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Zhang Y.-J.,Northeastern University China | Huang L.-Z.,Liaoning Electrical Power Survey and Design Institute | Liang L.,Northeastern University China
Yantu Lixue/Rock and Soil Mechanics | Year: 2010

The screw pile body and pitch of screw is chosen as the subject investigated of the pull-out screw pile foundation under inclined load; and the subgrade reaction by the pile-soil interactivity were put on surfaces of pile body and pitch of screw by the formal load; at the same time, the moving coordinates were introduced in the analysis. So the used problem of superposition theorem for large deformation material system, for instance soil-pile, could be transferred the small deformation & elastic mass for screw pile body and pitch of screw. The failure model of pull-out screw pile under inclined load was analyzed; and the calculation of ultimate load for a pile and pile group were given; and calculations of ultimate inclined load of screw pile group was 93.3% to the average determined value from field pull-out tests under inclined load. It is shown that the research technique, the failure model and the calculation formulas are consistent with the practical characteristics of the pull-out screw pile group under inclined load on the whole; and these research results can guide the designing and analysis of pull-out screw pile foundation under inclined load.

Cao Y.-L.,Shenyang University | Zheng W.,Shenyang University | Zhou Y.-C.,Shenyang University | Cao Y.,Liaoning Electrical Power Survey and Design Institute
Dianli Xitong Baohu yu Kongzhi/Power System Protection and Control | Year: 2011

A practical plan for power flow calculation based on distribution GIS platform is researched. Topology model of distribution network is described by GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) used in distribution power GIS platform. The Node-Switch coding style used in traditional forward and backward substitution method is replaced by GUID, so the more integral, precise and timely updated parameters can be applied to power flow calculation. The calculation module is designed under Matlab environment, and is integrated in GIS platform to realize visual calculation which can visually display the results on distribution power network's map. The plan are used in some rural power enterprise, and the calculation results show that it is practical.

Lin J.-K.,Tianjin University | Wang C.,Tianjin University | Lu X.-Y.,Liaoning Electrical Power Survey and Design Institute | Wu N.-H.,Shandong Electric Power Research Institute
Gaodianya Jishu/High Voltage Engineering | Year: 2011

To accurately simulate transformer saturation and to establish a transformer saturation model, based on UMEC(Unified Magnetic Equivalent Circuit) model and the no-load experiment, a new model considering the magnetic circuit saturation characters of the transformer is proposed. The model uses the UMEC model to describe the relationship of each permeance of magnetic circuit, and the curve of voltage/current and the curve of power loss gained by the no-load experiment are piecewise lined to approximately achieve the relationship of the transformer excitation permeance and excitation current. The advantages of the UMEC model such as needing no winding turns, core cross-sectional area and the length and so on, as well as the relationship between core permeance and yoke permeance, are fully utilized by the model, so that the nonlinearization of the yoke can also be indirectly considered through the nonlinearization of excitation branch; meanwhile, the nonlinearization of excitation branch can be easily obtained by the simple no-load experiment. The simulation results demonstrate that the model possesses high precision, and is conveniently applied for the practical engineering due to the needed parameters being easily obtained.

Tian L.,Shandong University | Tian L.,Dalian University of Technology | Li H.-N.,Dalian University of Technology | Huang L.-Z.,Liaoning Electrical Power Survey and Design Institute
Zhendong yu Chongji/Journal of Vibration and Shock | Year: 2012

Because of large span of model and limitation of laboratory size, it is difficult to keep tower and line with same scaling factor when shaking table testing of a power transmission tower-line system is conducted, and it is needed to modify scaling factor of line. With numerical analysis and based on a 500 kV transmission system of Gaizhou city in Liaoning province, the modified scaling factor of its line was taken as 1.0, 0.5 and 0.4, the scaling of its tower was unchanged, and the longitudinal and transverse seismic responses of the model were obtained under uniform and multiple excitations, respectively. The results showed that the seismic responses of the modified model of the transmission tower-line system keep the same as those of the original model, and the precision of the shaking table testing of the modified model meets the engineering requirements.

Jia L.-G.,Shenyang Jianzhu University | Li Q.-W.,Liaoning Electrical Power Survey and Design Institute | Liu Y.-F.,Shenyang Jianzhu University
Gongcheng Lixue/Engineering Mechanics | Year: 2012

This article made the research on the vertical shear strength of a cellular beam under different parameters. Based on the test, a reasonable finite element model is established. Through the calculation of a cellular beam of different hole types, flange sizes and opening rates, we can obtain shear bearing capacity of the cellular beam under different parameters. The results show that: in the cases of the same hole rate and hole numbers, the shear strength of the circular hole cellular beam is better than that with hexagon or rectangular holes'; the flange width variation has little effect on shear strength, but the thickness variation has great effect on it. It was found that the simplified shear strength calculation formula considering the shear contribution and opening rate was affected by the joint action of the hole types, flange widths and opening rates. By analyzing the cellular beam stress performance of different shear span ratios, we can gain the formula for bending-shearing deformations.

