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Kyoto University of Education is a national university at Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan. The predecessor of the school was founded in 1876, and it was chartered as a university in 1949. Wikipedia.

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Marunaka Y.,Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine | Marunaka Y.,Kyoto University of Education
International Journal of Molecular Sciences | Year: 2017

The cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) Cl− channel belongs to the ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter superfamily and regulates Cl− secretion in epithelial cells for water secretion. Loss-of-function mutations to the CFTR gene cause dehydrated mucus on the apical side of epithelial cells and increase the susceptibility of bacterial infection, especially in the airway and pulmonary tissues. Therefore, research on the molecular properties of CFTR, such as its gating mechanism and subcellular trafficking, have been intensively pursued. Dysregulated CFTR trafficking is one of the major pathological hallmarks in cystic fibrosis (CF) patients bearing missense mutations in the CFTR gene. Hormones that activate cAMP signaling, such as catecholamine, have been found to regulate the intracellular trafficking of CFTR. Insulin is one of the hormones that regulate cAMP production and promote trafficking of transmembrane proteins to the plasma membrane. The functional interactions between insulin and CFTR have not yet been clearly defined. In this review article, I review the roles of CFTR in epithelial cells, its regulatory role in insulin secretion, and a mechanism of CFTR regulation by insulin. © 2017 by the authors. Licensee MDPI, Basel, Switzerland.

Fukazawa T.,Kyoto University of Education | Tant A.,Shitennoji University
Journal of the Japan Research Association for Textile End-Uses | Year: 2017

In the present study, a series of experiments have been performed to discuss changes in temperature evaluation-ability and cutaneous warm and cold sensation thresholds with healthy young, middle-aged, and elderly Japanese males. Fifteen locations in the body have been selected as target locations in the study in order to examine regional difference as well. Local difference was not found to be significant through the ability temperature evaluation test, because the obtained evaluated temperature was almost equal to the given temperature stimulus on the skin surface in each location. In addition, aging effect was not significantly seen in the temperature evaluation test. On the other hand, the results of thermal sensitivity test showed a significant aging effect on both the warm and cold thermal thresholds on the skin surface in each location. The sensitivity to detect warmth or coldness was remarkably greater in the young males than in the middle-aged and elderly males. © 2017 Jpn.Res.Assn.Text.End-Uses.

Kusumi T.,Kyoto University of Education | Hirayama R.,Osaka College of Music | Kashima Y.,University of Melbourne
Risk Analysis | Year: 2017

Individuals' perceptions and their interpersonal communication about a risk event, or risk talk, can play a significant role in the formation of societal responses to the risk event. As they formulate their risk opinions and speak to others, risk information can circulate through their social networks and contribute to the construction of their risk information environment. In the present study, Japanese citizens' risk perception and risk talk were examined in the context of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear radiation risk. We hypothesized and found that the risk information environment and risk literacy (i.e., competencies to understand and use risk information) interact to influence their risk perception and risk talk. In particular, risk literacy tends to stabilize people's risk perceptions and their risk communications. Nevertheless, there were some subtle differences between risk perception and communication, suggesting the importance of further examination of interpersonal risk communication and its role in the societal responses to risk events. © 2017 Society for Risk Analysis.

Gotoh K.,Nara Women's University | Yasukawa A.,Nara Women's University | Taniguchi K.,Kyoto University of Education
Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology | Year: 2011

The poly(ethylene terephthalate), PET, film was exposed to atmospheric pressure plasma under various plasma processing parameters. The wettability of the PET film immediately after the exposure and after storage in air, which was determined by the sessile drop method, was strongly dependent on the plasma processing parameters. The contact angle hysteresis on the plasma-exposed PET film was examined by the Wilhelmy method. It was found that the hydrophobic recovery of the PET surface on storage after the plasma exposure was observed only for the advancing contact angle and that the receding angle remained almost the same. These experimental findings were explained on the basis of the calculation by Johnson and Dettre for the advancing and receding contact angles on model heterogeneous surfaces. © 2011 VSP.

