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Yanggu, South Korea

Kyungshin Co. | Date: 2014-09-04

Disclosed are an apparatus for transmitting power and a control method thereof. The apparatus includes a first main relay electrically controlling connection between a positive (+) terminal of a high voltage power source and a positive (+) terminal of a high voltage load, a second main relay electrically controlling connection between a negative () terminal of the high voltage power source and a negative () terminal of the high voltage load, a semiconductor switch connected in parallel to the first main relay, a reverse current preventer interposed between the semiconductor switch and the high voltage power source and preventing reverse current to the high voltage power source, a drive state measurer measuring a drive state of a power relay assembly, and a relay controller supplying or shutting off power to the high voltage load by operating the first and second main relays and the semiconductor switch in response to a relay enable signal from a battery controller and shutting off the power to the high voltage load upon determining that the drive state of the power relay assembly measured through the drive state measurer is abnormal or upon determining based on a vehicle state received from the battery controller that a vehicle is in an emergency state.

Hyundai Motor Company and Kyungshin Co. | Date: 2015-04-30

A cable combination device includes joint terminals configured to be mounted at a joint part formed by jointing a main cable and a branch cable to each other to fix the main cable and the branch cable; a housing configured to have the joint part inserted and mounted therein; and a clip configured to be provided on the housing and fixed to a vehicle body, such that moisture introduction may be prevented by improving water proof performance of the cable, and the cable may be stably mounted in a vehicle by the clip. Therefore, a wiring of the vehicle may be lightened, and at the same time, a cost may be decreased, thereby making it possible to improve marketability.

Hyundai Motor Company, KYUNGSHIN Corporation and Hyundai Mobis | Date: 2011-11-14

Disclosed is a wire connecting device for a vehicle, preferably a hybrid vehicle, including six individual bus bars for connecting two 3-phase AC sub-devices to a main device, in which the bus bars are divided in to a first unit terminal unit and a second unit terminal unit each composed of a U-pole bus bar, a V-pole bus bar, and a W-pole bus bar, predetermined ends of the U-pole bus bar, the V-pole bus bar, and the W-pole bus bar of the first unit terminal unit bend to a side, and predetermined ends of the U-pole bus bar, the V-pole bus bar, and the W-pole bus bar of the second unit terminal unit bend to the other side.

Disclosed are an in-cable control box for charging an electric vehicle and a scheduled charging method thereof. The in-cable control box includes an input unit that receives selection of a charging mode and settings according to the charging mode; a display unit that displays a charging state; a warning unit that outputs a warning sound corresponding to change in the charging state; a power supply that supplies electric power to an on-board charger of an electric vehicle; and a controller that regulates electric power from the power supply to the on-board charger according to the charging mode and settings received through the input unit, controls the display unit to display a charging state, and controls the warning unit to output a warning sound corresponding to change in the charging state.

Lim H.,Kwangwoon University | Jung J.M.,Kyungshin Corporation | Kim J.-R.,Kyungshin Corporation | Song W.S.,Kyungshin Corporation | And 3 more authors.
Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part D: Journal of Automobile Engineering | Year: 2013

In this paper, a passive filter is proposed to support a star-like topology in a high-speed controller area network and to extend the length of the stubs. A high-speed controller area network requires a linear wiring topology, while an actual network may be configured as a star-like structure using joint connectors owing to productivity and cost concerns. This joint-connector-based controller area network configuration is likely to suffer from increased signal distortions caused by a larger transient voltage and impedance mismatch. Here, a passive filter for reducing these signal distortions in a joint-connector-based controller area network structure is proposed, which allows a star-like topology with extended stubs. The proposed passive filter is composed of a resistor and bead in series, which is easily inserted in a joint connector. With the proposed filter, the induced transient voltage and settling time in transition to a recessive state were reduced by 37% and 66% respectively. Thus, the proposed filter has the effect of improving the reliability of communication in the same wiring dimension or, equivalently, lengthening the stubs with the same reliability. © 2013 IMechE. Source

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