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Istanbul, Turkey

Embodiments relate to a system and a method for a redundant real-time wireless receiver network. A Remote Digital Antenna Digital Receiver (RDADR) is coupled to multiple Remote Digital Antenna (RDAs). The RDADR and the multiple RDAs are coupled via a digital bus. The multiple RDAs attempt to receive one or more digital signals from a transmitter. If the one or more digital signals are received without an error by one of the multiple RDAs, the RDA that received the one or more error-free digital signals sends the digital signals to the RDADR using the digital bus. The redundant real-time wireless receiver network provides a reliable and fault tolerant system to deliver digital audio signals in real-time.

A system for coating a non-rotating pipe work piece including: valves, flow lines, and a mixing block for receiving a first and a second component material each delivered at a pressure, flow measurement devices to measure the flows of the components, a static mixer in fluid communication with the mixing block for receiving the combined components, a C-shaped plate member arranged around the work piece, a drive mechanism to oscillate a partial rotation of the C-shaped member about the work piece with the rate of oscillations controlled by a logic controller, at least two spray guns disposed on the C-shaped member to spray towards the outside surface of the work piece, a drive mechanism to traverse the at least two spray guns longitudinally with the rate of traverse controlled by a logic controller; and the logic controller(s) programmed to control based on a number of input and measured parameters.

Line Inc. | Date: 2014-09-16

A torque limiting wrench for tightening nuts on a fitting, and a jaw structure for the wrench. An exemplary embodiment of the wrench includes a handle structure, the jaw structure pivotably mounted to the handle for movement between a tightening position and a fully tightened position. A mechanism applies a force to hold the jaw structure in the tightening position, and allows the jaw to pivot to the fully tightened position when a pre-set torque limit is exceed. The jaw structure including a plurality of spaced teeth supported on a curved jaw arm and having a circumferential extent of less than one half the entire circumference of the nut to be tightened, so that the jaw structure can be engaged to the nut without requiring an axial movement from a first end of the nut toward a second end of the nut.

A valve guide insert for lining and relining a valve guide bore in an internal combustion engine includes a one-piece, thin-walled, cylindrically-shaped metallic tube made from reformable bearing material having first and second ends and an intermediate portion. An inwardly tapered portion is disposed at the first end, wherein an end diameter of the inwardly tapered portion is less than an outer diameter of a valve guide bore, and wherein the outer diameter of the intermediate section is greater than an inner diameter of a valve guide bore. A longitudinal slit is included having a stepped portion along a length of the longitudinal slit. An interference portion is disposed proximate the second end, wherein the interference portion is configured to substantially secure the valve guide insert within a valve guide bore.

Line Inc. | Date: 2015-02-17

A panic device operable in conjunction with a local device is configured to unlock a locking mechanism. The panic device can take the form of an electronic key fob, a key shaft, or a key holder. A first trigger on the panic device triggers a local alarm that is on-board or off-board the panic device. A second trigger on the panic device can activate an alarm circuitry that utilizes a local device to provide position information to a distant dispatch station. The local device uses a GPS-aware circuitry or other non-GPS means such as triangulation to determine the position information. The position information can then be sent to the distant dispatch station with or without the aid of the local device.

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