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Glen Ellyn, IL, United States

Leister AG is a manufacturer of hot air plastic welding equipment, laser welding systems and sensor equipment. The company is currently based in Kaegiswil, near Sarnen in Switzerland. It was founded in 1949 by German Karl Leister.Leister is a long-established Swiss company, consistently dedicated to customer satisfaction. This is ensured through extremely high production quality, permanent innovation, a wealth of experience shared by its employees and above-average service. Wherever you need to apply heat: Leister provides the ideal solution. For over 60 years now. Leister are worldwide leaders in the fields of plastic welding and industrial hot air solutions.Leister has been developing innovative and effective laser systems and pioneering microsystems for many years.Leister develop and produce all Leister products in Switzerland. 98% of Leister production is exported. For this reason Leister has established a dense network of sales and service centres throughout the world. Wikipedia.

The hand-held hot air device, preferably for the local heating of thermoplastic materials, with a housing that forms a wand-shaped handle part with air inlet openings, and with an air guidance tube that protrudes from the handle part and radially delimits an air canal, with an electric heating element contained in the air guidance tube and an electric motor with a fan wheel contained in the handle part, and with an electronic control system arranged inside the handle part with one semiconductor power switch each arranged upstream of both the heating element and the electric motor, and with a display screen and an operating device for the hand-held hot air device arranged on the outside of the handle part. The electronic control system is implemented as microprocessor control system, the display screen as an electronic digital display, and the operating device as a digital operating device, with the digital operating device comprising a single universal operating element that is movable in at least two directions relative to the handle part for the purpose of switching the hand-held hot air device on and/or off and for determining control data of the microprocessor control system.

Leister Technologies , LLC | Date: 2011-10-19

A flow sensor for measuring the flow of a gaseous or liquid medium with a sensor housing in which, between an inlet channel and an outlet channel, a flow channel extends that comprises a main channel and a measuring channel that is arranged parallel to the main channel. At least one main channel choke point is arranged in the main channel, and the measuring channel comprises a sensor element for measuring the flow. A measuring channel choke point in the measuring channel on the inlet and/or the outlet side, is arranged with the main channel choke point having at least one passage and the measuring channel choke point having a passage, both passages being of identical shape and extending parallel to each other in the flow direction.

A water vapor permeable, waterproof textile laminate, comprising at least two layers made of planar web material, which are disposed on top of each other and bonded to each other, wherein an open fabric web comprising polymer fiber threads forms a top tier and a film-like, water vapor permeable, waterproof thermoplastic membrane web forms a bottom tier. The polymer fiber threads of the fabric web comprise raised thread regions, which are held bearing against the membrane web and/or are partially fused into the membrane web, wherein the membrane web comprises integral fusion areas with the raised thread regions, which are generated according to the invention by way of laser light in a laser transmission welding method.

Leister Technologies , LLC | Date: 2012-01-25

An antimicrobial composition, including a synergistic combination of three or more agents as an active ingredient. Each of the three or more potentiating agents can be selected from the following types of compounds: sequestering agents, carbohydrates and carbohydrate derivatives, terpenes/terpenoids, amines and amine derivatives, plant-derived oils, sulfonates, phenols, fatty acids, dibenzofuran derivatives, organo isothiocyanates, quaternary ammonium compounds, peroxides and peroxide donors, and macrolide polyenes. At least two of the three or more potentiating agents are not of the same type of compound. The antimicrobial composition can have strong antimicrobial efficacy in control of microorganisms having resistance to currently used antimicrobials.

Leister Technologies , LLC | Date: 2010-11-11

The invention relates to a method for determining the temperature-dependent state, in particular the melt state and/or the melt quantity of thermoplastic material when producing a weld seam (

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