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Khorolskyi V.,Donetsk National University | Klyuev D.,Donetsk National University | Khotskina V.,Kyiv National Economic University | Khorolskyi D.,JSC South Mining and Processing Plant
EasternEuropean Journal of Enterprise Technologies | Year: 2017

We developed a strategy for coordinated management of power consumption by an enterprise with energy-intensive technological processes in the crushing and enrichment complex. An approach is presented to model power consumption by a complex based on the constructed causal model. We defined energy consumers at a crushing and enrichment complex, energy consumers - regulators and presented a characteristic of electric drives at an enrichment plant. A structure of integrated intelligent system is attached. It provides for the optimization of iron ore production in the periods of limited power supply from the energy system. The system is integrated with the expert and operational subsystems and the management systems at the top level execution of business processes. The main task of expert and operating systems is the diagnosis of problematic situations, estimation of parameters of active, reactive powers and the prediction of output indicators of product quality. These innovations will enable the operating staff and the decision maker to receive in real time: predictive values of reactive, active values of capacity required to ensure planned indicators in production, predictive values of the trajectory in production. In the process of synthesis of control over power consumption by a crushing-enrichment complex, we defined a structure of artificial neural networks. During experimental research, we devised a procedure for training a neural network and the methods for learning. The scope of their application is separated in the system of coordinated situation management. A classification of production situations is established. We studied the modes of ball mills operation in the periods of limited power supply. A model for optimum loading of mills is presented. As a result of research, we developed: optimal setpoints for the exciters of ball mills' synchronous motors; production rules for the expert system to work out the fulfillment of planned production indicators over periods "peak", "half-peak", "night". The devised algorithms, intelligent systems of coordinated control over trajectories in power consumption and production have economic importance for enterprises in the mining-metallurgical sector of Ukraine. This is achieved by reducing specific electricity consumption by 5-7 % from the indicators in 2013, decreasing the losses in production during periods of limited power supply by 3 % from the indicators in 2013. © V. Khorolskyi, D. Klyuev, V. Khotskina, D. Khorolskyi, 2017.

Hladchenko L.,Kyiv National Economic University
CEUR Workshop Proceedings | Year: 2016

This article examines the issues of accountability and transparency of government finance in Ukraine. The research explains the significance of financial accountability for the economic improvement and civil society development. The study defines the instruments that contribute to government accountability in the digital world. The key problems of ensuring financial accountability and transparency in Ukraine are analyzed. The study focuses on information and communication technology capacity in supporting government performance. The conclusions summarize the main findings of the research. © 2016 by the paper authors.

Verezubova T.,Belorussian State Economic University | Paientko T.,Kyiv National Economic University
CEUR Workshop Proceedings | Year: 2016

The financial strategy of an insurance company has a significant impact on the success of that company's activity. A well-developed financial strategy is able to decrease financial risks and guarantee the discharge of insurance companies' liabilities in the long-run. One of the main components of financial strategy is financial flow modeling. Mathematical modeling allows a more accurate determination of the financial support of the tasks envisaged in the corporate strategies of insurers. Insurance companies located in the post-Soviet region have less experience with financial flow management. These companies are more vulnerable because they do business in an economically and sociologically very undeveloped environment. The aim of this article is to explain the role of financial flow modeling in order to develop financial strategies for insurance companies in the post-Soviet region. The methodology of this research is correlation and regression analysis. The result of the research is a regression equation which is useful to predict input financial flows of an insurance company. The proposed method of calculation will be used to support forecasts of premiums and revenues from other types of insurance. © 2016 by the paper authors.

Liubchyk V.R.,Khmelnitsky National University | Shinkaruk O.M.,Khmelnitsky National University | Lantvoyt M.O.,Kyiv National Economic University
CriMiCo 2013 - 2013 23rd International Crimean Conference Microwave and Telecommunication Technology, Conference Proceedings | Year: 2013

The present paper concerns the use of multi-frequency phase method to measure the range of radar. It is shown that the measuring information about the range of targets is retained and can be obtained by appropriate mathematical transformations using the conversion of low-frequency signal with a rectangular envelope of the spectrum to the radio frequency by amplitude modulation techniques, probing targets and then converted back. © 2013 CriMiCo'2013 Organising Committee, CrSTC.

