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La Sierra University is a Seventh-day Adventist co-educational university located in Riverside, California, United States. La Sierra offers undergraduate, graduate and doctoral level degrees and is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and the Adventist Accrediting Association .Founded in 1922 as La Sierra Academy, it later became La Sierra College, a liberal arts college, and then was merged into Loma Linda University in 1967. In 1990, La Sierra separated from Loma Linda University to become an independent institution.Since becoming independent in 1990 it has won multiple national and world titles in the Students in Free Enterprise competition. In the late 2000s and early 2010s, controversy arose involving the teaching of evolution in La Sierra's science curriculum. La Sierra has also been the subject of controversy due to its students' low CPA exam pass rates and high levels of student debt after graduation. Wikipedia.

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Kim I.-K.,La Sierra University
Perceptual and Motor Skills | Year: 2012

This study investigated the developmental changes of perceptual and cognitive commonsense physical knowledge. Children 4 to 9 years old (N = 156; 79 boys, 77 girls) participated. Each child was asked to predict the landing positions of balls that rolled down and fell off a virtual ramp and to choose the most naturallooking motion from different projectile motions depicted. The landing position of the most natural-looking projectile was compared with the predicted landing position and also compared with the actual landing position. The results showed children predicted the ball's landing position closer to the ramp than the actual position. Children also chose the depiction in which the ball fell closer to the ramp than the accurate position, although the error in the prediction task was larger than in the perception task and decreased with age. The results indicated the developmental convergence of explicit reasoning and implicit perception, which suggest a single knowledge system with representational re-description. © Perceptual & Motor Skills 2012.

DiMatte M.R.,University of California at Riverside | Haskard-Zolnierek K.B.,Texas State University | Martin L.R.,La Sierra University
Health Psychology Review | Year: 2012

Patient nonadherence is widespread and costly. This paper provides a brief narrative review of research on (non)adherence and validates a clinically useful three-factor heuristic model to guide practitioners as they work with patients to improve adherence. This model is based on the most stable findings from meta-analyses and large-scale empirical studies, reflects the realities of medical practice and offers recommendations for assessing and enhancing patient adherence, particularly in chronic disease management. The model comprises three important clinical actions: (1) insuring that patients have the right information and know how to adhere - including listening to patients' concerns, encouraging their participation and partnership in decision-making, building trust and empathy, and enhancing recall; (2) helping patients believe in their treatment and become motivated to commit to it - that is, addressing the cognitive, social, cultural normative and contextual factors that affect patients' beliefs, attitudes and motivation; and (3) assisting patients to overcome practical barriers to treatment adherence and develop a workable strategy for long-term disease management - including assessing and enhancing patients' social support, identifying and treating their depression and helping patients overcome cost-related treatment barriers. © 2012 Copyright Taylor and Francis Group, LLC.

Trueblood L.A.,University of Rhode Island | Trueblood L.A.,La Sierra University | Seibel B.A.,University of Rhode Island
Deep-Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography | Year: 2013

Dosidicus gigas is a large, metabolically active, epipelagic squid known to undertake diel vertical migrations across a large temperature and oxygen gradient in the Eastern Pacific. Hypoxia is known to cause metabolic suppression in D. gigas. However, the precise oxygen level at which metabolic suppression sets in is unknown. Here we describe a novel ship-board swim tunnel respirometer that was used to measure metabolic rates and critical oxygen partial pressures (Pcrit) for adult squids (2-7kg). Metabolic rate measurements were validated by comparison to the activity of the Krebs cycle enzyme, citrate synthase, in mantle muscle tissue (2-17kg). We recorded a mean routine metabolic rate of 5.91μmolg-1h-1 at 10°C and 12.62μmolg-1h-1 at 20°C. A temperature coefficient, Q10, of 2.1 was calculated. D. gigas had Pcrits of 1.6 and 3.8kPa at 10 and 20°C, respectively. Oxygen consumption rate (MO2) varied with body mass (M) according to MO2=11.57M-0.12±0.03 at 10°C. Citrate synthase activity varied with body mass according to Y=9.32M-0.19±0.02. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.

News Article | December 7, 2016

Veros Credit, LLC, a leading provider of auto financing solutions, today, announced the promotion of Harvey Singh to Chief Operating Officer. Harvey will continue to oversee the Loan Servicing Department, and will also be responsible for companywide operational policies, objectives, and initiatives in the Originations, Production, Corporate Operations, and nationwide Sales and Marketing departments. “It has been my privilege to work side by side with Harvey” said Cyrus Bozorgi, CEO of Veros Credit. “I am confident that his 15+ years of experience in the consumer finance industry with a heavy focus on leadership, development and mentoring, will allow him to be highly capable and proactive in his new role, where he will continue to deliver excellent leadership, adding to his continued success with Veros Credit.“ Harvey joined Veros Credit in 2014 as Vice President of Strategy and Process Improvement and was shortly promoted to Senior Vice President of Loan Servicing in 2015. He was instrumental in the successful restructuring of the Loan Servicing department as well as the implementation of companywide processes and procedures that have allowed Veros Credit to increase productivity and efficiency. “Veros Credit’s commitment to providing prompt, responsive and distinguished service while doing business ethically and with integrity is just one of several factors which set us apart within the auto finance industry” said Mr. Singh. “A team that works well together creates efficiencies, generates new ideas, opens opportunities for growth, and provides a strong support system. We believe that every employee, dealer, and customer is part of the Veros Credit Team. This mindset crosses all areas of our operation, from our online portal to our customer service center and we strive to deliver uncompromising excellence on every dealer and customer interaction.” Harvey holds an MBA in Finance from La Sierra University. Veros Credit, LLC specializes in the acquisition and servicing of motor vehicle retail installment contracts through a vast network of franchise and independent automobile dealers. For more information about Veros Credit, visit

