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This study focuses on the development of a multi-objective game-theory model (MOGM) for balancing economic and environmental concerns in reservoir watershed management and for assistance in decision. Game theory is used as an alternative tool for analyzing strategic interaction between economic development (land use and development) and environmental protection (water-quality protection and eutrophication control). Geographic information system is used to concisely illustrate and calculate the areas of various land use types. The MOGM methodology is illustrated in a case study of multi-objective watershed management in the Tseng-Wen reservoir, Taiwan. The innovation and advantages of MOGM can be seen in the results, which balance economic and environmental concerns in watershed management and which can be interpreted easily by decision makers. For comparison, the decision-making process using conventional multi-objective method to produce many alternatives was found to be more difficult. © 2012 Elsevier Ltd.

Chuang Y.-C.,Kun Shan University
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics | Year: 2010

To obtain zero-current-switching (ZCS) operation, this paper develops a novel soft-switching approach for rechargeable batteries. By inserting an auxiliary switch in series with a resonant capacitor, the proposed topology can obtain a novel ZCS buck dcdc battery charger and significantly decrease the switching losses in active power switches. The proposed ZCS dcdc battery charger has a straightforward structure, low cost, easy control, and high efficiency. The operating principles and design procedure of the proposed charger are thoroughly analyzed. The optimal values of the resonant components are computed by applying the characteristic curve and electric functions derived from the circuit configuration. Finally, a prototype charger circuit designed for a 12-V 48-Ah lead acid battery is constructed and tested to confirm the theoretical predictions. The maximum charging efficiency of the proposed topology during the overall charging period is 90.3%. Satisfactory performance is obtained from the experimental results. © 2010 IEEE.

Wu K.-L.,Kun Shan University
Pattern Recognition | Year: 2012

The weighting exponent m is called the fuzzifier that can influence the performance of fuzzy c-means (FCM). It is generally suggested that m∈[1.5,2.5]. On the basis of a robust analysis of FCM, a new guideline for selecting the parameter m is proposed. We will show that a large m value will make FCM more robust to noise and outliers. However, considerably large m values that are greater than the theoretical upper bound will make the sample mean a unique optimizer. A simple and efficient method to avoid this unexpected case in fuzzy clustering is to assign a cluster core to each cluster. We will also discuss some clustering algorithms that extend FCM to contain the cluster cores in fuzzy clusters. For a large theoretical upper bound case, we suggest the implementation of the FCM with a suitable large m value. Otherwise, we suggest implementing the clustering methods with cluster cores. When the data set contains noise and outliers, the fuzzifier m=4 is recommended for both FCM and cluster-core-based methods in a large theoretical upper bound case. © 2011 Elsevier Ltd. All rights reserved.

A highly dispersed graphene organic dispersion and an application thereof are provided. A mixture is firstly provided, which includes a graphite material and an organic solvent. And then, the mixture is subjected to a peeling process at high temperature and high pressure, thereby obtaining the highly dispersed graphene organic dispersion. The highly dispersed graphene organic dispersion contains 75% or more of a single-layered graphene.

A blade speed adjustment device by automatic adjustment of the blade elevation angle of a windmill generator and includes a casing, a first shaft extending through the casing, a slide and a passive member. The slide has at least one centrifugal unit including two links which are respectively connected to the casing and the passive member which has a rack. A bevel gear set has a second shaft which is perpendicularly engaged with the rack and located corresponding to the first shaft. The bevel gear set has a first bevel gear. The second shaft has a second bevel gear located corresponding to the first bevel gear. The centrifugal force of the block increases to move the rack, the elevation angle of the blade can be adjusted via the bevel gear set to maintain the elevation angle of the blade not to exceed the critical angle during strong wind.

The present invention relates to a method of preparing high crystalline polythiophene nanowire used for organic solar panels, including the following steps: A. a 0.001-40 wt % polythiophene solution is prepared; B. a 0.01-10 wt % carbon nanomaterial suspension is prepared and a 0.001-5 wt % dispersant is added to the suspension to generate a carbon nanomaterial dispersion; C. The foregoing carbon nanomaterial dispersion is added to the polythiophene solution and the resulting mixture is let stand under atmospheric pressure at 1045 C. for 20400 min so that polythiophene molecules are able to be adsorbed and stacked up on the surface of carbon nanomaterials to generate polythiophene nanowires. Owing to high alignment order and high crystallinity, the polythiophene nanowire is helpful for elevating light conversion efficiency of organic solar panels.

Kun Shan University | Date: 2016-05-26

An aerogel particle is produced by following processes. A mixing process: an alkoxysilane compound is mixed with an organic solvent to form a first mixed solution. A hydrolysis process: an acid catalyst is added into the first mixed solution to perform a hydrolysis reaction, thereby obtaining a sol. A condensation process: an alkali catalyst is added into the sol to perform a condensation reaction, and a hydrophobic dispersion solvent is added and stirred during the condensation process, thereby subjecting sol to be gelled when it is stirred, further producing the aerogel particle with a uniform structure.

Kun Shan University | Date: 2013-11-19

An exerciser includes a body and an adjustment wheel. The body has two flywheels and two foot support links. The two flywheels each have a sliding portion which radially connected thereto so as to guide the two foot support links to alternatively move along a supporting travel and a crossing travel to complete a closed pedal trajectory when the flywheels rotate. The timing adjustment wheel is pivotally connected to the body. The timing adjustment wheel has a first slider and a second slider, the first and second sliders are configured to move along the sliding portions of the flywheels. The foot support links drives the flywheel to rotate so that the first and second sliders move along the sliding portions to change the speeds and phase differences of the foot support links so as to meet the principles of ergonomics.

Disclosure is a biosensor chip having precise count function comprising: a substrate, a plurality of ground wire waveguide layers, a signal waveguide layer and a protective layer. Wherein, the plurality of ground wire waveguide layers are located on two sides of the substrate, the signal waveguide layer is located on the substrate and between the plurality of ground wire waveguide layers, wherein the signal waveguide layer has a recess which forms a cell sensing region; and the protective layer covers a portion of the ground wire waveguide layers and a portion of the signal waveguide layer to expose the recess.

Kun Shan University | Date: 2014-03-25

The present invention relates to a split type cold and warm air conditioner for solving problems of insufficient performances and inconvenience in use. The split type cold and warm air conditioner includes an air conditioning system having an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit includes a first heat exchanger, a second heat exchanger, a first fan, a compressor, an accumulator and a capillary tube. The indoor unit includes a third heat exchanger, a fourth heat exchanger and a second fan. A first refrigerant circulation loop and a second refrigerant circulation loop can be constituted by using pipelines and solenoid valves to connect the above-mentioned components. The invention provides both high performances for cold and warm air functions.

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