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LG Innotek | Date: 2016-10-28

A hook terminal is disclosed, the terminal including: a hook unit formed with an upper side-opened fixing groove into which a cable of several strands can be inserted; a fixing unit integrally formed with a bottom side of the hook unit and fixed to a main body; a cable disengagement prevention unit formed at an upper end of the hook unit to inhibit the cable from being disengaged; and a plurality of pressure lugs formed at the hook unit to inhibit the cable from moving to an axial direction by applying pressure to an external surface of the cable, whereby the cable disengagement prevention unit fixing the cable by way of hot pressing work inhibits the cable of several strands from being disengaged and from moving to an axial direction.

LG Innotek | Date: 2016-12-12

A display device comprising: a light source; a wavelength conversion member to convert a wavelength of light generated from the light source and a light guide member to guide the light converted by the wavelength conversion member, wherein the wavelength conversion member comprises: a first surface facing the light source; a second surface facing the light guide member; a top surface extending from the first surface to the second surface; and a bottom surface facing the top surface, wherein the wavelength conversion member includes a tube, the tube receives, an air layer, a matrix therein and a plurality of quantum dots in the matrix, wherein the air layer is formed between one end of the tube and the matrix.

An inorganic filler according to an embodiment of the present invention includes a boron nitride agglomerate and a coating layer formed on the boron nitride agglomerate and including a SiRNH_(2 )group, and R is selected from the group consisting of an alkyl group having 1 to 3 carbon atoms, an alkene group having 2 to 3 carbon atoms, and an alkyne group having 2 to 3 carbon atoms.

The present invention relates to a rotor including a shaft sleeve having a shaft sleeve main body and a stopper formed to protrude outward from an end portion of the shaft sleeve main body; a magnet disposed on an outer circumferential surface of the shaft sleeve and a lower portion thereof is supported by the stopper; and a fixing part which fixes an upper portion of the magnet, and a torque sensor and an electronic power steering system including the same. Due to the above structure, a broken magnet is prevented from deviating even when a magnet is broken.

LG Innotek | Date: 2016-08-04

Provided is a vehicular lamp including a lens unit, a light source module that includes a reflection unit disposed to have a gap from the lens unit and accommodating a light emitting element, a bezel unit that abuts the light source module and provides the gap between the lens unit and the light source module, and a thermoelectric circulation unit that provides air that has passed through a thermoelectric module to the inside of the gap, wherein a heat absorption unit of the thermoelectric module is in contact with the light source module.

LG Innotek | Date: 2016-11-22

A lighting device includes a heat sink including a first heat radiation part and a second heat radiation part, a light source module including a substrate disposed on the first heat radiation part of the heat sink, and a light emitting device disposed on the substrate; and a power supply unit which is disposed within the second heat radiation part of the heat sink and supplies power to the light source module.

LG Innotek | Date: 2016-08-11

A lens driving device is provided, the lens driving device comprising: a housing comprising a through hole; a bobbin accommodated at the through hole; a magnet disposed on the housing; a first coil disposed on the bobbin and facing the magnet: a first support member coupled to the housing and the bobbin, and movably supporting the bobbin in a direction of an optical axis; a protrusion part outwardly protruded from an outer lateral surface of the bobbin; and a groove part on the housing at a position corresponding with the protrusion part and accommodating at least a portion of the protrusion part, wherein an outer lateral surface of the protrusion part comprises a first surface, a second surface and a third surface disposed between the first surface and the second surface, wherein each of the first surface, the second surface and the third surface is parallel with an inner lateral surface of the groove part, and wherein an angle between the first surface and the third surface, and an angle between the second surface and the third surface are an obtuse angle.

Embodiments provide a lens driving unit including a base, a housing supported so as to be movable relative to the base, a magnet located on the housing, a pattern coil part including a pattern coil that is located opposite the magnet, the pattern coil part being located on the base, and a sensor part mounted to the pattern coil part for sensing a position or movement of the housing, and the pattern coil part includes a first layer and a second layer stacked on the first layer, the sensor part being mounted underneath the first layer, and the pattern coil being formed on the second layer. Thereby, manufacturing costs may be reduced owing to a reduction in the number of elements, processes, and process management points.

LG Innotek | Date: 2016-12-02

An exemplary embodiment of the present invention includes a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) mounted with an image sensor, a holder member mounted at the PCB to support a lens module, movable lens concentrically arranged with the lens module, a first actuator compensating movement of an image captured by the image sensor by moving the movable lens, and a gyro sensor unit integrally formed with the first actuator to detect rotation of trajectory in response to movement of an electronic device mounted with the camera module.

Disclosed is a lighting control apparatus including a wireless communication part to receive tag information transmitted from a lighting switch device, a control part to register the received tag information by matching the received tag information with at least one of a plurality of lighting devices, and to control the lighting devices using the registered tag information, and a storage part to store the tag information and identification information of the lighting device matched with the tag information.

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