Ngo V.T.,Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology | Lee Grismer L.,La Sierra University
Zootaxa | Year: 2012

A new endemic species, Cyrtodactylus thochuensis sp. nov. from Tho Chu Island in Kien Giang Biosphere Reserve off the southern coast of Vietnam, is differentiated from all other species of Cyrtodactylus by the following combination of characters: maximum SVL 86.3 mm (n=6); no precloacal groove; 3-5 precloacal pores arranged in an angular series; a series of enlarged femoral scales contacting a wide patch of enlarged precloacal scales; 3-6 intersuparanasals in contact with rostral; 20-26 strongly keeled, longitudinal rows of tubercles at midbody; and 30-40 transverse rows of ventral scales between the ventrolateral folds. This species most closely resembles C. condorensis Smith and C. paradoxus (Darevsky & Szczerbak). © 2012 Magnolia Press.

A new species of a presumably karst dwelling Rock Gecko, Cnemaspis laoensis sp. nov., is described from Dong Phu Vieng National Protected Area, Savannakhet Province, Laos. Cnemaspis laoensis is differentiated from all other Southeast Asian Cnemaspis in having a unique combination of color pattern (in alcohol) and scale characteristics. Cnemaspis laoensis is the first record of Cnemaspis from Laos and extends the range of this genus approximately 600 km to the northeast. Its presence in Laos underscores the need for continued exploration of karst habitats throughout Indochina were Cnemaspis commonly occur. Copyright © 2010 Magnolia Press.

A comprehensive study of a rotor coupled to a uni-axial molecule is carried out. The deformation of the Rotational Energy Surface (RES) of the rigid rotor was of interest in the three types of tops: prolate, asymmetric, and oblate. The increase of uni-axial angular momentum and inertia distorts the symmetry of the rotor molecule, which shows up as a deformation in the RES. The semi-classical calculation of the coupled system resulted in multiple RESs of various topologies. The goal of this work is to give a description of the rotational energy surface for various polyad structures from the general Rovibrational Hamiltonian. © 2010 Taylor & Francis.

Diaz A.,La Sierra University | Wang X.,Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Current Opinion in Virology | Year: 2014

With its high yield, small genome, and ability to replicate in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, Brome mosaic virus (BMV) has served as a productive model to study the general features of positive-strand RNA virus infection. BMV RNA is replicated in spherules, vesicle-like invaginations of the outer perinuclear endoplasmic reticulum membrane that remain connected to the cytoplasm via a neck-like opening. Each spherule contains the viral replicase proteins as well as genomic RNAs. Recent advances indicate that multiple interactions between the viral proteins with themselves, cellular membranes, and host factors play crucial roles in BMV-mediated spherule formation. These findings are probably applicable to other positive-strand RNA viruses and might potentially provide new targets for antiviral treatments.

Agency: NSF | Branch: Continuing grant | Program: | Phase: Physiolg Mechansms&Biomechancs | Award Amount: 121.92K | Year: 2014

Locomotion and feeding are essential behaviors for the survival and reproductive fitness of most animals. However, little is understood about why some individuals within a population outperform others and are better suited to their habitat. Populations of bluegill sunfish often diverge into two different body forms based on their habitat: a deeper-bodied shallow water form or a streamlined deep water form. This variation creates an ideal system for investigating the relationships between form, function and adaptation to habitat.

This project will integrate studies of behavior in the field, external and internal morphology and muscle physiology, energy metabolism, swimming performance, feeding mechanics and fitness measurements in order to quantify variation in swimming and feeding performance within a single population of bluegill from pelagic and littoral habitats. Results from this research will provide unprecedented insight into the complex interrelationships of body form, swimming and feeding performance and fitness in fish. Moreover, this research will provide an experimental and analytical framework that could be applied to any animal system. This proposal is a collaborative effort among three liberal arts institutions, therefore an important component of the project will be the mentoring of a postdoctoral researcher and the training of undergraduates, a high proportion of whom will continue their education in graduate or professional schools, increasing the participation of underrepresented groups in the sciences. The research will be implemented in an outreach program aimed to introduce basic concepts of biomechanics and physiology to underrepresented K-12 students at neighboring schools.

Agency: NSF | Branch: Standard Grant | Program: | Phase: | Award Amount: 15.72K | Year: 2011

The investigator and his colleagues organize a workshop on Computational and Analytical Mathematics that features the topics of Variational Analysis, Optimization Algorithms, High Performance Computing, Number Theory, and Experimental Mathematics, all of which are very active areas of mathematical research. The objectives of this workshop are to chart promising research directions in these areas, to survey the state-of-the-art of theory and practice, to identify emerging problems driven by applications, and to discuss new approaches for solving these problems. The blend of topics of the workshop provides a unique opportunity for participants in these areas of research to meet as a group, and the workshop solicits participants at all stages of their careers --- from students to international leaders in their disciplines.

The workshop participants explore how new methodology from variational analysis has surprising fundamental consequence in economics; in particular, concerning the existence of stable solutions the theory of economics. Another topic explored at the workshop is the use of variational methods in financial trading. The participants also present the state of the art on using the computer to generate and prove mathematical identities and formulas. This type of tool provides scientists with a dynamic reference source for the sort mathematics often used in scientific calculations and applications. The workshop participants also study applications of optimization in image reconstruction which related to medical imaging technology such as MRIs. Another intriguing topic of the workshop is the exploration of the fractal distribution of brain synapses and how fractals can be used to model real-world laboratory situations of this kind. All presentations from the workshop are streamed live over the internet and videos of those presentations are archived permanently at the conference website.

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