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Herndon, VA, United States

LGS Innovations and Alcatel - Lucent | Date: 2013-06-28

Various embodiments provide a method and apparatus for providing queries in an information-centric network. In particular, the content is identified by a name that includes discrete components that identify the participating caching nodes within a network. Caching nodes store a reference to the content and are configured to provide the address of the node(s) providing the requested content.

LGS Innovations | Date: 2012-05-31

A system for testing a communications network includes a controller having a computing device with a controller application and an operator having a microcontroller and a device interface module controlled by the microcontroller. A handheld communications device is operatively connected to the operator through the device interface module and adapted to communicate over the communications network being tested. The controller and the operator are connected by an out-of-band wireless control link to allow communication therebetween outside of the communications network being tested. The operator is adapted to receive commands from the controller over the out-of-band control link and, upon receipt of a command from the controller over the out-of-band control link, to initiate in-band communication on the handheld communications device over the communications network through the device interface module.

A method and system for transmitting alerts messages is provided. An automatic management system determines a location of a device. An alerting device is determined based on the determined location and an alert message is transmitted to the alerting device.

LGS Innovations | Date: 2015-04-22

There is provided a method for forming a graphene layer. The method includes forming an article that comprises a carbon-containing self-assembled monolayer (SAM). A layer of nickel is deposited on the SAM. The article is heated in a reducing atmosphere and cooled. The heating and cooling steps are carried out so as to convert the SAM to a graphene layer.

LGS Innovations | Date: 2013-09-13

A deposition apparatus comprising a vaporizer chamber configured to hold a solid precursor of a dopant element therein. Gas input and output lines are connected to the vaporizer chamber and flow rate controllers are coupled to each of the gas input and output lines. The flow rate controllers are configured to adjust a rate of carrier gas flow into and out of the vaporizer chamber through the gas input and output lines. The vaporizer chamber has a temperature controller and pressure controller to produce vapors of the solid precursor in the vaporizer chamber that can be carried with the carrier gas flow through the output line.

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