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PanJin, China

Ma C.B.,Liaohe Oilfield Company
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2014

Part of the gas fields utilize eddy current instruments to drainage and gas recovery currently, while the mechanism of drainage and gas recovery is not clear. This article conducts drainage and gas recovery simulating caculation, analyses the impact of gas flow rate, the moisture content of bottomhole and eddy current tool structure of its drainage effect, basing on the theory of gas-liquid two-phase flow. The results show that: the gas flow rate, moisture content and the normal section shape of eddy current tool spiral piece are the main factors that affect the eddy current tools draining. As follows: the larger the gas flowing rate, the better the tool draining effect; when the bottomhole moisture content is less than 10%, the draining effect is not obvious; but when the bottomhole moisture content is greater than 10%, with higher the moisture content, the draining effect is more obvious; the normal section shape of spiral piece is better to be rectangular rather than trapezoidal; the direction of rotation of the spiral piece (left and right hand) has little effect on draining. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland. Source

Zhang S.M.,Liaohe Oilfield Company
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2014

Jin 45 block has entered the later period of cyclic steam, Transforming the development mode is imminent,there is a big technical risks in the development of cyclic steam of edge and bottom water of heavy oil when it turns to steam flooding development, it is needed to understand the characteristics of Edge-bottom water which invades in reservoir and master the restricting factors of invasion of the edge-bottom water,to avoid the risk of steam flooding development reasonably and effectively. The experiment uses the three layers of inhomogeneous Artificial core which has high permeability transition zone of simulative edge water on the edge. Analysis the factors of differential pressure, temperature and distance of the water and bottom water to the effect of Edge-bottom water encroachment sensitivity. The results show that: Among many factors of water encroachment sensitivity, the effect of differential pressure to the regularity of water invasion is most obvious, at the stage of Connection of water invasion, the differential pressure has a little effect on the Instantaneous water influx, After the channel of water encroachment has formed,Instantaneous water rate and differential pressure is index function relation, in the late of water invasion, the instantaneous water rate is stable. The result provides the basis for the heavy waterflooded area turn to steam flooding. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland. Source

Li J.H.,Liaohe Oilfield Company
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2014

Jin 45 heavy oil block in Liao he oil field has entered the late steam huff and puff period, Flooded serious, Average single well daily oil producing is 0.74t/d, Water recovery rate reaches as high as 260%, It is extremely urgent to convert to Steam flooding development mode, but without corresponding theoretical basis in heavy water flooded area. Take two test well groups with scale out two well spacing as object of study, Use Petrel software for accurate geologic modeling, Bring into steam huff and puff history matching through CMG software, and then make a steam flooding feasibility prediction in heavy water flooded area. During the prediction, the huge edge water and bottom water body was set up around the model. The result of numerical simulation manifested that Water invasion rule give priority to bottom water coning, Edge water invasion is not large, Outside casing wall channeling formed water flooded in severe cases; Reservoir has been formed basically thermal union;Reservoir remaining oil saturation is 44.96%, Formation pressure is 2.91 MPa. Continuous steam injection make the formation pressure increases, inhibit water cut increasing rate and water cut increasing rate, The serious water invasion problem could be effectively relieved; In the five year's forecast after steam flooding, the cumulative recovery degree is 7.74%, the development effect is improved. It proved that Liao he oil field Jin 45 heavy oil heavy water flooded area turn steam flooding development is feasible. The study provides a theoretical basis for heavy flooded area of heavy oil reservoirs to turn to steam flooding development. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland. Source

From industry classification standard for reserves, it can be seen that technical recoverable reserve is constituted of the proved reserves, time economically recoverable reserves and cumulative oil production. In China's oil industry standard, method of calculating steam stimulation technically recoverable reserves of heavy oil reservoirs is from injection curve, determination of the ratio of oil and gas is the key step. If economic parameters are introduced, using the economic limit of oil and gas can calculate proved reserves ratio. In the Du229 block of Shuguang oilfield, for example, compared of the calculation results with the SEC reserves calculated results, the relative error is 4.96%, meeting the oil industry standards, and the applicability and feasibility of the method is confirmed. This method has some reference to other fields. Source

Sun J.F.,Liaohe Oilfield Company
Advanced Materials Research | Year: 2014

The steam flooding pilot test in Jin 45 block has steam flooding 4 years since June 2008 turned the drive.But now,it still don't understand the production dynamic,the degree of use of the reservoir,the effect of development of this pilot and the situation of temperature field,pressure field and saturation distribution field.Now petrel and CMG software are applied for the tracking simulation,on the basis of optimization of injection-production parameters,put forward effective adjustment scheme for the forecast of steam flooding.The results show that:at present,test is in displacing stage,after two adjusted in 2010 and 2011,the daily fluid and daily oil increased,moisture content decreased.The using of the layer of I35 is obvious. The using of the1,2 small layers of I group is high,the 4 small layer is low,the using of plane is great different.The pilot test of steam flooding in Jin 45 block has achieved good development effect,it offers an important basis for determining to replace mining mode of the later stage of cyclic steam stimulation of reservoir. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland. Source

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