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Krasnodar, Russia

Kuban State Technological University , also referred to as Kuban State University of Technology, located in Krasnodar, is one of the first higher educational institutions established in the southern region of Russia. It was founded on 16 June 1918 as the North-Caucasian Polytechnic Institute. Professor Boris L.Rosing, - a worldwide known physicist, the inventor of electronic television, - was one of the founders of the University. Wikipedia.

Fedoseenko V.O.,Kuban State University of Technology
Russian Engineering Research | Year: 2012

A method is proposed for determining the optimal set of replaceable gears for metal-cutting machines as a function of the required machining precision. © 2012 Allerton Press, Inc. Source

Masoomi R.,Kuban State University of Technology | Moghadasi J.,National Iranian Oil Company | Moghadasi J.,Petroleum University of Technology of Iran
Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology | Year: 2014

Knowledge of the allowed stability region of drill pipes and collars is the first step to having an optimal design of drill string in specified conditions of wellbore. With lack of sufficient knowledge of drill string stability region may be used pipes with more resistance for more safety. Hence drilling cost will increase. This paper describes software designed to predict the drill string stability region across the entire length of the drill string. All mathematical equations have coded by using MATLAB software. Drilling depths have classified to n-elements in this MATLAB code. Calculations perform for the elements from surface to a certain depth or from a certain point to the next desired depth. Then the number of n-functions of axial stress and compression force create versus depth. Then the software substitutes the desired depths and gives to the user graphical and digital form of outputs. Data statistical analysis method has been used for programming this software to remove unwanted members. The user will be able to observe string stability region as point-to-point. So the users will have more accurate in choosing the appropriate size and type of pipes and collars. Also the field studies have done for several wells of southwestern Iranian fields. We have shown that in drilling some of them could be used proper lighter pipes to decrease drilling costs. © The Author(s) 2014. Source

Rusinov P.O.,Kuban State University of Technology | Blednova Z.M.,Kuban State University of Technology
Materials Science Forum | Year: 2013

Results of an experimental research on formation of surface layers from a material with shape memory effect (SME) three-componental structure on the basis of TiNiCu combined method including mechanical activation and a plasma dusting in vacuum are presented. It is shown, that the plasma dusting in vacuum of three-componental system TiNiCu allows to receive surface layers in nanostructure condition practically of any thickness. The structure, chemical and phase structure of blankets TiNiCu provide display SME. The average size of grain of coverings TiNiCu fluctuates within 20-200 nanometers. It is experimentally shown, that superficial modifying TiNiCu raises durability of a steel 45 at multicyclic loading on ~30-45 %, and wear resistance in 2,5 3 times. © (2013) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland. Source

Blednova Z.M.,Kuban State University of Technology | Rusinov P.O.,Kuban State University of Technology
Applied Mechanics and Materials | Year: 2014

The results of a study of the effect of the composition "steel-nanostructured surface layer of a material with shape memory effect TiNi, TiNiCu" on wear-fatigue characteristics of the samples are reported. Formation compositions performed by plasma spraying and high-speed flame spraying. Experimental studies have shown the efficiency of the developed technologies. © (2014) Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland. Source

Vasilyeva I.,Kuban State University of Technology | Vasilyeva Y.,Kuban State University of Technology
8th International Conference on Information Warfare and Security, ICIW 2013 | Year: 2013

The progress of modern information technologies makes any society very vulnerable. Each breakthrough of mankind into the future fails to release it from the weight of past mistakes and unresolved problems. When economic wars due to the integration of national economies become too dangerous and unprofitable, global military conflict is capable of leading to the extinction of all life on the planet. The war gets new directions and qualities: information warfare with a great thirst for comfort in it. Today information resources have become the wealth of the country like its minerals, production and human resources. The rapid development of informatization worldwide, specifically in the USA, China and Russia, and its penetration into all spheres of the vital interests of an individual, society and the state, have caused, besides doubtless advantages, the emergence of a number of significant problems. The urgent necessity to protect the information along with being protected from it has become one of them. Considering that nowadays economic potential is increasingly defined by the level of development of the information structure, the potential vulnerability of economy from information influences grows in proportion. Turning information into a commodity has led to a sharp aggravation in international competition for possessing the information markets, technologies and resources; the information sphere considerably determines and greatly affects the economic, military, social, political and other components of the national security of the country. Information has become a global, inexhaustible resource and mankind has entered a new era of civilization - the era of serious exploitation of this resource. This is no longer the world where the material base was the subject of fierce rivalry. Now the key to success will be in the proper management of information capacity, i.e., strategic planning. Information is truly the foundation of life! The geopolitical confrontation and information warfare between the United States and China will be a major factor in world politics in the twenty-first century. This increasing tendency is pushing Russia towards further increasing the development of information warfare along with ensuring national security; the formation of an open dialogue between civilizations; and resistance to the threat of conflict in the field of information. Exhaustion of natural resources of the planet, their consumption and growth of the population do not contribute to the reduction of information warfare. Therefore, the positions of Russia, the United States and China will be strengthened due to deeper integration into the world information space. This paper has highlighted the quintessence of what causes the great thirst towards reaching information comfort and leadership, along with information warfare terrifying serious threats and modern global geopolitical tendencies. Source

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