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Yakovlev R.V.,Altai State University | Saldaitis A.,Nature Research Center | Kons Jr. H.,American Entomological Institute | Borth R.,LepBio LLC
Zootaxa | Year: 2013

A checklist of the genus Catopta Staudinger, 1889 is presented. A new species, ?. dusii sp. nov., from the Xiling Xue Shan Mountains of in the Noth West China's Sichuan Province is described. Copyright © 2013 Magnolia Press.

Borth R.,LepBio LLC | Ivinskis P.,Nature Research Center | Saldaitis A.,Nature Research Center | Yakovlev R.,Altai State University
ZooKeys | Year: 2011

The faunistic composition of the family Cossidae (Lepidoptera) of the Socotra Archipelago is revised. Five species are recognized, including two new species (Mormogystia brandstetteri and Meharia hackeri), and dubious identifications and records are discussed. Adults and genitalia are illustrated and bionomic details, DNA barcodes and a synonymic checklist for Socotran cossids are provided. A review of their distribution reveals that at least 80 percent of Socotra's cossids are unique to the archipelago, which is renowned for its endemism. A checklist listing all the species from generas Meharia, Mormogystia, Aethalopteryx, Azygophleps, as well as the synonymy and distribution is provided. © Robert Borth et al.

Benedek B.,Arpad u. 53 | Borth R.,LepBio LLC | Saldaitis A.,Nature Research Center
Zootaxa | Year: 2012

Descriptions of four new Owadaglaea Hacker and Ronkay, 1996 (O. kulmani sp. n., O. reta sp. n., O. michelleae sp. n., and O. dominiki sp. n.) from Nepal, China and Myanmar are provided along with detailed comparisons to their nearest relatives. A full revised checklist of the genus is presented with the taxonomical placement of the new species. Copyright © 2012 · Magnolia Press.

Saldaitis A.,Nature Research Center | Ivinskis P.,Nature Research Center | Borth R.,LepBio LLC
Zootaxa | Year: 2012

Two new species of Perigrapha Lederer, 1857 are described: Perigrapha pekarskyi sp. n. and Perigrapha balazsi sp. n. from Sichuan and Shaanxi Provinces of China. Superficially the new species resemble Perigrapha hoenei Püngeler, 1914, Perigrapha extincta Kononenko, 1989 and Perigrapha gyulaipeteri Ronkay, Ronkay &Hacker, 2010 from Japan, Russia and China, respectively, but differ slightly externally as well as by genitalia and DNA barcodes. Recent collecting records and taxonomic studies of this group are covered in Ahn et al. 1994, Kononenko 1989, Ratnasingham &Hebert 2007 and Ronkay et al. 2010. Acronyms for institutional repositories noted below include: AFM: Alessandro Floriani (Milan, Italy); BBT: Balázs Benedek (Törökbálint, Hungary); FHB: Franz Hofer (Baden, Austria); GBG/ZSM: Gottfried Behounek (Grafing, Germany)/Zoologische Staatssammlung, München (Germany); HNHM: Hungarian Natural History Museum (Budapest, Hungary); NRCV: Nature Research Centre (Vilnius, Lithuania); OPB: Oleg Pekarsky (Budapest, Hungary), PGM: Peter Gyulai (Miskolc, Hungary). Copyright © 2012 Magnolia Press.

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