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Burlington, NC, United States

Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings | Date: 2014-02-19

The invention relates to methods for indirectly determining clinical laboratory reference intervals. In one aspect, a reference interval is determined using all measurements for a given analyte stored in a large existing database. In other aspects, a characteristic of a subject is used to select a reference population for inclusion in reference interval calculations. In other aspects, the invention provides methods for changing treatment plan, diagnosis, or prognosis for an individual subject based on differences between the new reference interval and a previously utilized reference interval. In other aspects, the invention provides systems and computer readable media for indirectly determining reference intervals.

Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings | Date: 2015-07-17

The invention provides methods of measuring and/or quantifying the presence and/or amount of Her-3 and/or Her-3 in a complex in a sample. The invention also provides antibodies specific for Her-3.

Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings | Date: 2014-08-06

Whole cell, simultaneous target and drug-target assay using differentially labeled antibodies and flow cytometry. First antibody binds to total target and second antibody binds to the drug binding site of the target, thus drug binding will competitively inhibit the second antibody allowing for a competitive inhibition assay of drug-target binding. The assay allows for whole cell analysis and even analysis of mixed populations of cells, yet provides detailed kinetic assessment of drug activity.

International Aids Vaccine Initiative and Laboratory Corporation Of America Holdings | Date: 2014-09-05

The present application relates to identifying one or more components of HIV envelope glycoprotein which bind to broadly neutralizing antibodies, which may be utilized as research tools for developing HIV-1 vaccine immunogens, antigens for crystallization and/or for identifying of broad neutralizing antibodies.

Systems and methods are provided for facilitating diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of cancer based on detection of HER3 activation. The systems and methods involve analysis of samples for the presence or the absence of activated HER3 markers as indicated by HER2-HER3 heterodimers, HER3 phosphorylation, or recruitment of PI3K to activated HER3 (HER3/PI3K complexes). The amounts of activated HER3 marker expression may be measured alone or in conjunction with other biomarkers.

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