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Nishi-Tokyo-shi, Japan

Valle P.,LEC Tokyo Legal Mind University | Velez A.,CONICET | Hegel P.,CONICET | Mabe G.,CONICET | Brignole E.A.,CONICET
Journal of Supercritical Fluids | Year: 2010

In the present work, the transesterification of non-edible oil with methanol and ethanol is studied. The reactor phase transitions are directly observed in a double windowed cylindrical reactor and the conversion to fatty esters is measured. The optimization of the process conditions was carried out based on a statistical design of experiments where the key process variables were studied over different ranges to obtain a reliable model for the efficiency of the reaction as a function of reaction time, temperature, pressure and alcohol to oil molar ratio. From direct observations and the modeling of the phase behavior, a better understanding of the supercritical alcohol transesterification process is obtained as well as the confirmation of the phase equilibrium predictions based on the GCA-EOS model. © 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

Bouchekara H.R.E.H.,University of Umm Al - Qura | Simsim M.T.,LEC Tokyo Legal Mind University
International Review on Modelling and Simulations | Year: 2011

Magnetic refrigeration is an innovative, revolutionary, efficient and environmentally friendly cooling technology which is on the threshold of commercialization. The essential components of magnetic refrigeration systems are the magnetic field generator and the magnetocaloric material. Based on the magnetic refrigeration technology, two structures for use in permanent magnet machine for power cooling generation are investigated and exposed in this paper. Both electromagnetic and thermal studies are explored. The structures presented are composed of an outer stator, a rotor and an inner stator. Each of the outer and inner stators is fitted with Nm magnets. The rotor is composed of Nb blocks of magnetocaloric material. In the first structure the number of magnets on one stator is equal to the number of blocs (Nm=Nb). On the other hand, in the second structure the number of magnets on one stator is equal to the half of the number of blocs (Nm=Nb/2). The electromagnetic design part has been accomplished by using the finite elements method and the thermal design part has been achieved using a program developed under Matlab. © 2011 Praise Worthy Prize S.r.l. - All rights reserved.

Biospectroscopy is an emerging field that harnesses the platform of physical sciences with computational analysis in order to shed novel insights on biological questions. An area where this approach seems to have potential is in screening or diagnostic clinical settings, where there is an urgent need for new approaches to objectively interrogate large numbers of samples in an objective fashion with acceptable levels of sensitivity and specificity. This review outlines the benefits of biospectroscopy in screening for precancer lesions of the cervix due to its ability to separate different grades of dysplasia. It evaluates the feasibility of introducing this technique into cervical screening programs on the basis of its ability to identify biomarkers of progression within derived spectra ('biochemical-cell fingerprints').

Tagliabue F.,LEC Tokyo Legal Mind University
MPT Metallurgical Plant and Technology International | Year: 2012

Fimi has developed a leveling technology which is based on a simple concept, leveling and stress relieving of the material is to be executed in such a way that the physical and dimensional properties of the strip or plate are not modified. Fimi's lines, which cover a thickness range from 1 to 27 mm, comprise one pre-leveler and two levelers. Even with frequent lot changes, the lines reach production volumes exceeding 400,000 t/year on a three-shift basis, last but not least due to the possibility of quick rolling cassette changing. Strap cutting can be performed manually by the operator in an entirely safe way, or automatically by the opening tooth or by a robot. The cut straps can be collected automatically by a system equipped with a scrap baler for removal and easy storage of the material. Fimi has developed a reliable and effective total scale removal with all positive effects on strip quality as well as lifetime and cleanness of the line.

LEC Tokyo Legal Mind University | Date: 2012-12-28

A baby bottle holder, that fits a shoulder of a bottle body, that prevents slipping, is easily holdable, and has thermally-insulating grips to facilitate preparation of milk, is made of a thermally-insulating and flexible elastic member, and integrally includes a tubular cover and a conical cover therebelow covering the shoulder of the bottle body, and a tongue-shaped grip pair extending downward from symmetrical positions on both sides of the conical cover. Fingers grasp non-slip surfaces of the grips, which provide insulation from heat, and can easily shake the bottle body. During feeding prepared milk, the grasp of the fingers on the non-slip surfaces of the grips prevents slipping-off of the bottle body. An infants hands can also grasp the grips preventing slipping-off of the bottle body.

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