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Neubiberg, Germany

Lantiq is a fabless semiconductor company of approximately 1,000 people based in Germany. Wikipedia.

Lantiq | Date: 2015-06-15

A method and a corresponding device for providing a delay value of a communication electronic unit. A digital input signal is delayed by a delay element. The input and the output signals of the delay element are sampled and the sampled signals are compared. A mismatch counter is incremented when the amplitudes of the sampled signals are not equal and a signal transition counter N is incremented when the input signal transitions. The provided delay value is proportional to the mismatch counting value, proportional to the length of the sampling intervals and inversely proportional to the signal transition counting value.

Lantiq | Date: 2015-10-22

Communication in a first spectrum and via a first transmission line of first data is according to a time-division duplexing scheme such as G.fast. Communication in a second spectrum and via a second transmission line of second data is according to a frequency-division duplexing scheme such as VDSL2. The first and second spectra both comprise an overlap spectrum. The first transmission line experiences first crosstalk from the second transmission line and the second transmission line experiences second crosstalk from the first transmission line.

Lantiq | Date: 2014-07-15

Embodiments related to retransmission in a communication system are described and depicted. In one embodiment, a retransmission entity repeats a transmission of a data transfer unit by the device after a predetermined number of other transmitted data transfer units has been transmitted. The retransmission entity may also determine whether a measure for a time period since the first transmission of the data transfer unit by the device has exceeded a predetermined threshold and to provide a final transmission of the data transfer unit based on the determining that the measure for the time period has exceeded the predetermined threshold.

Methods and apparatuses are provided wherein performance of lines configured for discontinuous operation is monitored on symbols transmitted using a base configuration in which the lines are active. On the basis of the monitored performance, performance may be calculated for other configurations in which one or more of the lines are discontinued.

The disclosure includes embodiments that apply to an interconnect architecture having multiple system masters and at least one shared resource. The disclosure provides a system and method for providing synchronization for transactions in a multi-master interconnect architecture that employs at least one shared resource, or slave component.

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