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Liaoning Normal University is a teacher training university in Dalian, Liaoning Province, China under the provincial government. Established in 1951 the university is primarily responsible for educating teachers to teach in high schools around the province, though non-teacher training courses are offered. Wikipedia.

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Li X.-Q.,CAS Institute of Psychology | Ren G.-Q.,Liaoning Normal University
Neuropsychologia | Year: 2012

An event-related brain potentials (ERP) experiment was carried out to investigate how and when accentuation influences temporally selective attention and subsequent semantic processing during on-line spoken language comprehension, and how the effect of accentuation on attention allocation and semantic processing changed with the degree of accentuation. Chinese spoken sentences were used as stimuli. The critical word in the carrier sentence was either semantically congruent or incongruent to the preceding sentence context. Meanwhile, the critical word was de-accented (DeAccent), generally accented (Accent), or greatly accented (GreatAccent). Results showed that, relative to semantically congruent words, the semantically incongruent word elicited a parietal-occipital N400 effect in the Accent condition and a broadly distributed N400 effect in the GreatAccent condition; however, no significant N400 effect was found in the DeAccent condition. Further onset analysis found that the N400 effect in the GreatAccent condition started around 50. ms earlier than that in the Accent conditions. In addition, in the GreatAccent condition, the incongruent words also elicited an early negative effect in the window latency of 110-190. ms after the acoustic onset of the critical word. The results indicated that, during on-line speech processing, accentuation can rapidly modulate temporally selective attention and consequently influence the depth or the speed of subsequent semantic processing; the effect of accentuation on attention allocation and semantic processing can change with the degree of accentuation gradually. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.

Tang X.,Liaoning Normal University | Tang X.,Okayama University | Wu J.,Okayama University | Wu J.,Beijing Institute of Technology | And 2 more authors.
Neuroscience and Biobehavioral Reviews | Year: 2016

Stimuli from multiple sensory organs can be integrated into a coherent representation through multiple phases of multisensory processing; this phenomenon is called multisensory integration. Multisensory integration can interact with attention. Here, we propose a framework in which attention modulates multisensory processing in both endogenous (goal-driven) and exogenous (stimulus-driven) ways. Moreover, multisensory integration exerts not only bottom-up but also top-down control over attention. Specifically, we propose the following: (1) endogenous attentional selectivity acts on multiple levels of multisensory processing to determine the extent to which simultaneous stimuli from different modalities can be integrated; (2) integrated multisensory events exert top-down control on attentional capture via multisensory search templates that are stored in the brain; (3) integrated multisensory events can capture attention efficiently, even in quite complex circumstances, due to their increased salience compared to unimodal events and can thus improve search accuracy; and (4) within a multisensory object, endogenous attention can spread from one modality to another in an exogenous manner. © 2015 Elsevier Ltd.

Sheng F.,Peking University | Liu Q.,Liaoning Normal University | Li H.,Liaoning Normal University | Fang F.,Peking University | Han S.,Peking University
NeuroImage | Year: 2014

Recent event related brain potential research observed a greater frontal activity to pain expressions of racial in-group than out-group members and such racial bias in neural responses to others' suffering was modulated by task demands that emphasize race identity or painful feeling. However, as pain expressions activate multiple brain regions in the pain matrix, it remains unclear which part of the neural circuit in response to others' suffering undergoes modulations by task demands. We scanned Chinese adults, using functional MRI, while they categorized Asian and Caucasian faces with pain or neutral expressions in terms of race or identified painful feelings of each individual face. We found that pain vs. neutral expressions of Asian but not Caucasian faces activated the anterior cingulate (ACC) and anterior insular (AI) activity during race judgments. However, pain compared to race judgments increased ACC and AI activity to pain expressions of Caucasian but not Asian faces. Moreover, race judgments induced increased activity in the dorsal medial prefrontal cortex whereas pain judgments increased activity in the bilateral temporoparietal junction. The results suggest that task demands emphasizing an individual's painful feeling increase ACC/AI activities to pain expressions of racial out-group members and reduce the racial bias in empathic neural responses. © 2013 Elsevier Inc.

Zhao Z.-H.,Liaoning Normal University
International Journal of Modern Physics A | Year: 2017

In view of the observation of a relatively large θ13, one has to break the μ-τ permutation symmetry properly which would otherwise result in a vanishing θ13 (as well as θ23 = π/4). Motivated by this, we study in a thorough way the various symmetry-breaking patterns and in particular whether an approximate this symmetry can lead to viable consequences. Furthermore, the symmetry-breaking effects arising from some specific physics (e.g. the renormalization group running effect) are discussed as well. © 2017 World Scientific Publishing Company.

Xiao R.,Liaoning Normal University
Current Topics in Medicinal Chemistry | Year: 2016

Levetiracetam is a homologue of piracetam with an a-ethyl side-chain substitution and it is a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved antiepileptic drug. Recently, several studies have found that levetiracetam was able to reduce seizure frequency in epileptic seizures patients without affecting their cognitive functions. In the present review, the effects of levetiracetam on cognitive improvement were summarized in epileptic seizures patients with or without Alzheimer’s disease (AD), high-grade glioma (HGG) patients and amnestic mild cognitive impairment (aMCI) patients. In addition, levetiracetam was observed to improve the cognitive deficits in normal aged animals and the transgenic animal models with AD, suggesting that levetiracetam may be a better choice for the prevention or treatment of AD. © 2016 Bentham Science Publishers.

