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Fukuoka, Japan

Kyushu University , abbreviated to Kyudai , is a Japanese public university located in Fukuoka, Kyushu. It is one of Japan's National Seven Universities . The history of Kyushu University can be traced by medical schools of the feudal domains built in 1867, and is the largest public university in Kyushu.There are 1,292 foreign students enrolled in the University. It was chosen for the Global 30 university program, and has been selected to the top 13 global university project. Wikipedia.

A suture technique evaluation apparatus evaluates a suture technique performed on a simulated body simulating a part of the human body, and the suture technique evaluation apparatus includes a camera configured to image at least a suture region where suturing is performed on the simulated body, and a ligation force evaluation part adapted to evaluate the ligation force of the suturing on the basis of image data taken by the camera.

Kyushu University | Date: 2015-02-27

Provided is an optical mode switch that can effect a more compact optical switch. The optical mode switch (

A conductive material includes metal nanowires and an extensible copolymer having an NCO structure and combined with the metal nanowires. The conductive material has excellent elongation properties and has an electrical resistance that is unlikely to increase even when the conductive material is extended. A method for producing a conductive material includes: a copolymer production step of polymerizing a plurality of monomers including a growth direction control monomer that has an NCO structure and controls a growth direction of metal nanowires to produce an extensible copolymer; a reaction step of reacting a metal compound in a solvent containing the copolymer to grow metal nanowires in a longitudinal direction; and an extraction step of extracting a product from the solution after the reaction.

Sumitomo Riko Company Ltd and Kyushu University | Date: 2015-12-30

A flexible conductive material of the present invention is formed by dispersing a conductive agent containing carbon nanotubes in a matrix that contains a polymer formed by amide bond formation or imide bond formation of a polycyclic aromatic component and an oligomer component and that has a glass transition point of 20 C. or less. The flexible conductive material of the present invention has good dispersibility of a conductive agent containing carbon nanotubes and has an excellent following performance to an expanding and shrinking substrate. A transducer of the present invention includes a dielectric layer made of a polymer, a plurality of electrodes with the dielectric layer interposed therebetween, and wirings connected to the respective electrodes, and at least either the electrodes or the wirings include the flexible conductive material of the present invention. The transducer of the present invention has a performance that is unlikely to deteriorate due to the electrodes or the wirings and has excellent durability.

Shiseido Company and Kyushu University | Date: 2015-10-21

Disclosed is a compound represented by chemical formula ( or chemical formula (

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