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Laboratorios Leti Sl Unipersonal | Date: 2015-04-08

Non-medicated toiletries; mouth wash products, namely, mouth wash; perfumery and fragrances; preparations for cleaning and care of the body, namely, body lotion, body cream, body oil, shower gel, cuticle cream, shampoo, conditioner, non-medicated lip balm, non-medicated salves, soap, body polish, body and foot scrub and non-medicated foot cream; make-up products, namely, make-up; soaps for babies, body care, for personal use, household use, toilet purposes and gels for cosmetic purposes, hair, hair sculpting, hand cleaning, massage other than for medical purposes; non-medicated bath preparations; deodorants and antiperspirants; non-medicated preparations for skin care; hair preparations and treatments, namely, non-medicated hair restoration lotions, non-medicated hair serums, non-medicated balm, non-medicated hair treatment preparations for cosmetic purposes; products for hair removal and shaving, namely, hair removing creams, shaving preparations, shaving balms, shaving creams, shaving foams, shaving gels, shaving lotions, shaving mousse, shaving soaps, shaving spritz in the nature of a moisturizing solution for shaving; products for the care and cleaning of animals, namely, body wash for animals, cosmetics for animals, deodorants for animals, shampoo for animals, conditioner for animals, body spray for animals, pet fragrances, non-medicated pet shampoo and conditioner; essential oils for personal use, household use, aromatherapy use, as perfume for laundry purposes and aromatic extracts in the nature of perfumed extracts for tissues and perfumes, aromatic oils, aromatic oils for the bath; cleansing and aromatic preparations, namely, aromatic creams, aromatic body lotions, aromatic body sprays, aromatic shower gels, aromatic cuticle creams, aromatic shampoo, aromatic conditioner, aromatic non-medicated soap, aromatic body polish, aromatic body and foot scrub, cleansing creams, cleansing milk, feminine hygiene cleansing towelettes; fragrances for the home; vehicle cleaning preparations; laundry preparations, namely, bleaching preparations for laundry use, washing preparations and laundry bleach, fabric softener for laundry use, laundry fabric conditioner, laundry soap, laundry wax, laundry starch, laundry detergent; preparations for cleaning and polishing leather and footwear; abrasives, namely, abrasive cloth, abrasive paper, abrasive paste, abrasive sheets, abrasive strips, abrasive rolls, abrasive sand; shoemakers and tailors wax. Pharmaceutical products for pain relief, against dry skin caused by pregnancy, for hydrating the skin during pregnancy, for preventing skin blemishes during pregnancy, to prevent swelling in the legs, for ophthalmological use, for the treatment of bone diseases, for the treatment of viral and infectious disease, for the prevention and treatment of cancer, for treating respiratory diseases and asthma, for the treatment of joint disease, for use in dermatology and veterinary products for pain relief, for ophthalmological use, for the treatment of bone diseases, for the treatment of viral and infectious disease, for the prevention and treatment of cancer, for treating respiratory diseases and asthma, for the treatment of joint disease, for use in dermatology, for treatment of intestinal bacteria; dietetic preparations in the nature of dietetic sugar for medical use, dietetic sugar substitute for medical use and dietetic supplements; food for babies; dietetic supplements for animals; dental products and preparations, namely, dental wax, adhesive for dental and dentistry use, sealing agents for dental purposes, dental impression materials, dental cements, dental polish, dental tablets for disclosing plaque and tartar on the teeth, fixing materials for dental purposes, materials for making dental impressions, medicated anti-cavity rinses, medicated anti-cavity mouthwashes, medicated dental floss, medicated dental rinses, modeling wax for dental purposes, molding wax for dental use, rubber for dental purposes; sanitary articles and preparations, namely, sanitary preparations for medical use, sanitary napkins, sanitary pads, sanitary panties, sanitary sterilizing preparations, sanitary towels; disinfectants in the nature of all-purpose disinfectants, and antiseptics; air purifying and deodorizing agents; absorbent products for personal hygiene, namely, feminine hygiene pads; feminine hygiene products, namely, feminine hygiene pads; babies diapers and incontinence diapers; products and preparations for pest control, namely, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, pesticides and fungicides for home, garden and lawn use and for professional use, biocides, germicides, bactericides, virucide; medicinal and veterinary products and preparations for pain relief, asthma, chest congestion, constipation, nausea, fatigue, hypertension, skin disorders, dermatological conditions; living tissue and organs for surgical purposes, namely, human allograft tissue, vascular grafts, implantable scaffolds for maintaining tissue contour and for enhancing therapy, implants; diagnostic preparations for medical and veterinary use; pharmaceutical and natural remedies, namely, natural remedy preparations for the treatment of gastro-intestinal conditions, hormonal and chemical imbalances, and sleep disorders; dressings, bandages and medical applicators, namely, dressings, bandages, medical dressings, adhesive bandages, self-adhesive dressings, surgical dressings, surgical glues, surgical bandages, antiseptic liquid bandages, ear bandages, menstruation bandages.

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