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Beirut, Lebanon

The Lebanese University is the only public institution for higher learning in Lebanon. The university has 16 faculties as of 2014 and serves various cultural, religious, and social groups of students and teachers.The independent university enjoys administrative, academic, and financial freedom. Among its educational goals are creating a unique mix of cultures and providing the basic and necessary education to allow students to enter various professions. Wikipedia.

Hamze Y.,Lebanese University
Physics Procedia | Year: 2014

Under line Pathology of Materials; one of the environmental causes of damage effects on concrete is freeze thaw cycles, which deteriorate the concrete exposed to water in cold weather. An example of old concrete is a dam project that was built in Canada, in the early 1909-1913. This project was reconstructed in 1932, 1934 and 1972, and required renovation due to the ice abrasion with the freeze/thaw cycles. Before completing any renovation, it is required to analyze the structural stability and the concrete failures of this dam. An investigation was conducted to determine the quality of the concrete in the Piers and in the Bridge Deck Slab. It was also required to determine the basic materials' properties that constitute this project. This will improve the analysis of its stability [10]. Core samples were examined and used as test samples, for the Alkali-Silica reactivity test samples, as well as the compressive strength test, the Chloride Ion test, and the freeze thaw testing which was performed on two sets of 12 concrete core samples that were taken from different locations in the project. These locations are the representations of the age of the concrete. Thus, the age difference between the samples' two sets is four decades. Testing was performed on prisms cut from cores. ASTM C-666 procedure (A) was applied using an automatic test system [6]. It was suggested that a plan for renovation of this project should be performed after the analysis is undertaken to assess the conditions estimating the remaining life of the concrete in this project [15]. © 2014 Elsevier B.V. Source

Al-Hajje A.,Lebanese University
Le Journal médical libanais. The Lebanese medical journal | Year: 2012

Medication prescribing errors are made all over the world. However, exact data about them are lacking in Lebanon. Our objective was to describe medication errors, including drug-drug interactions in medication orders given to patients admitted to Lebanese hospitals. A prospective study was carried out on 313 patients taken from seven Lebanese hospitals; 1826 medication orders were assessed for errors and 456 drug-drug interactions were found. Data was entered and analyzed on SPSS. Around 40% of medication orders were judged to comprise at least one prescribing error, mainly no ordering of parameters monitoring (20%), unnecessary medication (9%), and no indication (7%). Errors occurred mainly in the pediatrics (50%) and internal medicine wards (40%). Having an infectious or gastrointestinal problem almost doubled the risk of medication prescribing error. Antiulcer agents, NSAIDs, antibiotics and steroidal agents were the medications mainly involved. Meanwhile, 12 adverse medication events were reported, with an odds ratio of association to a medication error of 7.4 (p = 0.004). As for drug-drug interaction (DDI), prescriptions comprised zero to 29 interactions, involving medications with low margin of safety such as acenocoumarol, amiodarone and valproate. Pharmacodynamic interactions were mainly found (60%). The majority of DDI were of high clinical significance and well documented (80%), with moderate (59%) to major (17%) severity. These results highlight the urgency of an intervention to improve patients' outcomes and avoid deleterious impact of inadequate medication use in Lebanon. The presence of a clinical pharmacist, the inclusion of computerized systems and the application of drug management policies are suggested to decrease medication prescribing errors and enhance the physician attention to DDI. Source

Moussallem C.D.,Lebanese University
Journal of Hand Surgery | Year: 2011

Aneurysmal bone cysts rarely affect the carpus. We present a case of aneurysmal bone cyst affecting the lunate. Curettage and bone grafting of the lesion was successful, with no recurrence after 2 years of follow-up. © 2011 American Society for Surgery of the Hand. Source

Martineau Y.,French Institute of Health and Medical Research | Azar R.,French Institute of Health and Medical Research | Azar R.,Lebanese University | Bousquet C.,French Institute of Health and Medical Research | And 2 more authors.
Oncogene | Year: 2013

The eIF4E-binding proteins (4E-BPs) are inhibitors of protein synthesis that sequester the mRNA cap-binding protein eIF4E and consequently block cell growth and proliferation. In most tumors however, their inhibitory function is compromised by major oncogenic signaling pathways. Recently, thanks to the generation of mouse genetic models, considerable progress has been made in elucidating the involvement of 4E-BPs and their unique target, eIF4E, in the process of carcinogenesis. Increasing evidence indicates that an 'addiction' to protein synthesis emerges in cancer cells, highlighting the potential that 4E-BPs have as targets for therapeutics. In this review, we summarize the biochemical function, regulation and anti-oncogenic activity of the 4E-BPs. © 2013 Macmillan Publishers Limited All rights reserved. Source

The sustainable access to basic sanitation services is one of the targets of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) adopted by the United Nations in 2000. A monitoring and reporting program on progress made on access to improved sanitation services has been pursued by the global community using the universal indicator 'proportion of population using an improved sanitation facility'. However, monitoring and reporting progress using this indicator does not reflect the effective wastewater management and pollution control. This paper presents a methodological approach for quantitative assessment of the effective wastewater management based on non-additive aggregation methodology which accounts for the interactions among indicators. Firstly, a set of indicators are identified and calculation methods are presented. Secondly, the use of 2-order Choquet integral to aggregate indicators into an Effective Wastewater Management index (EWM) is proposed. At the practical level, results of evaluation of the EWM of the Wastewater Collection Systems in Lebanon are then presented and discussed. Finally, the conclusions and further developments are presented. © 2014 Springer International Publishing Switzerland. Source

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