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Chicago, IL, United States

Littelfuse, Inc is a multinational electronic manufacturing company based in Chicago, Illinois. The company primarily produces circuit protection products but also manufactures a variety of electronic switches and automotive sensors. Gordon Hunter serves as Littelfuse CEO.Littelfuse is the developer of AutoFuse, the first blade-type automotive fuse. Wikipedia.

Littelfuse | Date: 2015-06-16

A waveguide system may include an inner core, and a conductor wound around the inner core in conductive coils having a coil length, wherein a voltage pulse received by the pulsed waveguide propagates as an induced wave having a group velocity, the group velocity being below a threshold velocity, wherein a reflection signal or an end of line signal generated within the conductor from the induced wave is detectable from the initial voltage pulse.

Littelfuse | Date: 2015-05-01

A transfer system may be provided. The transfer system may comprise a first transfer switch comprising first normally closed contacts and first normally open contacts. In addition, the transfer system may comprise a second transfer switch comprising second normally closed contacts and second normally open contacts. Furthermore, the transfer system may comprise third normally closed contacts with a solid state switch in parallel. A source monitor may be configured to monitor the quality of a primary source and a backup source. And a source control may be configured to operate the first transfer switch, the second transfer switch, the third normally closed contacts, and the solid state switch to transfer a load from the primary source to the backup source in response to the monitored quality of the primary source and the backup source.

Littelfuse | Date: 2015-04-22

A sensor to measure a liquid. The sensor may include a light source operably coupled to a lumen disposed in a liquid solution, the light source configured to emit light and communicate the light to the lumen; a light detector operably coupled to the lumen, the light detector configured to receive at least a portion of the light from the lumen; and a controller configured to determine a concentration or quality of the liquid solution based on the light emitted by the light source and the portion of light received by the light detector.

Littelfuse | Date: 2015-02-20

A power distribution module for a vehicle includes an insulating housing including a component grid, the component grid defining a plurality of circuit protection footprints, the housing further including at least one connector mount or terminal mating location; a printed circuit board (PCB) located within the housing and beneath the component grid, the PCB holding a plurality of fuse mounting terminals and at least one connector mounting terminal, the PCB including a plurality of conducting traces connecting the fuse mounting terminals to the at least one connector mounting terminal; and a cover that threadingly engages the housing, the threading engagement leading to a locking of the cover to the housing that tends to prevent the cover from loosening from the housing when the vehicle is being driven, the locking of the cover able to be overcome by a person so that the cover can be unthreaded readily from the housing.

Littelfuse | Date: 2015-07-07

A waveguide arrangement may include a tank defining a chamber for holding a liquid; and a pulsed waveguide (PWG) disposed at least partially within the chamber, the PWG comprising: an inner cylinder, the inner cylinder being grounded. The waveguide may also include an electrically conductive coil wrapped around the inner cylinder, wherein the pulsed waveguide is arranged to generate a first delay between a first initial pulse and a first reflected pulse when an upper surface of the liquid is at a first level, and to generate a second delay between a second initial pulse and a second reflected pulse when the upper surface of the liquid is a second level.

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