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Liupanshui, China

Yao W.,Liupanshui Normal University | Jing J.,Hunan Normal University
Physics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics

We study the holographic entanglement entropy in metal/superconductor phase transition with exponential nonlinear electrodynamics (ENE) in four and five dimensional spacetimes. We find that the holographic entanglement entropy is powerful tool in studying the properties of the holographic phase transition. For the operator [Formula presented], we show that the entanglement entropy in 4-dimensional spacetime decreases in metal phase but changes non-monotonously in superconducting phase with the increase of the ENE parameter. Interestingly, the change of the entanglement entropy in 5-dimensional spacetime for the two phases is monotonous as the ENE factor alters. For the operator [Formula presented], we note that the behavior of entanglement entropy in four and five dimensional spacetimes changes monotonously for the two phases as we tune the strength of the ENE. Furthermore, for both operators, the entanglement entropy in four or five dimensional black hole increases with the increase of the width of the region. © 2016 The Authors Source

Zeng X.-B.,Liupanshui Normal University | Liu Y.-H.,Sun Yat Sen University
International Eye Science

AIM: To observe and discuss the clinical application and effect of anterior vitrectomy in phacoemulsification for the treatment of vitreous prolapse caused by posterior capsular rupture or suspensory ligament transection. METHODS: Retrospective analysis of 28 cases(35 eyes) with cataract in whom vitreous prolapse caused by posterior capsular rupture or suspensory ligament transection occurred in phacoemulsification and intraocular lens implantation and anterior vitrectomy were performed was conducted. RESULTS: Anterior vitrectomy for timely and accurate treatment for vitreous prolapse caused by posterior capsular rupture or suspensory ligament transection occurred in phacoemulsification was satisfied. CONCLUSION: Anterior vitrectomy has good curative effect for vitreous prolapse caused by posterior capsular rupture or suspensory ligament transection occurred in phacoemulsification and is effective with less severe complications. Copyright 2016 by the IJO Press. Source

Shao H.-H.,Hunan Normal University | Shao H.-H.,Liupanshui Normal University | Guo D.,Hunan Normal University | Zhou B.-L.,Hunan Normal University | Zhou G.-H.,Hunan Normal University
Chinese Physics B

We address velocity-modulation control of electron wave propagation in a normal/ferromagnetic/normal silicene junction with local variation of Fermi velocity, where the properties of charge, valley, and spin transport through the junction are investigated. By matching the wavefunctions at the normal-ferromagnetic interfaces, it is demonstrated that the variation of Fermi velocity in a small range can largely enhance the total conductance while keeping the current nearly fully valley- and spin-polarized. Further, the variation of Fermi velocity in ferromagnetic silicene has significant influence on the valley and spin polarization, especially in the low-energy regime. It may drastically reduce the high polarizations, which can be realized by adjusting the local application of a gate voltage and exchange field on the junction. © 2016 Chinese Physical Society and IOP Publishing Ltd. Source

Yang Y.,Guizhou Academy of Agricultural science | Yang Y.,Liupanshui Normal University | Liu Z.,Guizhou Academy of Agricultural science | Cai L.,CAS Institute of Microbiology | And 2 more authors.
Tropical Plant Pathology

Nine Colletotrichum strains were isolated from diseased and dead stalks of Hemerocallis species (daylilies) from Guizhou, Guangxi, and Liaoning provinces in China. Morphological characteristics and multilocus phylogenetic analysis of ACT, CHS I, GPDH, ITS, and TUB 2 indicate that these strains represent four taxa. Colletotrichum hemerocallidis is a new species that is described, illustrated, and compared with similar species. Colletotrichum gloeosporioides, C. liriopes, and C. spaethianum are also recorded on Hemerocallis species. © Brazilian Phytopathological Society. Printed in Brazil. Source

Zheng Y.G.,Yunnan Normal University | Yang C.Y.,Chinese Academy of Sciences | Kang S.J.,Liupanshui Normal University
Astronomy and Astrophysics

Context. Very high-energy (VHE) γ-ray measurements of distant TeV blazars can be nicely explained by TeV spectra induced by ultra high-energy cosmic rays. Aims. We develop a model for a plausible origin of hard spectra in distant TeV blazars. Methods. In the model, the TeV emission in distant TeV blazars is dominated by two mixed components. The first is the internal component with the photon energy around 1 TeV produced by inverse Compton scattering of the relativistic electrons on the synchrotron photons (SSC) with a correction for extragalactic background light absorbtion and the other is the external component with the photon energy more than 1 TeV produced by the cascade emission from high-energy protons propagating through intergalactic space. Results. Assuming suitable model parameters, we apply the model to observed spectra of distant TeV blazars of 1ES 0229+200. Our results show that 1) the observed spectrum properties of 1ES 0229+200, especially the TeV γ-ray tail of the observed spectra, could be reproduced in our model and 2) an expected TeV γ-ray spectrum with photon energy >1 TeV of 1ES 0229+200 should be comparable with the 50-h sensitivity goal of the Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) and the differential sensitivity curve for the one-year observation with the Large High Altitude Air Shower Observatory (LHAASO). Conclusions. We argue that strong evidence for the Bethe-Heitler cascades along the line of sight as a plausible origin of hard spectra in distant TeV blazars could be obtained from VHE observations with CTA, LHAASO, HAWC, and HiSCORE. © ESO, 2015. Source

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