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GELEEN, Netherlands

Agency: Cordis | Branch: FP7 | Program: CP-FP | Phase: NMP-2009-1.2-2 | Award Amount: 4.68M | Year: 2010

MAO-ROBOTS address the aspects of call NMP2009-1.2-2 molecular factory. We aim to perform basic research on nano-to-micro-sized systems used for industrial polyolefin (PO) production in order to develop sustainable processes for nano-structuring for specific applications which should present high potential industrial and/or market relevance. Molecular PO factories consist of methylaluminoxane based structures and a transition metal complex often but not always anchored on a heterogeneous, nano-structured silica support. On the basis of an in-depth understanding of the molecular and supra-molecular assembly and construction principles of MAO we aim to: Create MAO building blocks with a narrow molecular weight distribution and optimum nanostructure in terms of their activation efficiency, probably in the range of molecular weights 1000g/mol, to achieve components and/or systems with predictable and controllable properties such as the composition and physico-chemical structure. Identify the most productive nano-to-micro structural arrangement (molecular factory layout) of the components MAO, transition metal complex and silica support in order to create structures with controlled properties over multiple scales, multi-component structures Establish the basis for reproducible production of the above-identified and newly designed molecular PO factories. Develop methods for quality control of the polyolefin production process in the molecular PO factories on a laboratory scale. Validate the results for the newly developed molecular factories from the laboratory scale by a series of test runs in industrial polyolefin production facilities Stimulate the broader application of nano-structured MAO for an increased spectrum of molecular factories, thereby accessing a broader application range directed towards different specialty polyolefin-based products.

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