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Baltimore Highlands, MD, United States

Laureate Education Inc. | Date: 2013-08-12

A system for training a participant in professional practice. The system including a video playback device; one or more video recording devices for recording first video footage of a master practitioner interacting with one or more clients, and second video footage of an interviewer interacting with the master practitioner while watching the first video footage on the video playback device; a video editing device for preparing a video segment, the video segment including at least a portion of the first video footage and at least a portion of the second video footage; and a computer network for transmitting data to a training participant, the data including the video segment.

Laureate Education Inc. | Date: 2013-12-31

The system and method for quality assurance (QA) of educational institutions, programs, courses, services, and processes stores a QA framework associated with an educational QA review in a database. The QA framework comprises one or more Quality Components (QCs) such that each QC is associated with one or more Quality Indicators (QI). Each QI is defined as a statement related to an educational quality attribute. A QI evaluation template is presented to one or more QA reviewers over a network for evaluating each QI. The QI evaluation template is used by the one or more QA reviewers for entry of one or more Observation Information (OI) for a QI under evaluation and associating each OI with respective evidence information and recommendation information (RI). The RI is then prioritized based on one or more evaluative metrics.

A learning management system and method delivers an instructional material to a student workstation after authenticating an students entry into a learning session that is associated with a plurality of contacts. Stored electronic addresses in a database include a first electronic address that is associated with a first contact and a second electronic address that is associated with a second contact. The first contact is associated with the learning session and the second contact is not associated with the learning session. A first activity stream associated with the first contact and a second activity stream associated with the second contact is selectively displayed to the student such that upon detection of students entry into the learning session, the first activity stream is displayed without displaying the second activity stream and the second activity stream is displayed upon detection of students exit from the learning session either with displaying the first activity stream or without displaying the first activity stream.

A learning management system and method displays a learning environment for delivery of instructional material to a remote student workstation student after authenticating a student at the remote student workstation. The learning environment displays a user interface to the student on the remote student workstation used to interact with an instructional material when the student enters into a learning session associated with a course when messages are communicated to and from the student. Communicated messages with the student are monitored to determine whether a message contains an unauthorized content and upon detection of an unauthorized content, an alert message is transmitted, for example, to an student associated with the course or to the student.

Laureate Education Inc. | Date: 2014-09-03

The system and method allows a user to share a portfolio with entities external to the learning management system, e.g. an employer, a potential employer, another learning institution, alumni, friends, family, any party interested in learning about the students achievements. A portfolio may store all of the materials a user has worked on for one or more courses. Portfolios may also include user progress toward achieving standards at a granular level, such as academic competencies. System users may be able to search for portfolios based on one or more competencies to identify users that are qualified in a particular field or skillset. Through the portfolio web site, a user can share portions of the portfolios with other users via a URL. The URL or internet address may be specific to a student or provide general access to student portfolios. The entity may need to supply credentials, including a username, password, or PKI to access the portfolio associated with the URL or internet address.

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