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Djaknoun S.,Grenoble Institute of Technology | Djaknoun S.,Laboratoire | Djaknoun S.,British Petroleum | Ouedraogo E.,Grenoble Institute of Technology | And 2 more authors.
Construction and Building Materials | Year: 2012

An experimental investigation was conducted to evaluate the performance of mortar mixed with silica fume (SF) when exposed to high temperatures. A three-point bending test apparatus was developed to test concrete-like materials at high temperatures. Notched specimens were first heated at a rate of 3.3 °C/min to various target temperatures from room temperature to 900 °C and then maintained under constant temperature during 2 h. They were then subjected to a three-point bending test while the temperature was held constant. The maximum peak load occurred at 300 °C and decreased sharply at higher temperatures. The experimental results demonstrated a noticeable influence of the temperature on the fracture resistance of the high-performance mortar. The toughness parameters, such as intensity factor or fracture energy, evolved nonlinearly with the target temperature, and reached their maximum value at 300 °C; at higher temperature, their values decreased considerably. SEM micrographs of the heated specimens after the mechanical tests and cooling and TGA/DTA analysis of the dried material matrix facilitated the understanding of the material's macroscopic behaviour. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

Hall S.A.,Lund University | Hall S.A.,European Spallation Source AB | Desrues J.,Laboratoire | Viggiani G.,Laboratoire | And 2 more authors.
Procedia IUTAM | Year: 2012

This paper outlines some recent advances in the full-field experimental characterisation of the mechanics of granular geomaterials (in particular, sands) using a range of methods that provide characterisation at different scales, from the sample-scale down to the inter-and intra-grain scale. The techniques used are "full-field" approaches involving in-situ x-ray micro-tomography, 3D-volumetric digital image analysis/correlation and grain ID-tracking, in-situ 3D x-ray diffraction and in-situ, spatially-resolved neutron diffraction. These methods provide new data on the mechanics of sand at different scales, including continuum measures of strain, porosity, and fabric plus discrete measures of particle kinematics and force transmission. The results of such measurements might be used to advance higher-order continuum theories, and provide the necessary input parameters, or to calibrate discrete grain-scale simulations of sand behaviour to explore loading paths that are inaccessible in the laboratory. © 2012 Published by Elsevier B.V.

Marie R.,Laboratoire | Potelle A.,Laboratoire | Mouaddib E.M.,Laboratoire
Proceedings - International Conference on Image Processing, ICIP | Year: 2011

Detection of moving objects is known to be a critical first step in many vision-based applications such as video surveillance. Background Subtraction Algorithms (BSA) offer a solution to detect all foreground pixels in a frame by comparing them with a background model. However, this is still a very challenging task especially when dynamic scenes are involved (camera jitter, noise, etc). In this paper, we present a new method for dynamic background subtraction operation based on invariant moments (Hu Set). Each pixel is modeled as a set of moments calculated from its neighborhood and stored using codebook construction. Experimental results on a set of outdoor scenes show that our method outperforms traditional BSA. © 2011 IEEE.

Choukri M.,Laboratoire | Laaroussi N.,Service de Pediatrie | Taheri H.,Service de Gynecologie obstetrique | Chabraoui L.,Sina
Annales de Biologie Clinique | Year: 2013

Familial hypercholesterolemia (FH) is a genetic disease caused by a mutation of the gene encoding for the low density lipoproteins (LDL) membrane receptor. The mutation is transmitted in an autosomal dominant mode and is manifested by permanent elevation of the plasma LDL-cholesterol concentration; such elevation is responsible for the early onset of cardiovascular complications. The other clinical manifestation is the existence of extravascular cholesterol deposits: xanthomas and corneal arcus. There are two forms of familial hypercholesterolemia: homozygous FH and heterozygous FH which is generally less severe biologically and clinically. We report in this work, a case of FH diagnosed at the laboratory of clinical chemistry of Rabat children's hospital. The lipid profile revealed a dramatic LDL-cholesterol elevation (24 mmol/L) with normal triglycerides concentration (0.84 mmol/L). The physical examination revealed cutaneous xanthomas. The diagnosis of homozygous FH was strongly suggested by family study.

Harrabi Z.,University of Monastir | Jomni S.,Laboratoire | Beji L.,University of Monastir | Beji L.,University of Sousse | Bouazizi A.,University of Monastir
Physica B: Condensed Matter | Year: 2010

In this work, we have studied the electrical characteristics of the Au/porous GaAs/p-GaAs diodes as a function of temperature. The (IV)T characteristics are analysed on the basis of thermionic emission (TE). The temperature behaviour of the barrier height potential and the ideality factor demonstrate that the current transport is controlled by the thermionic emission mechanism (TE) with Gaussian distribution of the barrier height potential. The Gaussian distribution of barrier height potential is due to barrier inhomogeneity, which is suggested to be caused by the presence of the porous GaAs interfacial layer. The experimental (IV)T characteristics of the Au/porous GaAs/p-GaAs heterostructure demonstrate the presence of a two Gaussian distributions having a mean barrier height potential Φb0̄ of about 0.67 and 0.54 V and standard deviations σs2 of about 8.4×10-3 and 4.2×10-3 V, respectively. Using the obtained standard deviation, the obtained Richardson constant value is in accordance with the well documented value (79.2 A cm-2 K-2) of p-type GaAs and the mean barrier height Φb0̄ is closed to the band gap of GaAs. The obtained values prove that the IVT characteristics of Au/porous GaAs/p-GaAs heterostructure are governed by the TE mechanism theory with two Gaussian distributions of barrier heights. © 2010 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.

