and an outer pipe. The inner pipe and the outer pipe form an annular clearance duct. A plurality of outer lances are arranged around the central lance. A funnel-like mixing device is provided in the extension of the annular clearance duct in the region of the end of the inner pipe. This funnel-like mixing device has openings in its wall for combustion media to flow through. The outer lances each have a nozzle which has openings along the lateral circumferential area, said openings being arranged asymmetrically.

Loesche GmbH | Date: 2011-02-22

In this roller mill (

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