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Leading University or LU is a private university of Bangladesh. It was established in 2001 by the Private University Act 1992. The outreach campus of LU is located in Surma & Rangmahal Tower, Sylhet. Sylhet. Wikipedia.

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Dankevych E.,National Economics University | Dankevych V.,University of Management and Economics | Chaikin O.,Leading University
Acta Universitatis Agriculturae et Silviculturae Mendelianae Brunensis | Year: 2017

The theoretical land relations reforming principles were reviewed. Land relations in agriculture transformation process was studied. The land use features were detected and agricultural land use efficiency analysis was conducted. Ukraine land market formation research problems results have been shown. It was established that private land ownership institution ambiguous attitude, rent relations deformation, lack of the property rights ensure mechanism inhibit the land market development. Sociological research of Ukrainian Polesie region to determine the prerequisites for agricultural land marketformation preconditions has been conducted. 787 respondents from Zhytomyr, Rivne and Volyn regions were interviewed. Land shares owners age structure, their distribution by education level, their employment, land shares owners and agricultural enterprises executives to the agricultural land sale moratorium cancellation attitudes, land purchase financial resources, directions of Ukrainian Polissya region land shares use, shares owners land issues level of awareness have been determined during the research. Was substantiated that agricultural land market turnover includes not only land sale moratorium cancellation but also the adoption of the legislative framework and the appropriate infrastructure development, one of the key elements of which is land relations regulation specialized state agency - State Land Bank.

Chakrabarty S.,University of Southern Queensland | Chakrabarty S.,Shahjalal University of Science and Technology | Boksh F.I.M.M.,Center for Policy Dialogue | Chakraborty A.,Leading University | Chakraborty A.,University of Southern Queensland
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews | Year: 2013

To analyze economic viability of the biogas plants in Bangladesh six case studies are carried out in some selected upazilas of greater Sylhet district in Bangladesh where NGOs like Grameen Shakti (GS) and Rural Services Foundation (RSF) are delivering and servicing biogas plants. Economic viability of the biogas plants are measured by comparing prior expenditure (before implementing biogas plant) for firewood, kerosene, and other conventional sources. Economic viability refers to an estimator that not only seeks to maximize the effectiveness of financial viability but also considers environmental externalities. Economic viability for six different cases of biogas plants provides information about relative performance of the product in six different situations. A sensitivity analysis is performed using artificial neural network (ANN) model. Although economic viability of biogas is sensitive to kerosene price, firewood availability, this study reveals that biogas is economically more attractive when women could render their saved cooking time for other income generating green jobs. Biogas plant results a number of income generating new green employments for the rural community in Bangladesh. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd.

Taufique K.M.R.,Presidency University of Bangladesh | Shahriar F.M.,Leading University
International Journal of e-Business Research | Year: 2013

Few but mentionable studies have been conducted in typifying the Online Social Media (OSM) users. Studies on innovations taking place within the OSM environment are also very much found. But gaps are present in linking OSM innovations and adoption of innovations by the OSM users. Precise and objective studies to put the OSM users in an adoption spectrum are close to nil, though such studies might carry great significance in this new but exploding field of business and marketing. This study focuses on proposing an 'Adoption Spectrum' for OSM innovations by the users by proliferating Rogers's 'Adoption of Innovation' with the 'Typology of OSM Users'. Absolutely conceptual and qualitative in nature, the study concentrates on assessing the speed and magnitude of adoption of OSM innovations by the users. The proposed spectrum is an alignment between Rogers's work and the OSM user typology. Mentionable limitation of this piece of work may be forwarding the empirical justifications for further study. However, the study may be used as input for managing innovations by the firms that venture through OSM. Copyright © 2013, IGI Global.

Polovina S.,Sheffield Hallam University | Scheruhn H.-J.,Business Informatics | Weidner S.,SAP | Von Rosing M.,Leading University
CEUR Workshop Proceedings | Year: 2016

Enterprises arise from creative human endeavours, articulated through business concepts encoded in enterprise information systems through a modular Enterprise Information Model (EIM). The EIM thus brings the productivity of computers to bear. Essentially, the EIM represents conceptual structures, which align the computer's structured way of working with the human's conceptual way of thinking. Using an industrial-strength SAP exemplar known as 'Global Bike Inc.', and expressing its EIM's meta-objects as meta-object → relation → meta-object, Conceptual Graphs (CGs) simplified the EIM's modules, which consist of four business layers and two information systems layers. The logical simplification of these modules is extended into four levels of detail that culminate in performance indicators being assigned to each of the six layers. From the CGs, Formal Concept Analysis (FCA)'s CGtoFCA algorithm was used to generate the meta-object͡relation → meta-object binaries that identified the pathways layer-wise and level-wise between the meta-objects. Through the interoperability of CGs and FCA, gaps in the conceptual structure of the EIM as highlighted by its performance indicator or measure, implying that the layer is not as modular as intended.

Rabbi M.F.,Leading University
2013 International Conference on Electrical Information and Communication Technology, EICT 2013 | Year: 2013

MIMO-OFDMA has become an efficient method characterizing diversity to multi-user transmission over doubly selective fading channels with high spectral efficiency. In this paper we develop a Basis Expansion Model (BEM) based MIMO-OFDMA system and we analyze the channel capacity for the system. It is shown that, by using BEM based channel approximation for MIMO-OFDMA system we can achieve diversity without any space-time coding. Specifically, BEM based system inherently exploits the receive diversity and maximizes channel capacity similar to existing diversity technique like Maximal Ratio Combining (MRC). © 2014 IEEE.

