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Irvine, CA, United States

A thermocompression bonder is provided. The thermocompression bonder includes: a bond head including a heated bonding tool for bonding a semiconductor element to a substrate; and a flux application tool for applying a flux material to conductive contacts of the substrate prior to bonding of the semiconductor element to the substrate.

A bonding machine for bonding semiconductor elements, the bonding machine including: a support structure configured to support a substrate; a bond head assembly, the bond head assembly including a bonding tool configured to bond a plurality of semiconductor elements to the substrate; and a calibration tool including a contact portion configured to be positioned between the bonding tool and the support structure, the contact portion configured to be contacted by each of the bonding tool and the support structure simultaneously during a calibration operation.

A bond head for a thermocompression bonder is provided. The bond head includes a tool configured to hold a workpiece to be bonded, a heater configured to heat the workpiece to be bonded, and a chamber proximate the heater. The chamber is configured to receive a cooling fluid for cooling the heater.

A method of determining a physical characteristic of an adhesive material on a semiconductor device element using structured light is provided. The method includes the steps of: (1) applying a structured light pattern to an adhesive material on a semiconductor device element; (2) creating an image of the structured light pattern using a camera; and (3) analyzing the image of the structured light pattern to determine a physical characteristic of the adhesive material. Additional methods and systems for determining physical characteristics of semiconductor devices and elements using structured light are also provided.

Kulicke and Soffa Industries Inc. | Date: 2015-01-09

A method of operating a wire bonding machine is provided. The method includes: detecting a short tail condition after formation of a wire bond formed using a wire bonding tool; providing a bond head assembly of a wire bonding machine at an xy location of the wire bonding machine, the bond head assembly carrying the wire bonding tool; lowering the bond head assembly toward a contact surface at the xy location with a wire clamp of the wire bonding machine closed; opening the wire clamp; decelerating the bond head assembly as it is lowered toward the contact surface such that a portion of a wire extends below a tip of the wire bonding tool; closing the wire clamp; and performing a test to determine if an end of the portion of the wire extending below the tip of the bonding tool is in contact with the contact surface.

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