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Miao H.,Laboratory of Functionalized Molecular Solids | Wang S.,Laboratory of Functionalized Molecular Solids | Wang S.,CAS Shanghai Institute of Organic Chemistry | Zhou S.,Laboratory of Functionalized Molecular Solids | And 5 more authors.
Inorganica Chimica Acta | Year: 2010

A series of organolanthanide complexes with 2-pyridylmethyl substituted fluorenyl ligand were synthesized via reaction of (Me3Si)2N3LnIII(μ-Cl)Li (THF)3 (Ln = Yb, Eu, Nd, Y) with the functionalized fluorene compound. Treatment of (Me3Si)2N3LnIII(μ-Cl)Li (THF)3 (Ln = Yb, Eu) with 2 equiv. of C5H4NCH2C13H9 (1) at 60-80 °C in toluene afforded the corresponding organolanthanide(II) complexes with formula η5:η1- C5H4NCH2C13H8 2Ln Ln = Yb (2), Eu (3) via tandem silylamine elimination/homolysis of the Ln-N bond reaction. Reaction of (Me3Si)2N3LnIII(μ-Cl)Li (THF)3 (Ln = Y, Nd) with 2 equiv. of C5H4NCH2C13H9 in toluene at 80 °C produced the corresponding organolanthanide(III) complexes with formula η5:η1-C5H4NCH 2C13H82LnCl Ln = Y (4), Nd (5)]. Complexes 4 and 5 could also be prepared by treatment of 2 equiv. of lithium fluorenide η5:η1-C5H4NCH 2C13H8 Li(THF)2 (6) with corresponding LnCl3. All compounds were fully characterized by spectroscopic methods and elemental analyses. The structures of complexes 4 and 6 were additionally determined by single-crystal X-ray analyses. The catalytic properties of the divalent organolanthanide complexes 2 and 3 on the ring-opening polymerization of ε-caprolactone (CL) have been studied. The temperatures, solvents effects on the catalytic activities of the complexes were examined. © 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

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