Haque M.A.,Leading University
Chemical Product and Process Modeling | Year: 2016

In this research, landfill solid waste was solidified as cement-waste matrix to protect the environment from excessive intrusive contaminants like Fe, Cu and Ni and minimize the waste load. Within this context, ingredients of cement-waste mortar were characterized to determine their physical properties. Long-term feasibility study was conducted to examine the metal contents stabilization by employing the standard mass transfer-leaching test. The cumulative leaching concentration of Fe, Cu and Ni were found to be 1.29 mg/l, 0.18 mg/l and 0.63 mg/l respectively up to 180 days static leaching test period that satisfied the surface water quality standard. Mechanical strength test was also conducted to characterize the solidification technique. Five well-established non-linear mathematical Models were conducted to evaluate the mechanisms of Fe, Cu and Ni migration. Goodness of fit statistical parameter analysis and visual examination indicated that polynomial equation Model is better for explaining the experimentally generated data. Moreover, parameter of polynomial equation was extended from five to nine for examining the best calibration profile to the observations. In context of slope-intercept and visual observation analysis resulted that polynomial equation based Model bearing five parameters with 0.5 power interval of each parameter describes the leaching phenomena quite similar with the experimental observations whereas goodness of fit parameters and information criterion shows reverse. It was found that the studied immobilized landfill waste mortar have acceptable mechanical performance that confirms to be used as construction material. © 2016 by De Gruyter.

Bari S.H.,Leading University | Hussain M.M.,Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology | Husna N.-E.-A.,Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
Theoretical and Applied Climatology | Year: 2016

This paper aimed at the analysis of rainfall seasonality and variability for the northern part of South-Asian country, Bangladesh. The coefficient of variability was used to determine the variability of rainfall. While rainfall seasonality index (SI ) and mean individual seasonality index ((Formula presented.)) were used to identify seasonal contrast. We also applied Mann-Kendall trend test and sequential Mann-Kendall test to determine the trend in seasonality. The lowest variability was found for monsoon among the four seasons whereas winter has the highest variability. Observed variability has a decreasing tendency from the northwest region towards the northeast region. The mean individual seasonality index (0.815378 to 0.977228) indicates that rainfall in Bangladesh is “markedly seasonal with a long dry season.” It was found that the length of the dry period is lower at the northeastern part of northern Bangladesh. Trend analysis results show no significant change in the seasonality of rainfall in this region. Regression analysis of (Formula presented.) and SI, and longitude and mean individual seasonality index show a significant linear correlation for this area. © 2016 Springer-Verlag Wien

Ali Shah S.M.,Leading University | Hasan G.M.J.,Shahjalal University of Science and Technology
Journal of Urban and Environmental Engineering | Year: 2014

The rainfall distribution in Bangladesh is not uniform and reflecting topography. Hilly Sylhet region receives substantial rainfall every year compare to other regions of Bangladesh. Though Sylhet region is less vulnerable to drought but weather pattern is not constant and changing day by day. Hence as a part of drought analysis, behavior of dry days is important. This study focuses on dry days pattern and associated changes from daily records of last 54 years for Sylhet region. Monthly, yearly and seasonal variations of dry days were analyzed to check for major changes. In order to investigate extreme dry events, time history of monthly dry days data were transformed into frequency domain using the Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). Variability of dry days in time scale was also checked from filtered signals which is very useful for drought analysis, agricultural development and disaster management for the north-east region of Bangladesh. © 2014 Journal of Urban and Environmental Engineering (JUEE). All rights reserved.

Rabbi M.F.,Leading University
Proceeding of the 15th International Conference on Computer and Information Technology, ICCIT 2012 | Year: 2012

In this paper, we investigate the Channel Impulse Response (CIR) estimation in an Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA) uplink using a tracking based Basis Expansion Modeling (BEM) algorithm. By introducing a new tracking term in the BEM coefficients that gives the rate of change of the coefficients, the algorithm is particularly suitable for high mobility application. Specifically, the algorithm estimates the BEM coefficients for each OFDMA block in an iterative manner based on using a new objective function that takes into consideration first order variations in the coefficients of the current and adjacent blocks. © 2012 IEEE.

PubMed | Leading University
Type: | Journal: Journal of environmental management | Year: 2017

Landfill solid waste management system poses the potential source of silent wide-spread heavy metals like nickel poisoning in the entire ecosystem of nearby environment. Nickel containing demolish solid wastes are disposed at landfill zones to a great extent from where nickel migrate into the food chain through the surface water body as well as groundwater. Consequently, nickel exposure may cause different environmental problems. From this sense, it may be an attractive proposal to recycle the waste as a sustainable product. Herein is presented a long-term feasibility study on potential leaching behavioral pattern of nickel from different sizes and mixes based solidified landfill waste mixed mortar block. The calculated results revealed the larger sizes block entrapped more nickel content than the smaller in relation to the available for leaching. Moreover, the specimen bearing the higher amount of waste resulted the significant nickel immobilization within the crystalline structure. The study observed the fixation results 97.72%-99.35%, 97.08%-99.11%, 96.19%-98.58% and 95.86%-91.6% under the stabilizing agent to fine aggregate mixing combination 1:1, 1:1.5, 1:2 and 1:2.5 respectively where 30% of the total volume of fine aggregate was replaced by landfill waste. Although, mechanical strength test of all surrogate waste forms was also conducted that showed acceptable performance for land disposal, the current research pointing out that constructed green products were non-hazardous except the specimens having mixture ratio 1:2.5 because nickel ion release mechanism was observed under this ratio by surface decay or physical erosion of the monolithic matrices. Furthermore, semi-empirical based dominant leaching mechanism models were justified against the goodness of fit statistical parameters for interpreting the experimental observations of nickel transport profile where the adopted models possessed strong potential for predicting Ni content with high accuracy.

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