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Kurume, Japan

Kurume University is a private university, established in 1946. Kurume University is located in Kurume , Fukuoka prefecture , Japan. Wikipedia.

Yamagishi S.-I.,Kurume University
Experimental Gerontology | Year: 2011

A non-enzymatic reaction between ketones or aldehydes and the amino groups of proteins, lipids and nucleic acids contributes to the aging of macromolecules and to the development and progression of various age-related disorders such as vascular complications of diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, cancer growth and metastasis, insulin resistance and degenerative bone disease. Under hyperglycemic and/or oxidative stress conditions, this process begins with the conversion of reversible Schiff base adducts, and then to more stable, covalently-bound Amadori rearrangement products. Over a course of days to weeks, these early glycation products undergo further reactions and rearrangements to become irreversibly crossed-linked, fluorescent protein derivatives termed advanced glycation end products (AGEs). There is a growing body of evidence that AGE and their receptor RAGE (receptor for AGEs) interaction elicits oxidative stress, inflammatory reactions and thrombosis, thereby being involved in vascular aging and damage. These observations suggest that the AGE-RAGE system is a novel therapeutic target for preventing diabetic vascular complications. In this paper, we review the pathophysiological role of the AGE-RAGE-oxidative stress system and its therapeutic intervention in vascular damage in diabetes. We also discuss here the potential utility of the restriction of food-derived AGEs in diabetic vascular complications. © 2010 Elsevier Inc. Source

K. N. Medical. Co. and Kurume University | Date: 2014-04-09

An osteosynthesis device is provided, which, while being a single device, is wide in a range of fixing positions or fixing methods that can be selected in a repositioning operation, enables firm fixation of an affected portion, and alleviates feeling of discomfort felt at the affected portion after the operation. An osteosynthesis device D

Olympus Corporation and Kurume University | Date: 2012-09-14

A suction puncture device includes a puncture needle having an outer tube that has an opening edge of a first front end formed in the shape of a blade, and a stopper member that has a second front end disposed within the outer tube at a position separated from the first front end of the outer tube by a predetermined distance. A sample containing portion is formed between the second front end of the stopper member and the first front end of the outer tube. A ventilation passage is formed around the stopper member within the outer tube, a suction unit is connected to a first base end side of the outer tube, and the suction unit is communicated with and connected to the sample containing portion via the ventilation passage.

Kurume University and Nhk Spring Co. | Date: 2013-01-23

A vascular anastomosis device comprises two rings with pins and an openable ring holder, which is made of a pair of components and detachably holds the rings. The end portion of a large-diameter blood vessel is inserted through a ring and the vascular wall is extended outward and impaled on the pins, the end portion of a small-diameter blood vessel is inserted through the other ring, and an incision is made from the end surface of the small-diameter blood vessel. The two rings are elliptically deformed so that the minor axis agrees with the diameter of the small-diameter blood vessel, the small-diameter blood vessel is elliptically opened and the vascular wall is extended outward and impaled on the pins, and the two rings are joined together by allowing the pins provided on the ring in one component to stick into the ring in the other component.

Kurume University and Saga University | Date: 2013-02-27

The present invention provides a method for detecting idiopathic interstitial pneumonia, which comprises measuring the expression level of a periostin gene or the amount of a periostin protein in a biological sample. Thereby, a method for detecting idiopathic interstitial pneumonia using a marker is provided.

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