Lei Z.,National University of Singapore | Bai D.,Liaoning Normal University | Zhao X.S.,National University of Singapore
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials | Year: 2012

Nitrogen-containing carbon composite materials composed of mesoporous carbon CMK-5 and carbon nanotubes (CNTs) were prepared by the chemical vapor deposition method with Fe(NO3)3-impregnated SBA-15 as template and pyridine as the carbon precursor. The Fe nanoparticles confined in the channels of SBA-15 induced the formation of mesoporous carbon characteristic of CMK-5, whereas Fe particles homogeneously dispersed on the external surface of SBA-15 served as catalysts for CNTs growth. The contents of CNTs, the N doping level and the microstruture of the carbon composite were closely related to the initial Fe/Si atomic ratio in SBA-15 template. Incorporation of CNTs in the composite was found to substantially reduce the electric resistance, leading to the composite materials exhibiting excellent rate-performance. A maximum specific capacitance of 208 F/g and a power density of 10 kW/kg were achieved in 6.0 mol/L KOH aqueous electrolyte when these carbon composites were applied as supercapacitor electrodes. Moreover, the composite electrode also exhibited good electrochemical stability with no capacitance loss after 1000 cycles of galvanostatic charge-discharge process. © 2011 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.

Chen D.,Liaoning Normal University | Li X.,CAS Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics
Journal of Power Sources | Year: 2014

Sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone) (C-SPEEK) membranes with pendent carboxylic acid groups are prepared and first investigated for vanadium flow battery (VFB) application. The introduction of carboxylic acid groups can effectively improve the ion conductivities of C-SPEEK membranes, while, keep their ion selectivities. The prepared C-SPEEK membranes exhibit excellent performance under VFB operating condition. VFB single cell assembled with C-SPEEK-50 membranes shows much higher energy efficiency (85% Vs 82%) and columbic efficiency (97.3% Vs 94.6%) than that assembled with Nafion 115. The membrane keeps a stable performance after more than 180 cycles charge-discharge test, showing good stability. © 2013 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Structures, binding energies, and vibrational frequencies of (NH 3)n (n=2-5) isomers and dynamical properties of liquid ammonia have been explored using a transferable intermolecular potential eight point model including fluctuating charges and flexible body based on a combination of the atom-bond electronegativity equalization and molecular (ABEEM) mechanics (ABEEM ammonia- 8P) in this paper. The important feature of this model is to divide the charge sites of one ammonia molecule into eight points region containing four atoms, three σ bonds, and a lone pair, and allows the charges in system to fluctuate responding to the ambient environment. Due to the explicit descriptions of charges and special treatment of hydrogen bonds, the results of equilibrium geometries, dipole moments, cluster interaction energies, vibrational frequencies for the gas phase of small ammonia clusters, and radial distribution function for liquid ammonia calculated with the ABEEM ammonia- 8P potential model are in good agreement with those measured by available experiments and those obtained from high level ab initio calculations. The properties of ammonia dimer are studied in detail involving the structure and one-dimensional, two-dimensional potential energy surface. As for interaction energies, the root mean square deviation is 0.27 kcal/mol, and the linear correlation coefficient reaches 0.994. © 2010 American Institute of Physics.

The microscopic mechanisms of ion hydration and ion selectivity in biomolecular systems are long-standing research topics, in which the difficulty is how to reasonably and accurately describe the ion-water and ion-biomolecule interactions. This paper summarizes the development and applications of the atom-bond electronegativity equalization fluctuating charge force field model, ABEEM/MM, in the investigations of ion hydration, metalloproteins and ion-DNA bases systems. Based on high-level quantum chemistry calculations, the parameters were optimized and the molecular potential functions were constructed and applied to studies of structures, activities, energetics, and thermodynamic and kinetic properties of these ion-containing systems. The results show that the performance of ABEEM/MM is generally better than that of the common force fields, and its accuracy can reach or approach that of the high-level ab initio MP2 method. These studies provide a solid basis for further investigations of ion selectivity in biomolecular systems, the structures and properties of metalloproteins and other related ion-containing systems. © 2012 Science China Press and Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg.

Chen D.,Liaoning Normal University
Journal of Applied Polymer Science | Year: 2013

Alternating deposition of oppositely charged polyelectrolyte complexes (PECs) on inorganic-organic composite membranes can efficiently overcome the drawback of microcracks induced by inorganic particles. Different bilayers of Poly (diallyldimethylammonium, chloride)/sulfonated poly(ether ether ketone) (PDDA/SPEEK) were first deposited on the charged silicon composite with hydrolyzed polyacrylonitrile (PAN-H) support and evaluated for solvent resistant nanofiltration membranes (SRNF) application. The morphology of the membranes was studied in detail via SEM and AFM. Because of Donnan exclusion, the multilayered PEC silicon composite membranes showed very high retentions up to 99% for negatively charged solutes (Rose Bengal (RB), 1017 Da) in the pressure driven filtration of isopropanol (IPA) solutions. For the first time, PEC-based silicon composite membranes were also applied in the filtration of organic solvents, where they were found to combine a remarkable stability in polar solvents with high fluxes and retentions. Compared with silicon composite membranes, the introduction of multilayered PDDA/SPEEK can efficiently improve the membrane performance and overcome the drawback induced by inorganic fillers. PEC-based silicon composite membranes thus show excellent prospective use in SRNF. Copyright © 2013 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

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