PubMed | Nancy University Hospital Center, Laboratoire and Service dhematologie
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Annales de biologie clinique | Year: 2016

The diagnosis of double hit lymphoma remains a challenge for the biologist for a good management of the patient. This new category of lymphoma double hit (DH) is part of a new entity of the WHO classification 2008: Unclassifiable B lymphoma with features intermediate between diffuse large cell B lymphoma and Burkitts lymphoma. It is defined by the presence of a breakpoint at the locus 8q24 of the c-MYC gene associated with a recurrent translocation involving BCL2 genes primarily BCL6 or more rarely CCDN1 or BCL3 genes. These chromosomal alterations are not systematically screened at diagnosis, which can cause misdiagnosis and poor therapy management. These lymphomas DH have variable cytology and may be confused with Burkitt lymphoma (BL) or with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL). They have a very poor prognosis and are often resistant to chemotherapy. Their therapy and their prognosis are different from those of the BL or the DLBCL. This entity and its morphology as well as histology either immunophenotypic or cytogenetic characteristics must therefore be known to biologists, pathologists, and clinicians. Cooperation between the various actors in these disciplines is essential in case of atypical BL or DLBCL to lead to a precise classification of the pathology.

PubMed | Red Cross, Federal office of Public Health of Fribourg, Zentrum For Labormedizin St Gallen, Ente ospedaliero cantonale and 8 more.
Type: Journal Article | Journal: PloS one | Year: 2015

HIV surveillance requires monitoring of new HIV diagnoses and differentiation of incident and older infections. In 2008, Switzerland implemented a system for monitoring incident HIV infections based on the results of a line immunoassay (Inno-Lia) mandatorily conducted for HIV confirmation and type differentiation (HIV-1, HIV-2) of all newly diagnosed patients. Based on this system, we assessed the proportion of incident HIV infection among newly diagnosed cases in Switzerland during 2008-2013.Inno-Lia antibody reaction patterns recorded in anonymous HIV notifications to the federal health authority were classified by 10 published algorithms into incident (up to 12 months) or older infections. Utilizing these data, annual incident infection estimates were obtained in two ways, (i) based on the diagnostic performance of the algorithms and utilizing the relationship incident = true incident + false incident, (ii) based on the window-periods of the algorithms and utilizing the relationship Prevalence = Incidence x Duration. From 2008-2013, 3851 HIV notifications were received. Adult HIV-1 infections amounted to 3809 cases, and 3636 of them (95.5%) contained Inno-Lia data. Incident infection totals calculated were similar for the performance- and window-based methods, amounting on average to 1755 (95% confidence interval, 1588-1923) and 1790 cases (95% CI, 1679-1900), respectively. More than half of these were among men who had sex with men. Both methods showed a continuous decline of annual incident infections 2008-2013, totaling -59.5% and -50.2%, respectively. The decline of incident infections continued even in 2012, when a 15% increase in HIV notifications had been observed. This increase was entirely due to older infections. Overall declines 2008-2013 were of similar extent among the major transmission groups.Inno-Lia based incident HIV-1 infection surveillance proved useful and reliable. It represents a free, additional public health benefit of the use of this relatively costly test for HIV confirmation and type differentiation.

PubMed | Laboratoire, Service de reanimation., Unite dendocrinologie. and Center Hospitalier Of La Region Dannecy Genevois
Type: Journal Article | Journal: Annales de biologie clinique | Year: 2017

We present the case of an Addisons disease revealed by a serious hyponatremia. The serum concentration of ACTH and 21-hydroxylase antibodies were increased and lead to the diagnosis. The cortisol blood level was lowered but required to take into account the stress induced by the hospitalisation of the patient. Addisons disease is characterized by the destruction of the adrenal cortex. Autoimmune adrenalitis is the main cause of adrenal insufficiency. Treatment involves normalisation of sodium concentration and corticosteroids replacement. With a good patient compliance, the survival rate of Addisonian patient is similar to that of the normal population. Management of patient requires vigilance because of the occurrence of others autoimmunes diseases during patient life.

PubMed | Laboratoire
Type: Case Reports | Journal: Annales de biologie clinique | Year: 2013

We have detected an ovalo-stomatocytosis in a military 24-years-old man. We have sent a blood specimen to haematology laboratory in Kremlin-Bicetre (France) to test ektacytometry. The test concludes to an asymptomatic Melanesian ovalocytosis.

PubMed | Laboratoire
Type: Case Reports | Journal: Annales de biologie clinique | Year: 2013

A 24-years old Gabonese women with sickle cell disease had a severe vaso-occlusive crisis, which was treated by exchange transfusion. Then, she developed an extended bone marrow necrosis and needed repeated blood transfusion. The aim of this article is to relate an rare sickle cell disease complication.

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