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Chebbi H.,University of Monastir | Chebbi H.,Laboratoire Of Materiaux Et Cristallochimie | Smail R.B.,Laboratoire Of Materiaux Et Cristallochimie | Smail R.B.,Campus University Mrazka | Zid M.F.,Laboratoire Of Materiaux Et Cristallochimie
Acta Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online | Year: 2014

In the crystal structure of the title salt, C9H 22N2 2+·2NO3 -, the piperidine ring of the dication adopts a chair conformation and the orientation of the C-NH3 bond is equatorial. The ions are linked by normal and bifurcated N-H⋯O hydrogen bonds in R2 2(6), two R4 2(8) and R3 4(14) graf-set motifs, generating a three-dimensional network. Source

Marzouki R.,Laboratoire Of Materiaux Et Cristallochimie | Guesmi A.,Laboratoire Of Materiaux Et Cristallochimie | Guesmi A.,Institute Preparatoire Aux Etudes dIngenieurs dEl Manar | Zid M.F.,Laboratoire Of Materiaux Et Cristallochimie | Driss A.,Laboratoire Of Materiaux Et Cristallochimie
Annales de Chimie: Science des Materiaux | Year: 2013

The structural study of the compound Na4CO5,63Alo,91(AsO4)6 [1], the first explored in the system, shows that the material forms a three dimensional framework with hexagonal tunnels running along the [100] and communicate along [010] direction with tetragonal windows where Na+cations are located. Complementary infrared (IR) and complex impedance (CI) spectroscopies studies were carried out. Analysis by scanner electronic microscope (S.E.M) was done for the state. The ionic conductivity measurements were performed on pellets of polycrystalline powders. The monovalent cations conduction pathways in the crystal bulks are simulated by means of the bond valence model (BVS). © Lavoisier, Paris Physico-chimie d'un monoarséniate mixte. Source

Kamoun M.,University of Dammam | Kamoun M.,Laboratoire Of Materiaux Et Cristallochimie | Fakhar Bourguibal N.,Laboratoire Of Materiaux Et Cristallochimie | Ben Gaied L.,Laboratoire Of Materiaux Et Cristallochimie | And 2 more authors.
Phosphorus, Sulfur and Silicon and the Related Elements | Year: 2014

Chemical preparation, crystal, and spectroscopic investigations are given for a new noncentrosymmetric pyrazolotriazine phosphonate (C23H26N5PO3). This compound crystallizes in the orthorombic space group Pbc21. X-rays diffraction shows that there are two crystallographic independent molecules. Each molecule consists of a triazine ring and a pyrazole ring sharing a C-N bond, these are linked to a phenyl and a benzyl which is grafted on a diethylphosphonyle. N H. . . .N and N H. . .O hydrogen bonds ensure the framework cohesion. The 31P, du 13C, and 1H NMR spectroscopic data are in good agreement with the X-ray structure results. © 2014 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC. Source

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