Yan S.,Shenyang Jianzhu University | Wu J.,Liaoning Electrical Power Survey and Design Institute | Sun W.,Shenyang Jianzhu University | Ma H.,Shenyang Jianzhu University | Yan H.,Liaoning Electrical Power Survey and Design Institute
International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks | Year: 2013

Structural health monitoring (SHM) can enhance the functionality of structures, improve its safety and reliability, reduce maintenance costs, and increase the service life. A new kind of SHM technology based on piezoelectric ceramic transducers is an effective way to realize the prospective functions. However, many of piezoelectric ceramic SHM systems, which are complicated, weighty, and having much equipment, are mainly used for laboratory researches. In order to meet the needs of engineering applications, a portable piezoelectric concrete SHM system which uses the virtual instrument technology is proposed and produced in this paper. The developed system which is based on piezoelectric transducers can be realized to monitor online vibration accelerations, dynamic stresses, concrete cracks, and so forth. The function of this integrated system has been effectively proved in test and in an engineering application. The experimental and applied results show that the system is reliable, of high degree of automation, and portable. The work provides important technical support for improvement of structure design and monitoring of structural health status. © 2013 Shi Yan et al.

Yan S.,Shenyang Jianzhu University | Wang H.,Shenyang Jianzhu University | Yan H.,Liaoning Electrical Power Survey and Design Institute | Deng D.,Liaoning Electrical Power Survey and Design Institute
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

On account of the Wind Turbine Foundation Design Rules of China (trial implementation), the grid method is used to form an optimization design for the shell type foundation of the wind turbo-generator, using concrete dosage as the objective function. The constraint condition of the optimization meets the bearing capacity of the foundation and the compressive stress at the edge of foundation is greater than or equal to zero, reaching optimal relation between the central non-contact area and the contact area. Meanwhile, the finite element analysis on the shell type foundation of a wind turbo-generator is numerically performed in this paper by using ANSYS, to verify the feasibility of optimization scheme. The results show that this optimization scheme which can reduce the cost of wind power engineering project satisfies the requirement of design rules, saving the consumption of the concrete, and it has obvious economic benefits. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland.

Li G.,LIAONING Technical University | Wang Y.,Liaoning Electrical Power Survey and Design Institute | Lu X.,LIAONING Technical University | Li W.,LIAONING Technical University
Nongye Gongcheng Xuebao/Transactions of the Chinese Society of Agricultural Engineering | Year: 2011

Improving hydraulic properties to elevate the efficiency is an important research content in optimization design of centrifugal pumps. Based on the Reynolds time averaged N-S equations (RANS) and RNG κ-ε turbulence models, the three-dimensional flow field of the IS65-40-250 centrifugal pump with deviated short splitter vanes was simulated in Fluent software. The velocity and pressure of the flow in the centrifugal pump were analyzed and the internal flow rule was revealed. The result showed that by design of short splitter vane, the velocity and uniformity of pressure distribution in the centrifugal pump were improved, and the pressure pulse of impeller exit decreased, and the loss of impact was reduced. According to calculation of head and waterpower efficiency of the improved pump, the head and waterpower efficiency increased by 3.46% and 1.7% respectively, and the purpose of energy saving was achieved.

He H.Y.,Liaoning Electrical Power Survey and Design Institute | Wang Z.H.,Liaoning Electrical Power Survey and Design Institute | Jin N.,CAS Shenyang Institute of Automation
Manufacturing and Engineering Technology - Proceedings of the 2014 International Conference on Manufacturing and Engineering Technology, ICMET 2014 | Year: 2015

The short-circuit current of a Low-Voltage (LV) auxiliary power system of the fossil fuel power plant influences the selection of the LV switch directly. The calculation method in the DL/T 5153-2002 “Technical rules for designing auxiliary power system of fossil fuel power plant” is only the rough calculation for the short-circuit current of the auxiliary power system, and the selection of the LV switch has a larger margin. Because of the extensive use of the LV switch in the power plant, in this paper, analysis and calculation for LV auxiliary power system short-circuit current is done through the actual project in order to save the investment cost, and the LV switch could be selected on the basis of the calculation. The results show that the selection of the LV switch will be more accurate and can make significant economic benefits by detailed calculation, and have some practical significance. © 2015 Taylor and Francis Group, London.

Yu H.,Liaoning Electrical Power Survey and Design Institute | Cui D.-X.,China Electric Power Research Institute | Qu X.-D.,China Electric Power Research Institute
Dianwang Jishu/Power System Technology | Year: 2010

In previous calculation of step voltage the ground potential raise near the rail due to rail stray current is not taken into account, so the calculation result of step voltage exceeds its true value by 20%. After theoretical derivation, an approximate computation model for ground potential raise near the rail is given, thus the potential difference between the rail and any point close to it can be obtained, besides, a simplified method to calculate the step voltage between the rail top and the point, which is apart from the rail top by 0.8m, is given.

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