Marunaka Y.,Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine | Marunaka Y.,Kyoto University of Education
Journal of Pharmacological Sciences | Year: 2014

Epithelial Na+ transport participates in control of various body functions and conditions: e.g., homeostasis of body fluid content influencing blood pressure, control of amounts of fluids covering the apical surface of alveolar epithelial cells at appropriate levels for normal gas exchange, and prevention of bacterial/viral infection. Epithelial Na+ transport via the transcellular pathway is mediated by the entry step of Na+ across the apical membrane via Epithelial Na+ Channel (ENaC) located at the apical membrane, and the extrusion step of Na+ across the basolateral membrane via the Na+,K+-ATPase located at the basolateral membrane. The rate-limiting step of the epithelial Na+ transport via the transcellular pathway is generally recognized to be the entry step of Na+ across the apical membrane via ENaC. Thus, up-/down-regulation of ENaC essentially participates in regulatory systems of blood pressure and normal gas exchange. Amount of ENaC-mediated Na+ transport is determined by the number of ENaCs located at the apical membrane, activity (open probability) of individual ENaC located at the apical membrane, single channel conductance of ENaC located at the apical membrane, and driving force for the Na+ entry via ENaCs across the apical membrane. In the present review article, I discuss the characteristics of ENaC and how these factors are regulated. © The Japanese Pharmacological Society.

Bonatti C.,Institute Of Mathematiques Of Bourgogne | Diaz L.J.,Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro | Kiriki S.,Kyoto University of Education
Nonlinearity | Year: 2012

We consider diffeomorphisms f with heteroclinic cycles associated with saddles P and Q of different indices. We say that a cycle of this type can be stabilized if there are diffeomorphisms close to f with a robust cycle associated with hyperbolic sets containing the continuations of P and Q. We focus on the case where the indices of these two saddles differ by one. We prove that, excluding one particular case (so-called twisted cycles that additionally satisfy some geometrical restrictions), all such cycles can be stabilized. © 2012 IOP Publishing Ltd & London Mathematical Society.

Colli P.,University of Pavia | Fukao T.,Kyoto University of Education
Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences | Year: 2015

The Allen-Cahn equation, coupled with dynamic boundary conditions, has recently received a good deal of attention. The new issue of this paper is the setting of a rather general mass constraint, which may involve either the solution inside the domain or its trace on the boundary. The system of nonlinear partial differential equations can be formulated as a variational inequality. The presence of the constraint in the evolution process leads to additional terms in the equation and the boundary condition containing a suitable Lagrange multiplier. A well-posedness result is proved for the related initial value problem. © 2014 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.

Yokoyama T.,Kyoto University of Education
Journal of Dynamical and Control Systems | Year: 2015

Consider the set (Formula presented.) of non-wandering continuous flows on a closed surface M. Then we show that such a flow can be approximated by a non-wandering flow v such that the complement M−Per(v) of the set of periodic points is the union of finitely many centers and finitely many homoclinic saddle connections. Using the approximation, the following are equivalent for a continuous non-wandering flow v on a closed connected surface M: (1) the non-wandering flow v is topologically stable in (Formula presented.); (2) the orbit space M/v is homeomorphic to a closed interval; (3) the closed connected surface M is not homeomorphic to a torus but consists of periodic orbits and at most two centers. Moreover, we show that a closed connected surface has a topologically stable continuous non-wandering flow in (Formula presented.) if and only if the surface is homeomorphic to either the sphere (Formula presented.), the projective plane (Formula presented.), or the Klein bottle (Formula presented.). © 2015 Springer Science+Business Media New York

Kiriki S.,Kyoto University of Education | Soma T.,Tokyo Metroplitan University
Nonlinearity | Year: 2012

In this paper, we give sufficient conditions for the existence of C 2 robust heterodimensional tangency, and present a non-empty open set in Diff 2(M) with dim M3 each element of which has a non-degenerate heterodimensional tangency on a C 2 robust heterodimensional cycle. © 2012 IOP Publishing Ltd & London Mathematical Society.

Gotoh K.,Kyoto University of Education
Textile Research Journal | Year: 2010

In order to obtain a criterion of liquid cleaning power, a textile washing test was carried out in water and various organic solvents. Cotton and polyester clothes soiled with particulate, oily and water-soluble contaminants were used. The soiled clothes were cleaned in various liquids with stirring and the detergency was evaluated from the change in the surface reflectance of the soiled cloth due to cleaning. The detergency was largely dependent on contaminant, cloth and liquid species, and showed good agreement with common and well-known knowledge about textile washing; the particulate contaminant was difficult to remove in any liquid. In contrast, the oily and water-soluble contaminants were readily removable in the organic solvents and water, respectively. By adding alkali and surfactant to water, the removal of any contaminant considerably increased. In comparison with the stirring, the ultrasonic washing was carried out with the aqueous solutions, but unexpectedly the detergency of most soiled clothes did not increase. For any artificially soiled clothes, a certain relation was successively found between the detergency and the relative dielectric constant. © The Author(s), 2010.

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