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Gray Summit, MO, United States

de Rodas B.,Land OLakes Purina Feed LLC
Livestock Science | Year: 2010

The abrupt change from a liquid to a dry diet affects feed intake of the pig during the first few days after weaning making them more susceptible to weight loss and diarrhea. A gel-based nutritional supplement may ease the weaning transition to dry feed. Three experiments were conducted to evaluate the effect of gel supplementation (GS) during the first week after weaning and at vaccination (VAC) on performance of weanling pigs. In Exp. 1, two treatments (TRT) were evaluated: 1) control pelleted diet vs. 2) as 1 plus a gel supplement containing plasma protein fed separately. In Exp. 2, TRT 1 and 2 were as described in Exp. 1, and TRT 3 was as 1 plus a gel devoid of plasma protein. Pigs receiving GS had greater (P < 0.05) ADG and ADFI during days 0 to 4 and days 0 to 7 postweaning, and pigs fed the two types of gel had similar performance. At the end of the 36-day experiment, pigs receiving GS were heavier (P < 0.1) than pigs not receiving GS. In Exp. 3, dietary TRT were arranged as a 2 × 2 factorial with one factor being VAC and the other being GS. Pigs in the VAC group received Mycoplasma and Circovirus vaccines at days 0 and 14 postweaning, and pigs in the GS group received gel from days 0 to 7 and days 13 to15 postweaning. Pigs receiving GS had greater ADG (P < 0.05) during days 0 to 7 and ADFI (P < 0.05) during days 0 to 7 and days 14 to 22 postweaning than pigs not receiving GS. VAC pigs had lower (P < 0.05) ADG and ADFI than non-VAC pigs during days 14 to 22 postweaning. These data indicate that GS during the first 7. days after weaning improves growth performance of nursery pigs and it is beneficial to both VAC and non-VAC pigs. © 2010 Elsevier B.V.

Petersen S.T.,Land OLakes Purina Feed LLC
Journal of animal science | Year: 2010

Environmental issues are a growing concern within agriculture. Several of them can be categorized under the following headings: manure storage and handling, air quality, manure nutrient concentrations, and amounts of soil nutrients. Recently introduced, EcoCare feed (Land O'Lakes Purina Feed LLC, Shoreview, MN) is a dedicated and affordable feeding program addressing manure management, ammonia emissions, and nutrient excretion while optimizing pig performance. Components in EcoCare feed reduce manure solids and viscosity, resulting in improved physical uniformity of the manure, making it easier to agitate in manure storage pits and manipulate through manure-handling equipment. Internal research trials have indicated a reduction of 14% in solids and 22% in viscosity over a 45-d collection period; these physical changes may have positive implications for manure pit pump-out and facility sanitation. EcoCare feed also has the potential to reduce ammonia emissions. This is achieved primarily by inclusion of crystalline AA, specific Bacillus bacteria, and saponin-derived compounds. Emissions measured in a manure-pit simulation trial performed at LongView Animal Nutrition Center (Gray Summit, MO) demonstrated that pigs consuming EcoCare feed excreted manure in which ammonia volatilization was reduced by 18% over a 45-d period when compared with control pigs. Over time, EcoCare feed may result in reduced production of ammonia by up to 40% in commercial situations. Nutrient manipulation of feed can help greatly in the reduction of nutrient waste. Reducing N loss can be achieved by incorporating supplemental crystalline AA in the diet and by using specific feed additives that can reduce the volatilization of N-containing ammonia from manure pits. The excretion of P can be reduced by using phytase in the diet, thereby improving P digestibility and reducing the requirement for dietary inorganic P. These types of manipulations can be achieved without limiting swine growth performance. In fact, EcoCare feed has been shown to improve the feed conversion ratio by up to 4% over other standard feeds in field conditions.

Land OLakes Purina Feed LLC | Date: 2010-03-05

The present invention includes a liquid sweetener made from a lactose containing liquid that can be used to coat animal feed to increase palatability. It also includes methods of making the liquid sweetener and making animal feed with increased palatability. The methods include hydrolyzing whey or whey derivatives and adding amino acids to promote a Maillard reaction to synthesize the sweetener.

Land Olakes Purina Feed Llc | Date: 2012-09-19

A semi-solid animal feed block is provided to an animal as a feed supplement or as a complete feed. The feed block is formed of a liquid binder containing denatured wheat flour protein and sugar, and a nutrient mixture of at least one animal feed component. The denatured protein and the sugar bind the nutrient mixture to form the semi-solid animal feed block as a single mass. The nutrients may be formulated to promote digestive tract development of a recently weaned livestock animal, such as a piglet.

Land OLakes Purina Feed LLC | Date: 2011-03-11

The present invention relates to treatment of milk and milk products such as waste-milk with an enhanced lactoperoxidase system. The enhanced lactoperoxidase system is activated by the addition of a hydrogen peroxide source and an oxidizable agent, such as a halide to the milk to inactivate the bacterial pathogens. The enhanced lactoperoxidase system may be used alone or in conjunction with pasteurization to reduce or eliminate the bacterial load in milk products.

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