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Masandilov L.B.,Moscow Power Engineering Institute | Kuraev N.M.,Moscow Power Engineering Institute | Kuzikov S.V.,Lenin All Russian Electrotechnical Institute | Fumm G.Y.,OOO KUB Lift
Russian Electrical Engineering | Year: 2015

Low-frequency asynchronous motors are considered. A mathematical description of them and a technique for calculation of their static and dynamic characteristics with the use of generalized parameters are presented. Distinguishing features of their design and parameters are indicated. Advantages of the use of gearless electric drives based on low-frequency asynchronous motors are shown for the general case and for a particular example. Issues of practical application of electric drives with low-frequency elevator motors are examined. © 2015, Allerton Press, Inc.

Mustafa G.M.,Lenin All Russian Electrotechnical Institute | Volkov S.V.,OOO NPP LM Invertor | Ershov A.M.,Lenin All Russian Electrotechnical Institute | Sennov Y.M.,Lenin All Russian Electrotechnical Institute | Minaev G.M.,OAO Electrovipryamitel
Russian Electrical Engineering | Year: 2014

A description and main technical characteristics of a frequency converter (FC) designed to supply power to a two-winding asynchronous propelling motor based on a three-level inverter with an output filter that provides sinusoidal voltage of the stator are presented. The structure of the power section and main principles of vector control in accordance with an adjustable model with multiple-loop regulation are considered. Power supply of two stator windings shifted relative to one another by 30° is provided by joint synchronous operation of two FC channels. Prototype-testing results are given. © 2014 Allerton Press, Inc.

Ul'yanov D.K.,Lenin All Russian Electrotechnical Institute | Ul'yanov K.N.,Lenin All Russian Electrotechnical Institute
Plasma Physics Reports | Year: 2013

A nonisothermal model of the positive column allowing for electron energy balance is analyzed. The influence of the axial magnetic field on the characteristics of the cylindrical positive column of a low-pressure discharge is investigated in the hydrodynamic approximation. It is shown that the magnetic field affects the plasma density distribution, plasma velocity, and electron energies. The radial dependences of the plasma density, electron energy, and plasma velocity, as well as the azimuthal velocities of electrons and ions, are calculated for helium at different values of the magnetic field strength. It is established that inertia should be taken into account in the equations for the azimuthal motion of electrons and ions. The results obtained in the hydrodynamic approximation differ significantly from those obtained in the framework of the common diffusion model of the positive column in the axial magnetic field. It is shown that the distributions of the plasma density and radial plasma velocity in the greater part of the positive column tend to those obtained in the diffusion approximation at higher values of the axial magnetic field and gas density, although substantial differences remain in the near-wall region. © 2013 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Londer Y.I.,Lenin All Russian Electrotechnical Institute | Ul'yanov K.N.,Lenin All Russian Electrotechnical Institute
Plasma Physics Reports | Year: 2013

The value of the voltage fall across the anode sheath is found as a function of the current density. Analytic solutions are obtained in a wide range of the ratio of the directed velocity of plasma electrons v 0 to their thermal velocity v T. It is shown that the voltage fall in a one-dimensional collisionless anode sheath is always negative. At the small values of v 0/v T, the obtained expression asymptotically transforms into the Langmuir formula. Generalized Bohm's criterion for an electric discharge with allowance for the space charge density ρ(0), electric field E(0), ion velocity v i(0), and ratio v 0/v T at the plasma-sheath interface is formulated. It is shown that the minimum value of the ion velocity v i *(0) corresponds to the vanishing of the electric field at one point inside the sheath. The dependence of v i * (0) on ρ(0), E(0), and v 0/v T determines the boundary of the existence domain of stationary solutions in the sheath. Using this criterion, the maximum possible degree of contraction of the electron current at the anode is determined for a short high-current vacuum arc discharge. © 2013 Pleiades Publishing, Ltd.

Belkin V.M.,Lenin All Russian Electrotechnical Institute | Zav'Yalov M.A.,Lenin All Russian Electrotechnical Institute | Sapronova T.M.,Lenin All Russian Electrotechnical Institute | Syrovoi V.A.,Lenin All Russian Electrotechnical Institute
Journal of Communications Technology and Electronics | Year: 2014

The field structure in the Laplacian region exterior to a strip bipolar relativistic electron beam is studied. On the basis of the exact solution of the problem, the distortion of the situation symmetry caused by relativistic effects and the validity of ultrarelativistic expressions are assessed. © 2014 Pleiades Publishing, Inc.

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