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Trends in Immunology | Year: 2012

Drugs used to treat asthma have a long history, beginning with the bronchodilators and evolving into compounds that suppress airway inflammation. Guidelines for treatment of asthma are largely based on disease severity and control, rather than underlying mechanisms. However, identification of biomarkers in the causal pathways of asthma is enabling responders to be differentiated from nonresponders. Initial efforts have focused on biomarkers of the T helper (Th)2 pathway because this is a target of novel therapeutics. A concerted effort is now needed to substratify asthma beyond Th2 pathways, and using appropriate biomarkers, to target only those patients likely to respond to a specific biologic. To achieve this goal, a different type of relationship is needed between academia and industry, and also within industry, to promote collaboration in the precompetitive space. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd. Source

The method of the present invention comprises various steps of employing at least one mechanical, chemical, biochemical, pharmaceutical, electrical, magnetic or other treatment, to a living organism (optionally targeting at least one organ or organ system thereof), said living organism being human or animal, to achieve at least one predetermined treatment goal (representative of a treatment profile), at least a portion of the steps comprising at least a portion of the following procedures: (1) conducting comprehensive multi-profile diagnostics and identifying at least one of a target organ, and/or a target organ system, of a target living organism, that requires at least one predetermined treatment (e.g., medical, preventative, fitness, etc.); (2) establishing at least one optimal recommended treatment type(s) in response to the at least one predetermined required treatment, for said identified target organs and/or organ systems; and/or (3) determining the chronosystem context of biological rhythms of the entire target organism, at least one of a target organ, and/or a target organ system, wherein advantageously, the inventive method greatly improves the effectiveness of at least one of the above-noted employed treatments and/or treatment sets, in their application individually and in conjunction with one another, by conducting the treatments cyclically, on the basis of a target chronosystem of the target organism, of at least one of the target organs, and/or of the target organ system (for example, varying the dosage, frequency, and/or periodicity of the treatment applications, and/or varying other treatment application parameters in accordance with matching, or otherwise correlating, the target chronosystem with at least one predetermined chonologic factors (seasons, month of a year, time of day, etc.).

A system and method for trading large blocks of securities with controls for limiting trading under conditions of aggressive pricing are described The system and method are preferably used by a buyer or seller in the electronic trading of securities in dark pools, e.g., and ATS or ECN, that include algorithmic trading or other computer-based programmed trading. Preferably, the system and method will be automatically activated to control trading volume when the price of a security being traded becomes aggressive and priced outside of the traders target price instructions.

Level Inc | Date: 2014-03-27

An adjustable combination square includes a longitudinally extending blade slidably received within a slot in a head. A movable clamping member is engaged with the blade, and a biasing member acts on the clamping member to normally bias the clamping member toward an engaged position in which the blade is engaged against a surface of the slot. A manually operable pivotable actuator arrangement is carried by the head. Actuation of the pivotable actuator arrangement applies a force to the clamping member that works against the biasing member so as to selectively move the clamping member away from the engaged position to enable the blade to be moved axially relative to the head. Releasing the pivotable actuator arrangement releases the force so that the biasing member returns the clamping member to the engaged position to maintain the blade in position relative to the head.

Level Inc | Date: 2013-02-21

A rafter angle square includes a first, ruler side, a second fence side, and a hypotenuse side extending between the ruler and fence sides to form a right triangle. The tool includes a front side and a back side and a number of markings on the front and back sides for carrying out measurements and other operations with the tool. The tool includes a scribe guide arrangement having a slot defining opposing edges. The edges include a number of projections extending toward the opposing edge and defining a number of scribe guide notches between adjacent projections. The scribe guide notches of the opposing edges are aligned with one another and configured to enable a user of the tool to mark a workpiece in a first and second, opposing direction parallel with an edge of the workpiece at the same distance from the edge of the workpiece.

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