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Lille, France

The Université Lille 1 is a French university located on a dedicated main campus in Villeneuve d'Ascq with 20,000 full-time students plus 14,500 students in continuing education . 1,310 permanent faculty members plus 1,200 staff and around 140 CNRS researchers work there in the different University Lille 1 institutes and 43 research labs. University Lille 1 is a member of the European Doctoral College Lille-Nord-Pas de Calais, which produces 400 doctorate dissertations every year. The university is ranked in the world top 200 universities in mathematics by the Shanghai ranking.University Lille 1 was established in 1854 in Lille, although its academic roots extend back to 1562. It later moved to Villeneuve d'Ascq in 1967. The University focuses on science and technology. Law, business management and medical fields are taught in the independent campus of Université de Lille II, while literature and social science are taught as part of the independent campus of Université de Lille III. Altogether, the three university campuses in Lille include more than 90,000 students and are the main parts of the Université Lille Nord de France. Wikipedia.

Clement N.,Lille University of Science and Technology
Nature communications | Year: 2010

Flicker or 1/f noise in metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) has been identified as the main source of noise at low frequency. It often originates from an ensemble of a huge number of charges becoming trapped and de-trapped. However, as a deviation from the well-known model of 1/f noise is observed for nanoscale MOSFETs, a new model is required. Here, we report the observation of one-by-one trap activation controlled by the gate voltage in a nanowire MOSFET and propose a new low-frequency-noise theory for nanoscale FETs. We show that the Coulomb repulsion between electronically charged trap sites prevents the activation of several traps simultaneously. This effect induces a noise reduction of more than one order of magnitude. It decreases when the electron density in the channel is increased due to the electrical screening of traps. These findings are technologically useful for any FET with a short and narrow channel. Source

French National Center for Scientific Research, Nagoya University, French Institute of Health, Medical Research, Lille University of Science and Technology | Date: 2013-07-30

Glycan compositions, processes for preparing the same and their uses as a drug.

French National Center for Scientific Research, University of Nantes, University of Picardie Jules Verne, Lille University of Science, Technology, University Dauvergne, French Institute of Health and Medical Research | Date: 2013-07-24

The present invention relates to multimeric mannosides, a process for preparing the same and their uses in medicine for treating

French National Center for Scientific Research, Lille University of Science and Technology | Date: 2014-01-09

The present invention relates to a process for production of hydrogen at low temperature starting from alcohols without formation of carbon using an oxyhydride material based on cerium and nickel and to the use of such a material as catalyst for transformation of alcohols to hydrogen.

French Atomic Energy Commission, Lille University of Science, Technology and French National Center for Scientific Research | Date: 2013-03-05

A device for converting transverse spatial profile of intensity of a light beam, using a microstructured optical fiber. Transverse dimensions of the fiber vary longitudinally and both its ends have opto-geometrical parameters such that at the wavelength of the beam the fiber has a fundamental mode having two different profile shapes at its two ends. Thus by introducing the beam with one of the profiles through one of the two ends, the beam emerges through the other end with the other profile, whose shape is different from that of the profile of the introduced beam.

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