Listopadova V.,National Technical University of Ukraine | Magda O.,Kyiv National Economic University | Pobyzh V.,Institute of Mathematics of NAS of Ukraine
Nonlinear Analysis: Real World Applications | Year: 2013

It is shown that the forced Korteweg-de Vries (KdV) equation studied in the recent papers [A.H. Salas, Computing solutions to a forced KdV equation, Nonlinear Anal. RWA 12 (2011) 1314-1320] and [M.L. Gandarias, M.S. Bruzón, Some conservation laws for a forced KdV equation, Nonlinear Anal. RWA 13 (2012) 2692-2700] is reduced to the classical (constant-coefficient) KdV equation by point transformations for all values of variable coefficients. The equivalence-based approach proposed in [R.O. Popovych, O.O. Vaneeva, More common errors in finding exact solutions of nonlinear differential equations: part I, Commun. Nonlinear Sci. Numer. Simul. 15 (2010) 3887-3899] allows one to obtain more results in a much simpler way. © 2012 Published by Elsevier Ltd.

Buriachenko A.Ye.,Kyiv National Economic University | Logvinov P.V.,Uzhhorod City Council
Naukovyi Visnyk Natsionalnoho Hirnychoho Universytetu | Year: 2015

Purpose: This study focused on foreign and domestic experience of performance-based budgeting method utilization for formation, monitoring and evaluation of the indicators that appear during preparation of budget requests, applications, and in progress reports of the budget process. Methodology: The research analyzed and visualized the algorithm of interaction between the budget process participants. We simulated the possible process of comparison of the results achieved in accordance with the strategic objectives and ways of their achievement, actual opportunity of objective evaluation of the results of budget programs and the subsequent decision making based on reporting information. Findings: The results proved individual elements that distinguish performance-based budgeting method from other methods of budgeting. In general, this method represents the system of formation (execute) of the budget of corresponding level that shows correlation between planned (made) budget expenditures and expected (achieved) results. Originality: Based on the research of successful international experience of the performance-based budgeting method we have developed practical recommendations concerning ways of improvement of implementation mechanism of this method in Ukraine. Comprehensive application of performance-based budgeting method must ensure maximum availability of budget information. This may allow people to understand whether or not the money is spent effectively, what goals are set by budget entities and public authorities, and whether these goals meet the essential needs of the community. Practical value: The problem of identification of budgeting results complicates adequate perception and rapid decision making of budget holders regarding quality and necessity of certain services provided by them. The research revealed the nature of the component of results identification in performance-based budgeting. It highlighted challenges of the results identification process in order to improve the methods of budget programs monitoring. The research results may be used by specialists in the research of the budget process and employees of financial institutions and budget holders.

Semejko N.G.,Kyiv National Economic University
Cybernetics and Systems Analysis | Year: 2011

A mathematical model of a mixed empirical Poisson random cap process (RCP) on the sphere S 2 is investigated using the theory of mixed empirical marked point processes. The first-order moment measure of the RCP is proposed for spherical sets of special form. © 2011 Springer Science+Business Media, Inc.

