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Otsuka M.,Kanto Gakuin University | Yamasaki H.,TOTO Ltd. | Takahashi Y.,KUME SEKKEI Co. | Ida H.,Nihon Sekkei Inc.
AIJ Journal of Technology and Design | Year: 2012

Toilets with an uroflowmeter are used in hospital facility. When experimenting on the drainage load before and after the completion, we verified effect of the examination method of the previous report. As a result, if the loop ventilation method of SHASE-S206 was performed, the jurisdiction pressure fluctuation became ±200Pa or less, too. Therefore, the measurement precision was maintained. Moreover, we presume that it can also contribute to lighten the work load of the nurse by the research of usage frequency.

Matsuo J.,Tokyo University of Science | Nagai T.,Tokyo University of Science | Sagae A.,Art Space Research Organization Co. | Nakamura M.,Kume Sekkei Co. | And 3 more authors.
Proceedings of Building Simulation 2011: 12th Conference of International Building Performance Simulation Association | Year: 2011

For indoor speed-skating arenas in cold districts, the calculation of heat income and outgo (heat balance) constitutes a special case because we have to heat the arena throughout the year while manufacturing ice in the rink. We adopted a speed-skating rink located in Obihiro City, Hokkaido, Japan, as a sample, and after operating the air conditioning/freezing systems, we assessed the environment of the place. We used building performance simulation to analyze energy saving measures and the measured data were used to verify the model. With the objective of finding energy savings, we chose three items as parameters: reduction of out air quantity, the number of freezers, and the temperature setting of the indoor environment, and conducted experiments using real data and simulations. By doing this, we could analyze the special conditions and propose ways to reduce energy use and improve the management of the building.

Kuroki H.,Kyushu University | Shimizu S.,Kume Sekkei Co. | Shimizu S.,Kyushu University | Nakao M.,Kyushu University | And 3 more authors.
Journal of Environmental Engineering | Year: 2010

This paper presents effects of housing electricity and heat source equipments. We studied about energy saving effects of 4 equipments, CO 2 Heat Pump water heater (CO2-HP), Micro Gas Engine Co-Generation System (GE-μ CGS), Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cell Co-Generation System (PEFC-CGS), and Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Co-Generation System (SOFC-CGS). As the result, we have found that energy consumption and CO2 emission reduction rate is the highest in case of SOFC-CGS. Energy consumption is reduced by 17-20% using SOFC-CGS on Electric Power Load Tracking Operation, and 44-47% on Rated Operation. And CO2 emission is reduced by 5-20% on Electric Power Load Tracking Operation and 22-46% on Rated Operation.

Ataku T.,Kume Sekkei Co. | Togashi E.,Waseda University | Tanabe S.-I.,Waseda University
Journal of Environmental Engineering | Year: 2010

This study proposes methods of the multi-split type air-conditioning system model based on refrigerants thermodynamic properties that improve the computational speed reserving accuracy and extrapolability, and reduce physical parameters setting work. The purpose is to improve the quantitative performance assessment of the multi-split type air-conditioning system. The approximation method of refrigerative physical properties value using the neural network improves the computational speed. When the heat load of indoor equipment is input to the multi-split type air-conditioning system model, the amount of consumption energy is the output. It is found the proposed model can calculate approximate outputs in cases of not only JIS but other conditions.

Horiike S.,Kume Sekkei Co. | Nagano K.,Hokkaido University
Journal of Environmental Engineering (Japan) | Year: 2015

The design and construction of a large-scale retail store called IKEA Fukuoka Shingu included various green technologies, such as a ground source heat pump (GSHP) system and a photovoltaic system. These were introduced to promote a low carbon footprint for the store. Since the GSHP system has one of the largest capacities in Japan, it is important to evaluate the performance of the GSHP system and improve its operational efficiency. In this paper, we present the construction plans for the store, planning and design concepts for the GSHP system, results from operational energy simulations of the GSHP system, and data collected and analyzed over the first year of operations of the GSHP system.

