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Disclosed is a medical instrument coating, being coated on the surface of a nickel-titanium alloy component of a medical instrument. The medical instrument coating comprises an elementary copper phase, an amorphous titanium-containing substance and a transition layer comprising a copper-nickel intermetallic phase. Also mentioned is a preparation method for the medical instrument coating. A medical instrument comprising a copper-titanium coating has good blood compatibility, and simultaneously can inhibit the endothelialization of the medical instrument surface, thereby improving the recovery rate of the medical instrument and prolonging the recovery time window; the copper-titanium coating belongs to the group of metal composite coatings, has a certain toughness and ductility, and avoids the large-amplitude deformation process of the medical instrument damaging the coating; and the mechanical property and the coating quality of the medical instrument comprising a fine nickel-titanium alloy component are guaranteed by the method for preparing the coating.

Lifetech Scientific Shenzhen Co. | Date: 2011-08-20

An interventional medical device connector and a method for using same. The interventional medical device connector comprises an implant (

Lifetech Scientific Shenzhen Co. | Date: 2014-05-28

Disclosed is a manufacturing method of an iron-based alloy medical apparatus, comprising: nitriding the iron-based alloy preformed unit at 350-550 C. for 30 100 minutes; and ion etching the iron-based alloy preformed unit with an ion etching time of 80-110% of the nitriding time, Ion nitriding and ion etching can be performed in situ in the same equipment using this manufacture method with high production efficiency, and in the ion nitriding and ion etching process, nitrogen atoms continuously permeate the preformed unit, making the time it takes for he medical apparatus to be absorbed by the human body and both the hardness and strength of the instrument surface achieve requirements.

Lifetech Scientific Shenzhen Co. | Date: 2011-12-08

An absorbable blood vessel stent (

Lifetech Scientific Shenzhen Co. | Date: 2012-05-25

A left atrial appendage occluder (

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