Ostrovska O.A.,Kyiv National Economic University
Naukovyi Visnyk Natsionalnoho Hirnychoho Universytetu | Year: 2013

Purpose. The purpose of this article includes: the review of the basic postulates of the theory of behavioral finance, estimation of the impact of the behavioral factors on the effectiveness of management decisions, and delineation the ways of using the concept of behavioral finance in the practice of the crisis financial management for the enterprises of the real sector of the Ukrainian economy. Methodology. The theoretical achievements of foreign and domestic scientists in the sphere of behavioral economics, behavioral finance, corporate finance, finances of enterprises of the mining complex serve the methodological basis of this research. The general scientific and special methods have been used to achieve the purpose, such as: dialectical, critical analysis, systematization and generalization of theoretical principles - during the studying of the economic essence of the subject and the forms of its manifestation, during development of the system of behavioral factors of crisis enterprises; comparison - during comparing and generalization of the global and Ukrainian practices of utilization of the theory of behavioral finance in crisis management of corporate finances, historical - in identifying specific developments in the concept of behavioral finance, statistical - in displaying the dynamics of the development of coal mining industry entities. Findings. The author proves the influence of behavioral factors on the efficiency of the functioning of corporate finance and the need for taking them into account for improvement of the efficiency of financial management at enterprises of the real sector of the economy. The behavioral factors of the crisis state of the Ukrainian enterprises have been systematized. The ways of preventing and solving the problems of agency relations and asymmetric information distribution are offered. The author defines the industry peculiarities, factors reducing competitiveness and ways of overcoming the crisis at mining industry enterprises. Originality. The ways of implementation of the basic postulates of the concepts of behavioral finance, common in foreign financial science, into practice of crisis management for enterprise finances of the real sector of the national economy are offered. The author substantiates the ways of solving conflicts of interest and asymmetric distribution of information in the sphere of corporate finance. The author's idea of the system and possibilities of consideration of the influence of behavioral factors in overcoming the crisis of finance for the real sector of economy of Ukraine has been formed. Practical value. The author suggests the ways of use of the behavioral finance theory in the practice of crisis financial management for domestic enterprises of the real sector of the economy and the mining complex. The measures for the effective development of the coal industry in Ukraine are defined. Copyright © 2014 All Rights Reserved.

Shevchuk N.,Kyiv National Economic University
Economic Annals-XXI | Year: 2014

The value of the enterprise is multifaceted economic category, and the results of its research are ambiguous and sometimes contradictory. A look at value as a criterion for the efficiency of enterprise management necessitates disclosure of its essence, because of the ability to create new value, which, in turn, needs to be improved and adapted to the practical usage of appropriate analytical tools. In this article, the reasons regarding feasibility of using the concept of economic value added as the one that is best suited to formalize and evaluate factors that direct management influence on the development of value added. In this paper, the multifactor model analysis of economic value added and its practical implementation allows defining the factors to which the processes of value formation appeared to be more sensitive. After the study of 35 industrial enterprises in Ukraine (mining and concentrating, metallurgical, machine-building, food), it was determined that the most influential are the factors that shape the yield and the level of optimality (rationality) structure of financial assets. The author argued the feasibility of index matching usage of the profitability critical importance in its actual implementation as a signal to management concerning the feasibility of the appropriate corresponding action.

Shatilova O.V.,Kyiv National Economic University
Naukovyi Visnyk Natsionalnoho Hirnychoho Universytetu | Year: 2013

Purpose: To study the processes of enterprise's strategic flexibility forming and support. Methodology: The main methods of optimization of enterprise's business portfolio in context of strategic flexibility support are: investment portfolio formation model, economic analysis, mathematical statistics and prognostication. Findings: We have defined the phases of formation process and support mechanism of strategic flexibility of an enterprise and substantiated the necessity of an enterprise business portfolio restricting in context of strategic flexibility support. Originality: The forming of strategic flexibility of an enterprise is proposed to consider as a continuous process that consists of four phases: foresight, statement, accumulation and realization. The mechanism of enterprise's strategic flexibility support in terms of enterprise's business portfolio optimization with using the modification of Markowitz's model of forming investment portfolio is described in the article. Practical value: We have suggested the optimal business portfolio structure of DP "Avtosborochnyi zavod No. 2" of AO "Automobile Company "Bogdan Motors" in terms of risks minimization. This new business portfolio structure fits the main trends of Ukrainian car market progress and contributes to enterprise's strategic flexibility.

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