Mae H.,KUME SEKKEI Co. | Kakudate M.,Associa Inc. | Kobayashi S.,Tokyo City University
Journal of the Illuminating Engineering Institute of Japan (Shomei Gakkai Shi) | Year: 2013

Right after the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 1 1, 2011, we examined the lighting in Kamaishi City , Iwate Prefecture that facilitates evacuation to higher ground away from a tsunami at night. From the investigation of the escape routes for evacuees in the center of the city and experiments at the entrance of evacuation destinations, it was found that a series of lights placed along the evacuation paths in the direction toward higher ground could guide evacuees effectively to the safe areas. Then, the evacuation performances were investigated in this lighting environment. Based on this research, it was decided that lighting of the evacuation area entrance should be improved preferentially, and lighting of the city streets and intersections should be installed continuously.

Tanaka K.,Tokyo Institute of Technology | Yamada H.,Hazama | Koshiishi N.,Waseda University | Tanabe M.,Kume Sekkei Co. | And 2 more authors.
Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering | Year: 2014

Next generation waterproofing specifications were discussed in the paper. Much amount of greenhouse gas emission and much cost during service life of 100 years were pointed out through the LCCO2 and LCC calculations of waterproofing membranes renovated by the present specifications. For reducing them, two types of specifications for future waterproofing system, such as an envelope type specification of requiring very few times renovation and a built-in type specification of not requiring renovation, were proposed. The calculated results for the proposed specifications by the new concept show much amount of reduction in LCCO2 and LCC.

Tanaka M.,Kume Sekkei Co. | Lee S.,University of Tokyo | Kato S.,University of Tokyo
Journal of Environmental Engineering | Year: 2011

This paper describes energy saving effects of the proposed system with active ventilation function and a heat pump for heat recovery. First, the air-temperature which supplied through the porous material by outdoor temperature was calculated using computational fluid dynamics to set the boundary conditions for energy simulation. Second, the cooling/heating loads were calculated using energy simulation for a typical residential building in Japan with various ventilation systems for comparison of energy-saving effects. In addition, in order to evaluate the energy saving effects under different climatic conditions, the annual air-conditioning loads in several areas (Sapporo, Matsumoto, Tokyo and Kagoshima in Japan) were calculated. The calculated results showed that residential buildings with the proposed system could achieve energy savings of 4~23%. A comparison of different climatic conditions showed that the energy-saving rate was especially high in areas with a large annual temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor environment.

Otsuka M.,Kanto Gakuin University | Takahashi Y.,KUME SEKKEI Co. | Yamasaki H.,TOTO Ltd.
Journal of Environmental Engineering | Year: 2011

In medical institutions including hospitals, it is an essential examination procedure to collect data of outputs and flow rates of patients' urine for ensuring correct health management and diagnosis. This study proposes a method for testing the performance of a toilet with an uroflowmeter, which is developed for this very purpose, when the toilet is installed to a stack system, and examines how effective the method may be according to the results, with the intention of clarifying the variation of pipe pressure allowable when the toilet is installed to a drainage ventilation system. To be more specific, this study discusses the following points: 1. the examination of how effective the abovementioned method may be for testing the performance of the toilet by applying the previously proposed method for testing the combined drainage performance of the house drain; 2. the examination of the influence of pipe pressure variations, which are caused by applying drainage loads using the aforementioned test method, on the accuracy of performance indicators, such as urine outputs, the maximum urine flow rate, urine flow curves; and finally, on the basis of the results acquired, the range of variation of pipe pressure allowable in the design of drainage and ventilation pipework is clarified.

Midorikawa M.,Hokkaido University | Sasaki D.,Kume Sekkei Co. | Asari T.,Hokkaido University | Murai M.,Kanagawa University | Iwata M.,Kanagawa University
Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering | Year: 2010

The authors have proposed and developed the buckling-restrained braces (BRBs) providing stable hysteretic behavior under high-strain conditions. In the past studies by cyclically static loading tests, the performance evaluation formula of the BRBs was proposed with the scope of practical application. However, the effects of the clearance between the steel core plate and the restraining member on the inelastic behavior of the BRBs have not been determined yet. In this paper, the effects of the clearance on the hysteretic behavior and compressive strength of the BRBs are examined by cyclically static loading tests. As a result, their effects are not significant to the compressive strength and the deformation amplitude of the buckling mode of the BRBs. Furthermore, the number of the buckling mode shape related the compressive strength is estimated.

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